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9 Best Dropshipping Courses of 2022

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So, someone told you that they made tens of thousands of dollars last month via their dropshipping business and now you want to do the same. That’s the reason why you are looking for the best dropshipping courses that you can enroll in, right?

It doesn’t matter what your reason is that dropshipping is actually a pretty awesome way of making money online, but it isn’t exactly the easiest. There are several things that you need to take care of, and most of them you’ll need to take care of even before you start your first dropshipping business.

Finding the best dropshipping course is tricky; there’s no doubt about it. And since there are multiple courses on the market, it becomes all the more confusing. You want the best you can afford, but you don’t know where to start.

But don’t you worry because we’ve got you covered. We have curated the best dropshipping courses for you that you can go through right now and learn all the nuances that you need to know before you can dream of making millions every month.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get started with the list!

The 10 Best Dropshipping Courses of 2022

1. DropShip Lifestyle (DSL) – Best Overall

dropship lifestyle

Instructor: Anton Kraly

Student Level: Novice to Expert


  • 40 video lessons
  • Comes with a done-for-you Shopify store
  • One-year private coaching (Ultimate package)
  • Comprehensive blueprints, modules, and lectures
  • Lifetime access to the business forum, plus a retreat ticket

What You’ll Learn:

  • Niche marketing, products, and selections
  • Market research and high-target traffic
  • Outsourcing and automation
  • Finding suppliers
  • Increasing visitors and purchases

The DropShip Lifestyle is one of the most comprehensive dropshipping courses out there. For us, it’s also the best Shopify dropshipping course.

You learn everything from creating your store, finding suppliers, and mastering ads.

Some of its best features include one-year private coaching, a done-for-you Shopify store, and a ticket retreat as well.

The DropShip Lifestyle comes in three versions: Premium, Premium+, and Ultimate. The three features we listed are all available through the Ultimate program.

You can purchase Premium, Premium+ and Ultimate at different price points: $2,997, $4,997, and $8,997. Yes, it’s expensive for a dropshipping course.

While it is expensive, there’s a lot of value that comes with it. If you have the money, it’s worth a purchase.

There’s also a money-back guarantee, but only after you finish the entire course.

DSL is the best dropshipping course if you want less risk and more profits!

You get control of everything as a beginner with private coaching. If you’re already an entrepreneur, you can upgrade your store according to its blueprint. Their system is also continuously updated to keep up with the changing market.

You can join over 10,000 students here.

2. The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship Course – Best for Value

the complete shopify aliexpress dropship course

Instructor: Tim Sharp

Student Level: Beginner


  • Lifetime access to 8.5 hours of on-demand video, 5 articles, and 3 downloadable resources
  • Mobile and TV access
  • Comes with a certificate
  • Offers Shopify 14-day trial and 30-day money-back guarantee

What You’ll Learn:

  • Building a Shopify store
  • Incorporating AliExpress, Oberlo, and Facebook marketing into your dropshipping store
  • Choosing your target audience and products
  • Improving your website and branding
  • Outsourcing and selling worldwide

We love this beginner-friendly course. It covers the essentials of a dropshipping business for beginner students and how they can take it beyond.

It also gives you the tools for the biggest dropshipping platforms.

AliExpress, Oberlo, and Shopify dropshipping are leading the dropshipping business! You get hands-on experience in building your online store and learning how to expand it in the future.

If you get confused with the business process, this training course has lifetime access to all resources.

Another bonus is the experience of the instructor, Tim Sharp. With over 16 years of experience in handling online stores and businesses, you can rely on the wealth of knowledge he can provide.

Join over 80,229 students learning The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship Course! The price of the full dropshipping course is $129.99 on Udemy.

3. Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store – Best Budget

dropshipping 101

Instructor: Oberlo, presented by Jessica Guzik and other instructors

Student Level: Novice


  • 7-8 hours
  • Module-by-module learning set-up
  • Additional resources

What You’ll Learn:

  • Different platforms – Shopify dropshipping, Oberlo, and more
  • Business models
  • Ads
  • Right suppliers
  • How to build an online store from scratch

The Dropshipping 101 course combines both theory and practice to give the essentials of dropshipping

This course is ideal for beginners. It also ties in with Shopify dropshipping and AliExpress, so you learn how to navigate the biggest platforms.

