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Best Google Adsense Alternatives To Make More Money

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Making money from a blog is the only reason for which many people start blogging. Most of these people are completely new to the blogosphere and they don’t exactly know how to make more and more money online. Their ultimate dream is to get approved by Google Adsense and make money with it.

But the true fact is that not everyone gets Google Adsense approval; and even if you are approved by Adsense, you won’t be making any money out of it.

If they see that their application is rejected by Google, they feel that they can’t make any money and most of them quit blogging. Good for them. Such people are not at all fit to be in the blogosphere. But there are some people who even after getting disapproved by Adsense work on their blog and build up different revenue streams.

Adsense Alternatives
I too was disapproved by Google Adsense, not once but many times. I got approved just recently, that’s about a year and half in the blogosphere. So even if you are not getting approved by Google Adsense, you need not worry as there are many other networks that you can use as Google Adsense alternatives. Some of them are so powerful that you can make even more money than you could have made with Adsense.

Note: Some of  the links below are my aff./referral link. It means that if you sign up via my link, I will get a certain commission on it. Your sign up will be completely free.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

A note from my side before getting started. The Google Adsense alternatives does not comprise of CPC networks only. I don’t really like CPC networks so you will find a variety of different networks below that you can apply to and start making money.

So let’s get started with the best alternatives of Google Adsense.

#1. Chitika

Chitika is one of the best ad networks you can apply to. I don’t use it more on this blog, but I have used it on my previous blog. Before that I wasn’t quite fond of Chitika.

My blog wasn’t getting much traffic, so I new that I won’t be making much money with this but I thought it was worth a try. I applied, got approved and the next day I added the ad codes in my blog’s sidebar and as expected, the earnings were as good as nothing. So I removed the codes from the sidebar and added it to the best posts of my blog, the posts that were ranking in search engines and were bringing visitors every day.

And I saw that I was making more money than before. Of course the money wasn’t huge but was enough to pay the hosting bills and to buy 4-5 new domains each month. So I would surely consider it as one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense.


A blog that doesn’t get much traffic but is really good from the rankings point of view can generate money via selling text links.

If you have a blog that has a good Pagerank and Alexa rank, then you must apply for Text-Link-Ads to sell text links ads on your blog. Once you are approved, you just have to install a plugin they will provide and everything is automated. You only need to approve the text-link request and it will start appearing on your blog.

The advertisers there are too good. I didn’t sold many links, but the links I sold were live for about 3 months continous, giving me recurring income on autopilot. Great isn’t it?

Then why don’t you too get signed up with as they are the best with the best advertisers. There are other networks too worth joining but don’t miss out on this.

Sign Up with Text-Link-Ads

#3. SocialSpark

You might have heard a lot of buzz about this network. With lots of bloggers praising this network, it might be really good and worth a try.

You sign up with SocialSpark and then add your blogs in your account. Once your blog gets approved, you will start receiving opportunities of writing reviews on your blog. You get paid for every review published.

This is a nice network with many active advertisers so you will definitely make money from it. If you are more active on it then you can expect more money.

#4. MadAdsMedia

If you are not approved by Google Adsense, then you might not be fulfilling some of its criterion, or your blog might be getting low traffic. There may be any reason behind it.

So if you are not getting many clicks on your CPC ads, then why not monetize the impressions. We can use CPM networks on our blog to do that. Almost all the CPM networks have one big requirement, that your blog should have 1000s of visitors a day but this one is an exception. So I can’t miss out on this network from the list of Google Adsense alternatives. does not have any such high-traffic requirement. I got an approval with a blog getting 100 visits a day. Once I added the codes to my blog, I was averaging $1-$2 a day from it. However I used it only for a week or so as I sold that site. So couldn’t reach the threshold.

You can surely give it a try as its a great network and you will surely make money from it.

Sign Up for MadAdsMedia (non aff. link)

Other Google Adsense Alternatives Worth Joining:

SEOClerks : This is one of the best places to outsource any of your SEO task or order a gig. A Fiverr-like network but not only related to selling gigs. This can prove a real money generating machine if used properly. Just sign up and create a gig saying that you accept sponsored blog reviews on your blog. Set a proper price and see the orders coming. I have made about $200 from just 3 reviews in a month.

SocialLinkMart : This one is a new network where you don’t need a blog or anything like that. All you need is a heavy social media presence and following. If you are quite active on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and enjoy a good following, then you can make money by sharing, tweeting articles. Obviously worth a try.

Clicksor : Another CPC network worth joining to maximize your earnings.

Do You know about any other alternatives of Google Adsense?

There was my list of the best Google Adsense alternatives which I had used with success and made a good amount of money with. If you have had some success from other networks as well and if I haven’t mentioned it here, you can share them with us via the comments below.

I would love to have your feedback and some more addition to the list of alternatives to Google Adsense.

Happy Making Money Blogging!!!

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