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5 Best BuySellAds Alternatives Worth Trying Out.

Bloggers always look for different ways to make money online. Private advertising is one of the most sought after way of making money with a blog.

Most of the times they go with Google Adsense and BuySellAds as these two are the best ones with large number of advertisers looking for blogs and sites to advertise on. Both the networks are best so getting in is not as easy. I had posted about the best Google Adsense alternatives some time back and so here are the best BuySellAds alternatives.

buysellads alternatives
BuySellAds is the leading and the biggest network, but as it is the biggest it is not quite easy to get accepted into their network. When you are not accepted in to a network, either you should work on finding why you were rejected, work on it and then reapply or just go with one of the alternatives.

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BuySellAds is the best, I mean the best network for selling ad spaces but it is tough to get in. So here are 5 best alternatives of BuySellAds that you can go with to make more money by displaying ads on your blog.

5 Best BuySellAds Alternatives Worth Trying

#1. DayBeam

DayBeam buysellads alternatives is a new service started to help out bloggers and webmasters sell ad space on their blogs and for the advertisers to find new blogs to place their advertisements on. DayBeam works almost like BuySellAds and serves as a middle man between you and the advertisers. Join the program now and find out how good it is. It surely is worthy of becoming one of the best BuySellAds alternatives and will stand out in the crowd.

#2. OIOPublisher

OIOpublisherOne of the best alternatives of BuySellAds would be surely OIO Publisher. Its not a complete marketplace but a plugin and yet it is a superb alternative. Advertisers can directly buy ads on your blog via this plugin and the best part is that all the money, complete 100% goes to you and no fee deduction as in other networks like BuySellAds. You just have to buy the plugin by paying a one-time fee of $47 and you can control everything yourself. There is a marketplace too where you can submit your blog and thus can attract more and more advertisers.

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#3. BlogAds

BlogAdsBlogAds is considered as one of the biggest ad networks and is a very close competitor to BuySellAds. When your application is rejected by BuySellAds, the next best bet would be trying for BlogAds.

They are in the advertising game from a very long time and has been serving ads to some of the most popular blogs in the blogosphere. They take away 30% of whatever you earn and you get the remaining 70%, its better than making nothing. As I said, it will be the next best option to go with if you are not approved by BuySellAds. Clearly one of the best alternatives of BuySellAds.

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#4. Cranky Ads

CrankyAdsCrankyAds is a WordPress plugin developed by Yaro Starak. The plugin is completely free to download and use. Just like OIO Publisher, you can use CrankyAds plugin to manage ads on your site and earn 100% of the advertising revenue. They even have a marketplace, CrankyMart, where you can submit your blog and attract more advertisers.

If an advertiser buys an ad directly from your blog, you will get 100% money deposited directly to your PayPal account, but if an ad space is sold from CrankyMart marketplace, then 25% of the fees will be deducted and you will get 75%. This is a good thing as you can sell a lot of ad spaces from the marketplace compared to selling directly from the blog.

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#5. AdvertiseSpace

AdvertiseSpaceAdvertiseSpace can also be considered as one of the BuySellAds alternatives  that help you in selling ads on your website. However comparatively it is not as good as any other in this list but for a low-traffic blog, AdvertiseSpace can be one of the best options to try out.

The network is not at all bad but not the best, low-traffic blogs and websites can apply for it and it is quite easy to get approved. In my opinion, you don’t need to get approved, just sign up, submit your blog and create different ad zones. It displays ads on your blog with the help of javascript and thus it has the least effect on the blog’s load time.

Special Mention: PublicityClerks

PublicityClerksThis is a new network from the Clerks community. PublicityClerks was launched just last year and has become a destination for blog’s with a low-traffic level to apply and earn money.

If your blog has even 3000 visitors a month, then too your can get accepted in their network and there are publishers who are looking to advertise on blog at PublicityClerks. So go there and try it out and see for yourself if it can be counted as an alternative to BuySellAds or not.

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Your Views on Alternatives to BuySellAds:

Here are the best BuySellAds alternatives that are not that tough to get approved and some are just plugins that you have to install in your WordPress blog so that advertisers start buying advertising space on your blog.

If you are rejected by BuySellAds, go try the above alternatives because it’s better to try than leave it completely. Who knows there might be something better for you when you get into multiple networks. It will only increase your revenue.

So those were the best BuySellAds alternatives as per my views where you can sell ads. If you consider any other network that is worth a try than I would love to hear from you. Do share them via the comments below.


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15 thoughts on “5 Best BuySellAds Alternatives Worth Trying Out.

  1. Lisa Reply

    I love the name Cranky ads Arbaz, I never heard of some of these. I like the idea of using a plugin for them as well. I’ve only used LinkShare or direct affiliate programs in the past. Do you have control with these as to how many ads will show up on your blog?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Cranky Ads is a great plugin for displaying ads on your site. If your blog gets good visitors then ads will be sold quiet quickly. You have complete control over the number of ads on your blog.You have to create different ad zones by yourself.
      Try it out and see if it works for you too 🙂

  2. Shahzad Saeed Reply

    Good post bro!
    Have never tried any ad networks including BSA for selling ad. I think Cranky Ads would be a nice option but currently it could never beat the popularity of BSA.

    Have tried BSA for buying ad. Anyway, keep going Arbaz with these kind of awesome posts 🙂

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hi Shahzad,
      I know that BSA is the best network and no one can beat it currently. But not everyone gels approved, so the best alternative for them would be either going with OIO Publisher or go with Cranky Ads. According to me, Cranky Ads is better as it is free and the Cranky Mart marketplace has got quite good advertisers.

  3. Okto Reply

    Hi Arbaz,
    I love this kind of advertisement (where we can earn base on views). The only challenge is to build high tarffic to our blog to get accepted in the program. But once we have it, everything will be great to make some cash from it.

  4. Ehsan Reply

    Hey Arbaz, Private advertising is definitely one of the best ways to make money with a blog, and I know bloggers are making thousands by private advertising, but I’ve never tried it on my blog. Advertisers do contact me through email to get an ad space at GAN, but I personally don’t like that way of earning money with a blog.

    But yes, It works on niches like tech and entertainment etc.

    Thanks for sharing the best alternatives of BSA.

  5. sudheer pal Reply

    Thanks for sharing this post, you know i tried many time for BSA but was fail every time. Now i think i should try for others too. Might be i get could approval, as you get something is always better than nothing.

  6. Joe Hart Reply

    I have found Blog ads to be very profitable.Approval is quick and you can start making some money in a matter of days.Buysellads is good but there is a whole lot of competition and like you said it is difficult to get approved.I haven’t tried out OIO, but there scheme looks promising.

  7. Avnish Gautam Reply

    You forgot to mention Adsella which is also very great alternative of BuySellads. Lot of web owners got advantage by joining it. Thanks.

  8. John Reply

    There’s a new one coming soon called, it’s like a marketplace and it’s free to join and because it’s new, I would assume getting into it would be quite easy!

  9. Neeraj Mishra Reply

    I have applied many times for buysellads but get rejected. I hope that anyone of above alternatives will work for me. Thanks a lot for sharing this inforamation.

  10. Liz Reply

    But unfortunately, CrankyAds is now closing down … there was an update from Yaro Starak about it recently.

  11. Sandeep Kumar Reply

    I am working on a buysellads like system a kind of very similar.
    Its around 90% complete and should be done by 2nd week of April 2014 as full.
    If anyone interested to apply, pl check buyselladsnow [dot] com and pl send any feedback for improvements to admin [at] buyselladsnow [dot] com. I will greatly appreciate your feedback.

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