For an affordable price, you get good content. After the course, you’d be more experienced with suppliers, Shopify dropshipping, online stores, and marketing! You can check it out here.

4. The Ecomm Clubhouse by WholeSale Ted

the ecomm clubhouse

Instructor: Sarah Chrisp

Student Level: Novice


  • 10 hours of premium video training
  • All English captions
  • Longer tutorials
  • Monthly Q&A’s
  • Print On Demand training

What You’ll Learn:

  • Niche selection for your e-commerce branding and products
  • Sourcing and choosing designs
  • Budget store creation from scratch, using both Shopify and Oberlo
  • Selling more products to more customers
  • Optimizing content for traffic as you run your store

The EComm Clubhouse is among the best courses for beginners.

It breaks down everything you need to get started on your first dropship store with a step-by-step guide. Steps 1-5 get you started on your store, while Step 6 teaches you how to run and manage it for future success.

Their course is a lot shorter, but it’s still valuable. If you want a speedy lecture with a lot of high-quality content, then this is the course for you.

Sarah Chrisp, the person behind WholeSale Ted, has been creating her own businesses since age sixteen. She’s focused on getting you the same kind of financial freedom. If you want a sneak peek at their content, check out their YouTube channel!

WholeSale Ted offers a price of $67 per month, with a seven-day refund policy.

5. 10 Shopify Dropshipping Strategies That Make Me A 6-Figures

10 shopify dropshipping strategies that make me 6 figures

Instructor: Nik Swami

Student Level: Beginner to Intermediate


  • Full lifetime access to resources: 2.5 hours of on-demand video courses and 2 downloadable resources
  • Mobile and TV access
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What You’ll Learn:

  • Choosing quality products and suppliers
  • Marketing and growth through high-end content and Facebook ads
  • Managing customers and creating smooth customer experiences
  • Targeting top-performing countries
  • Driving traffic to your store

This dropshipping course requires you to have a basic understanding of the dropshipping business. It’s best to take this course after having your own dropshipping business and looking to expand your knowledge.

Of course, beginners are also welcome to apply! Just make sure you have a basic idea of dropshipping so you can utilize the strategies taught.

You’re also required to have an AliExpress account, dropshipping app, and an eCommerce platform. Oberlo and Shopify work well for both!

You can also have direct access to the instructor, Nik Swami, in Udemy. With multiple businesses generating revenue, Swami has the experience he can pass on to students. 6,169 students have enrolled!

Join them at a price of $99.99 on Udemy.

6. Build A Dropshipping Empire From Scratch

build a dropshipping empire from scratch

Instructor: Theo McArthur

Student Level: Novice to Intermediate


  • Full lifetime access to 8 hours of on-demand video, 12 articles and 30 downloadable resources
  • Mobile and TV access
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What You’ll Learn:

  • Niche products and audience
  • Setting up your dropshipping business
  • Getting suppliers and clients
  • Using AliExpress, Oberlo, Banggood, and Shopmaster
  • How to grow your store, plus common critiques and problems

For this dropshipping course, you only need computer skills and a text editor. Otherwise, focus on dedicating a few hours of your time every week!

The course covers the essentials of setting up a successful dropshipping business. If you’re new to dropshipping, this is one of the best courses you can take.

However, intermediate students can also avail themselves of this course. McArthur also teaches you all you need to know with a few advanced strategies.

If you’ve tried a dropshipping store before, but it didn’t work out, this course is a good idea.

After all, the goal is to build a dropshipping empire!

You can rely on the worldly experience of the course’s instructor, Theo McArthur.

She was first immersed in the world of entrepreneurship in 1995. Today, she continues years of creating and marketing digital products online.

Join over 38,000 students at $129.99! You can check out the course at Udemy.

