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17 Best Google Adsense Alternatives of 2022

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There are several reasons why you might be looking for Google Adsense alternatives. You are unable to get your site accepted into the ad network, or you are simply looking for other ad networks because Adsense isn’t able to give you the kind of revenue that you were expecting.

Or, you are just looking to use another advertising network that works well with Google Adsense in order to make some extra revenue!

Whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to worry because there are several ad networks currently operating that offer a wide variety of ad formats and help you monetize every single aspect of your website.

While Google Adsense is a really great ad network to make money online, it is quite hard to get in and even if you do, you have to strictly adhere to their terms to keep your account active.

Taking all these reasons into consideration, I decided to compile a list of some of the top alternatives to Adsense that you can give a try this year and see if your monthly earnings go up or down with them.

17 Best Google Adsense Alternatives of 2022

1. is one of the best contextual advertising networks available. It is a pay-per-click network, meaning that the ads that appear are mostly relevant to the clients since the ads are based on the content of your websites. Publishers can earn from their traffic by showing advertisements from!

This ad network is actually great because they have a dedicated account manager, a good RPM performance, an intuitive dashboard, customizable creativity, impressions being reported in real-time, and services that are on par with that of Google AdSense. Plus it can be used along with Google Adsense without any issues and increase your site’s ad revenue!

On the downside, some clients reported that not all sites could be approved by the network. Furthermore, the category of your site may not be on their list, or they can flag you down and suspend your account if they deem your traffic low-quality.

Apart from that, some feedback also indicates that their publisher team is not as responsive as they want it to be. Even with all its pros and cons, remains one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use ad networks available.

2. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is a company that provides good marketing solutions worldwide. It is one of the most acknowledged Adtech platforms in the world today. PropellerAds run a self-serve platform, uniting its publishers and advertisers and making them into a complete marketing system. The company now boasts of a one billion+ audience monthly, and several thousands of advertisements are launched every day across computers and smartphones.

PropellerAds is known for its pop and push traffic advertisement with a traffic source that spans the globe. Affiliates of PropellerAds can run advertisements in a variety of formats like pop-under, push notifications, interstitial, and native ads.

PropellerAds also features over 750 million ad impressions globally every day, their self-service platform is very easy to use, they have a wide range of cross-platform ad formats, and their support and chat team can be contacted at any time, and they are very responsive. They also work with verticals such as financial services, gaming, dating, entertainment, e-commerce, and many more.

3. Skimlinks


This company is based in the UK and has been active in the field of affiliate marketing since 2007. The reason why Skimlinks is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives is that it automates the affiliation of the content on your site, giving you more time to focus on other important things like growing your site’s audience. It will automatically create affiliate links in your content for relevant products and open up a new revenue stream that you never knew about!

Skimlinks tracks more than 2.5 million dollars of sales every day, and they have the technology and professional expertise to employ commerce strategies on all channels such as the web, mail, mobile, etc.

One of the upsides of Skimlinks is that it is very easy to use, even for beginners. It is very convenient as your monetization is completely automated, and you don’t have to do anything about it. You can gain access to programs you previously can’t access before giving you more than 25,000 merchants to work with.

They even have excellent reporting options, and you would no longer need to create affiliate links. Furthermore, some merchants give you preferential commissions as well based on your site’s performance.

The downside to using Skimlinks is that they take 25% of your earnings. Whether that percentage is too much or enough for the services they provide is up to you. Their payment timeframe is somewhat long, averaging 90 days. Lastly, a lot of client reviews indicate that their customer service is slow and sometimes unresponsive.

Summing up all the information above, Skimlinks’ best asset is its convenience, automating affiliate marketing and allowing you access to thousands of merchants.

4. Monumetric


Monumetric was founded way back in 2012 and is best known for its service and its slogan which focuses on individual support to assist in maximizing the revenue of its clients. In this aspect, Monumetric beats AdSense.