7. eCom Elites Course

ecom elites

Instructor: Franklin Hatchett

Student Level: Novice to Intermediate


  • Lifetime video access along with other resources
  • 24/7 help from Hatchett and the Elites community
  • Set-up and mastery training
  • Comes in standard and ultimate packages
  • Done for you complete 7-figure funnel

What You’ll Learn:

  • Creating a store
  • Sourcing products from the right suppliers
  • Using Facebook, Instagram, and chatbot traffic to generate more sales
  • Build advanced sales funnels
  • Do email marketing

New to dropshipping stores? This course has you covered. It doesn’t just come with videos, modules, and books you have lifetime access to!

The Ecom Elites course focuses on getting you an adequate amount of support to master the techniques and start a successful dropshipping business.

If you ever feel at a loss or have some questions, contact people from the community or Hatchett himself.

You can choose from two packages: Standard and Ultimate. The Ultimate package includes sales funnel tips, techniques, and two books.

Novice, as well as experienced students, are welcome to apply to Ecom Elites. Build a network while you learn!

The Standard package is currently $197, while the Ultimate deal is $297. Check this dropshipping course here.

8. The Product Winner Blueprint 2.0

product winner blueprint 2.0

Instructor: Tristan Broughton

Student Level: Intermediate


  • 10 modules
  • Video-based course
  • Facebook group inclusion with other experts and students
  • 7-day refund guarantee
  • Templates for hiring, chargebacks, Shopify dropshipping, and more

What You’ll Learn:

  • Setting up your store
  • Product research
  • Facebook ads, retargeting, scaling, and testing
  • Increasing orders
  • Email marketing, automation, and tool-building

This course is great for those who already have a background in dropshipping.

Novice courses usually focus on different platforms and store beginnings. This course, however, dives right into research and marketing.

It focuses on getting you more sales through social media and emails. For $297, you get access to all the modules and resources, plus a host of free templates! See the course here.

9. Shopify Ninja Masterclass

shopify ninja masterclass

Instructor: Kevin David

Student Level: Novice to Intermediate


  • Video lectures
  • Live ninja training webinars with Q&A’s
  • Network with a Facebook group
  • 40+ hours of content
  • 5 in-depth modules about dropshipping

What You’ll Learn:

  • Influencer marketing for higher sales
  • Branding and operations
  • Personal media platform
  • Finding the best suppliers and products
  • Creating the best Shopify store

This dropshipping course starts with what they are not: a get-rich-quick scheme. Many dropshipping courses tend to promise a lot in a short amount of time.

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass doesn’t do that. Instead, they promise scalable and sustainable results that work with the future of Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify dropshipping.

Aside from the training David offers, you can also avail yourself of several bonuses. Learn about ads and sales funnels, the social media marketing blueprint, and Messenger bots.

This course is the best bet if you want to take advantage of social media marketing for their launch plan or e-commerce site. After the course, you have a systematic edge to create the best dropshipping store.

That being said, you can apply for this course as a complete newbie or someone with a basic understanding of dropshipping.

It can be a bit fast-paced, so make sure you’ve done some research before jumping in.

Get the course for $997 by clicking here!

What Is Dropshipping?

The term “dropshipping” may be new to you, but if you’ve done online shopping, then you’ve been in the dropshipping process.

Some stats: eCommerce shops grow around 17% every year. 33% of online shops utilize dropshipping as a retail fulfillment model.

What does that mean? Basically, a store purchases its stocks from a third party to sell them to the customer. They don’t keep the products they sell, and they don’t handle them directly.

So, unlike conventional stores, there are no stocks or inventories. The seller contacts wholesalers and manufacturers to fulfill these orders instead.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Imagine you’re looking for a particular item, and you can’t seem to find it in conventional physical stores.

Whatever the reason, you place an order on this Shopify store, online shop, eBay listing, or website. You pay.

Now, imagine you’re the seller behind the scenes. You receive the orders a customer made.

You don’t have any stocks or inventory. Instead, you process the order and forward it to a wholesaler or manufacturer.

You pay the wholesale price while the customer pays you the retail price. You make a lot of profit!

The wholesaler ships the products out directly to the customer. The whole process is complete!

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: most likely, and for years to come, not just in 2021 and 2022.

Dropshipping is a simple business model for many entrepreneurs. You get a lot of profit, it’s a no-brainer to operate, and it’s hassle-free!

Here are a few benefits of doing dropshipping – and how it’s profitable.

Low Start-Up Costs

All successful businesses start with expenses. Business plans, research, insurance, permits, technological investments…

That’s a lot for any start-up. We haven’t even mentioned the need to borrow so you can infuse capital.

You still have to invest money with dropshipping, but it won’t cost as much.

You may need a subscription to eCommerce platforms, like Shopify or Oberlo. They cost around $30 to $50 per month.

Then, you can order in bulk and investigate the products. Start posting product pictures to generate interest, then double down on the marketing.

You have to pay for researching your target audience and marketing to them. Using Facebook ads and email marketing comes with a cost, too.

But here’s the thing: you still make a lot of profit. You can earn 6-figure payments as long as you stick to drop-shipping.

Low Maintenance and Inventory Costs

With drop-shipping, a third party can handle warehousing, organizing, shipping, and tracking. You only have to focus on getting the products.

With dropshipping, inventory is more efficient. You save on costs by basically not having any inventory at all.

Make sure you build a strong relationship with your supplier. As much as possible, know their inventory. It’s important to avoid delaying deliveries to your customers.

Be efficient in choosing suppliers for your chosen industry. For example, if your products come from multiple suppliers, you may need to shell out a large amount of money just for shipping.

Maximize every strategy so you can save on costs and make money hassle-free!

Wide Range of Products

With a wide range of products, you can increase profit and revenue for your drop-shipping business!

Do product research and see what’s most stable and profitable. Figure out your niche early on. Then, you can add more product lines depending on seasons and trends.

Try to have colorful, eye-catching products, but choose to fill in customer needs as well.

If you’re in the technology niche, you can offer colorful USB cords, unique keycaps, and different cases for devices. The best products address a need while still being unique.

What to Look for in Dropshipping Courses?

So, from all these options, what should you keep an eye out for in a dropshipping course?

We recommend looking for the following: lesson plan, price, and user reviews.

We chose the top ten best dropshipping courses for you, but there might be others also worth a look at.

Once you find more courses from people and platforms like Bryan Guerra, Udemy, Shopify, and Arie Scherson – price is a good basis when you don’t know what to pick.

What can you afford? How much are you willing to invest?

Then, take a look at the lesson plan. Does the content match the price? Is it worth the value? Most of all, are these courses filling a gap in your knowledge?

Finally, look at testimonials and user reviews. Check reviews from outside their websites and see what people have to say. What were the drawbacks? Are you willing to risk it?

The Benefits of a Dropshipping Course

Take More Calculated Risks

As lockdowns began all over the country, more and more shops shifted to the eCommerce business. There are more start-ups because you can now work from home.

As a result, the market is saturated. A dropshipping course can let you get ahead. You spend less time doing trial and error, which cuts business losses significantly.

Launch Faster

Some dropshipping courses like DSL or eCom Elites offer done-for-you services – from a store set-up to a sales funnel.

With knowledge, plus a complete Shopify store, you complete the courses and launch your business quicker.

You also don’t have to spend so much time curating products, testing, and the like. The best dropshipping courses equip you with every bit of insider knowledge!

Explore Different Platforms and Marketing Strategies

The market quickly changes. Today, Shopify dropshipping is all the rage, but we don’t know what other platforms might pop up.

Get access to updated content. Learn how to use different platforms, avail of a web design course, and apply your skills to brand-new marketing strategies. You can keep ahead of the curve.

Overall, a dropshipping course gives you a professional edge.

The Verdict

Winner: DropShip Lifestyle (DSL)

DSL is the best! While the price is expensive, the course goes a long way. We can’t imagine anything else that guarantees success with the dropshipping business. You learn, network, and get continuous, passionate updates on how best to navigate the market every year.

Runner-up: eCom Elites

We couldn’t resist adding eCom Elites. Like DSL, the course comes with community support, mastery strategies, and great techniques. For its price and comprehensive lesson plan, it’s a good buy!

Did you like our list of the best dropshipping courses? Are you going to be one of the students? Tell us in the comments below!

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