The reason why it is one of the top Google Adsense alternatives is that Monumetric offers 4 monetization programs depending on your site’s pageviews per month.

  • Propel Program – For sites with 10,000 to 80,000 page views monthly
  • Ascend Program – For sites with 80,000 to 500,000 page views every month.
  • Stratos Program – For sites with 500,000 to 10,000,000 page views per month.
  • Apollo Program – For sites with more than 10,000,000 million page views monthly.

However, to be accepted by Monumetric, you need to have at least 10,000 page views per month. For a newbie, this may be a bit steep, but as per the reviews, Monumetric pays more than AdSense, so it is worth the extra effort to be accepted.

You must also have a WordPress or Blogger site, with at least six slots for advertisements on both mobile and desktop. Also, you must be approved by ad providers and must pay $99 as a fee for setup.

5. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

amazon native shopping ads

Native Shopping Ads from Amazon provides product recommendations that are relative to the page in a responsive ad unit that may be placed at the bottom part of or in the middle of the content, creating a more compelling ad experience for visitors and giving them more shopping opportunities and options.

A good aspect of Native Shopping Ads is that it does not require any number of page views per month to get approval. The only requirement is that your blog must contain original content. It is advisable to have at least ten posts, but it is not really required.

There are three variants of Native Shopping Ads. These are the Recommendation Ads, the Search Ads, and the Custom Ads. All these ads are responsive, so they work with different screen sizes.

Overall, Amazon Native Shopping Ads is a great alternative to Google AdSense. But it also works really well with Adsense and can give you a nice chunk of extra income if used efficiently!

6. Infolinks


Infolinks was founded in 2007 and is designed for publishers as well as advertisers. It is a global advertising platform that named its advertising In3. It stands for Infolinks, Intent, and Intelligence. The In3 technology is currently the third-largest publisher marketplace in the whole world, supporting more than 100,000 websites in 128 countries.

The company promises to offer innovative ad programs to their clients while keeping the vibe and feel of the websites of their clients intact. Infolinks mostly focuses on contextually relevant advertisements.

Some of the pros of using Infolinks include compatibility with AdSense, their contextual ads, and their fast approval taking only 48 hours maximum. The downside is that the income is relatively low for a 1st tier traffic, and some ad formats may be intrusive. With these in mind, there is little doubt that Infolinks happens to be one of the best Google Adsense alternatives.

7. Adversal


Adversal also offers a self-serve platform, making it easy to use. It also allows your campaign to be set up in no time at all with no paperwork to delay the process. Their requirements are quite steep, however.

First, you must have your own domain name and have at least 50,000 page views per month. This is a difficult requirement for beginners, but once approved, their services prove to be worth it.

One of the best aspects of Adversal is that it pays for impressions as well, not just purely clicks. It uses a geo-targeting option which ensures that the advertisers are paying decent money for displaying their ads to whichever audience they prefer.

This means that publishers get paid more. Many consider Adversal to be the best alternative to Google AdSense.

8. RevContent


John Lemp founded RevContent way back in 2013, and today, RevContent is known to be the fastest expanding content recommendation network globally. It’s also considered to be the most reliable ad network by many noted companies and content marketers such as CBC, Forbes, NBC News, etc.

With all its reliability and good feedback, joining RevContent is not easy. Their minimum traffic requirement is at least 50,000. That is considerably huge when you are only a starting.

There are some instances wherein RevContent packages cost a little bit higher than that of AdSense, but several clients prefer using RevContent and AdSense together for maximum profits.

9. Adsterra


Adsterra was founded in 2013. They have 248 GEOs and more than 28,000 partners. The best thing about Adsterra is its pop-under advertising. They do have other ad formats; however, their technology and effort are mostly poured into their pop-under advertising.

Another major benefit of using Adsterra is their account managers. All their publishers get their own personal account managers. When an account manager is present, the overall quality of ad implementation rises. Many use Adsterra for their pop-under ad services while using other specialized ad networks for other ad formats.

10. Sovrn Commerce

sovrn commerce

Formerly known as VigLink, Sovrn Commerce is a good alternative to AdSense as a content monetization platform. Sovrn Commerce mainly does two things. The first is that they insert an existing merchant’s link on the publisher’s site. After that, they then insert affiliate links for the merchant’s name and brand to appear in the content of the publisher.

When using Sovrn Commerce, you no longer need to be anxious when it comes to missing opportunities to monetize. The platform changes URLs into monetized links. Also, the ad network upgrades your monetization strategy by providing helpful insights into your performance metrics.

This way, you can see your profits and easily determine ways to improve your content and make it more valuable.

Overall, Sovrn Commerce is a good alternative to AdSense because of its link monetization feature, the ability to generate revenue from URLs for social networks, an intuitive dashboard, monetization of unlinked products, merchant explorer, and trend explorer.

11. Mediavine


Mediavine is a great partner in full-service ad management. With Mediavine, you can direct your efforts to your content. The company was founded by content creators, so most of their services are tailored for content creators. Mediavine installs a script into an influencer’s site, and that optimizes all the placements.

This makes Mediavine’s technology in advertising adaptable and ready to grow and connect to any site.

Mediavine clients often indicate that what they like the most about Mediavine is their great page RPM increases that are available for publishers all around the world. They also have a dedicated team of ad optimizers, customized ad optimization, transparent and customized reports, innovative ad optimization technology, and many more.

It may be a bit tough to get accepted into their network, but once you are in, you won’t ever feel the need to try out any other ad networks. Furthermore, their customer support is very responsive and knowledgeable to all the queries of their clients making it one of the best Google Adsense alternatives of 2022!

12. AdRecover


AdRecover is a tool that publishers use so that they can have their AdBlock inventory monetized. It is estimated that about 300 million people from across the globe use some sort of ad-blocking extension. With AdRecover, your website can measure and monetize these people within minutes.

Since people who use adblock are more sensitive compared to people who don’t, the monetization solutions that AdRecover offers do not compromise the experience of the users.

This means that both the users and publishers are in a win-win situation. However, there are some steep requirements you need to follow in order to get approved by AdRecover. All publisher sites that want to sign up with AdRecover must follow the terms and conditions set upon by AdSense.

Furthermore, the publisher sites must have at least 10,000 page views each day or at least 1 million page views in a month. Even with the great services that AdRecover offers, many prospective clients fail to pass the minimum requirements, so a big debacle for AdRecover is their approval rate.

13. EvaDav


EvaDav is a performance-based advertising network, that specializes in native ads and push notifications for both advertisers and publishers. Their subscribers reach over 60 million all around the globe. This is a testament to EvaDav’s reliability in the field of network advertising.

The main goal of EvaDav is to unite both the advertising and publishing platforms in one place. Their statistics show that they have an estimate of 50,000,000 impressions every day. They have about 2,000 publishers, 300 advertisers, and 1,000 campaigns.

Moreover, their fully automated system studies the past actions of the users and offers advertisements that are relevant and appropriate to them. This allows them to always get the highest paying ads on the user’s website.

For advertisers, the advantages of using EvaDav include a high click-through rate, high delivery rates with almost no spam filter immediate responses, and a CPA and affiliate-friendly network.

There are several areas wherein you can promote your advertisements. These include gaming, health, dating, content, gambling, etc. This is one aspect wherein they beat both Google and Facebook.

To sum it up, when it comes to push notifications and native ads, EvaDav trumps Google’s AdSense.

14. BuySellAds


When we are talking about the top Google Adsense alternatives, we have to mention BuySellAds as well. This company offers a marketplace that is extremely valuable for publishers and advertisers alike. BuySellAds specialize in advertising with a traditional display. However, their other ad formats are quite up to par with AdSense as well.

Apart from advertising in a traditional desktop display, publishers in BuySellAds also have the option of selling display ads that appear on mobile websites, RSS feeds, text advertisements, email newsletter sponsorships, mobile app display ads, and desktop app ads, and many more.

Discount codes are also another interesting feature that BuySellAds allows its publishers to use. This works in conjunction with their proposals so that more and more advertisers are enticed to buy their inventory. A perfect example is when publishers can offer a 25% discount. These discount coupons sweeten the deals for advertisers and convince them to make a purchase.

15. Taboola


Taboola is another native advertising platform that rivals the services offered by AdSense. On its website, Taboola claims that they are the number 1 discovery platform in the world. They also have an estimated 1.4 billion unique users every month.

They have over 10,000 premium publishers and brands, and more than 1,000 employees stationed at 18 different offices spanning the globe. According to their site, Taboola has reached 44.5% of all the internet population in the world.

According to several customer reviews, you can target top-funnel traffic at a very friendly price. There is also a decent amount of transparency when it comes to their charges and rates. This means that they have good relations with their clients and that their clients can trust them. When using Taboola, you also can exclude under-performing placements, devices, segments, etc.

Apart from that, Taboola is very user-friendly, and its reports are very easy to generate. Engagement from users and publishers is also very high.

However, some of the negative comments indicate that their customer service responsiveness has declined over the years. Sometimes, it takes more than three days for them to respond. Of course, when it comes to money matters, time is of the essence.

16. AdCash


AdCash is an online advertising platform that is self-serving and tailored for affiliates, media buyers, publishers, and ad networks. They have about 13 years of experience in advertisement technology. AdCash provides businesses with digital advertising tools that deliver significant results.

AdCash provides its clients with decent and reliable traffic, and its platform is very easy to use. According to several customer reviews, their service is excellent, and their support team is highly responsive. They also have a competitive account manager and management.

They also have advanced in-house technology and smart ad technology, alongside features that make your advertising experience very easy and profitable.

With Adcash, you can easily maximize your site and get decent profits using their plethora of ad formats that you can choose from to cater to your advertising needs. Apart from that, they also have AdBlock prevention which allows you to target users using AdBlock which, in turn, can actually increase your overall profit.

17. PopCash


PopCash started as an idea way back in 2012, and a few months later, Alex and Radu started to bring the concept to life. PopCash is a highly efficient and specialized advertising network that focuses more on the pop-under method of advertising.

Despite the annoyance that pop-up and pop-under ads bring to the visitors, a lot of advertisers still consider using these methods because their conversion rate is very high compared to other advertising methods.

The advertisements by PopCash are triggered when visitors click any space in a website loaded with the PopCash advertisement code. They use a dynamic bidding system, meaning that your traffic rate will be dependent on several factors, including end-user location, quality of the traffic, and advertiser demand.

The payment system of PopCash is very flexible as clients can pay through various channels and on different methods. These include payments through Paypal, Skrill, wire transfers, Paxum, and many more. The payment methods they offer are perfect for those who have just started and for those who do not have a big budget for advertising. This makes PopCash one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense.

Customer reviews indicate that their support team is very responsive and communicable. Aside from that, they also project a sense of urgency to deal with their customer’s concerns and inquiries. So, addressing your concerns immediately won’t be a problem because their team is obviously knowledgeable in their field.

They are also very attractive to several publishers across the globe because they offer daily payouts and reviews show that daily payouts have increased progress and productivity among publishing teams.


Despite Google AdSense being the leading platform as far as network advertisements go, it might still lack the features you need. Even if you think that it is a perfect network, there are still times when you would feel the need to try out other advertising networks.

This is the main reason why I wrote this article, to give you the opportunity to learn about all the different kinds of ad networks that are at your disposal. Not only are these some of the best Google Adsense alternatives, but most of them can be used alongside Adsense in order to increase your site’s revenue and diversify your income sources.

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