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20 Best Hotel WordPress Themes of 2022

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If you are looking for the best hotel WordPress themes to get your site ready, then we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones currently available!

Creating an impressive website that draws in guests to come in, again and again, can be difficult for some, but with the help of pre-made, ready-to-fill-in, and customizable WordPress themes, this process can take as little as a few minutes for even any novice internet user.

For those looking to create a new and improved website for their hotel business, there are many WordPress themes available that can handle a number of needed features, such as keeping the business organized with a booking and availability calendar or intricate pricing tables.

These themes are the best for hotels and resorts but would also suit bed and breakfasts and Airbnbs perfectly well too. So, let’s have a look at which of them are the best ones right now.

Best Hotel WordPress Themes of 2022

1. Avada

avada wp theme

At the top of our list is Avada, which features virtually all of the modern needed facets for a top-rated website.

There’s a front-end editing tool called Fusion Builder which allows you to build pages in real-time. This makes it easier to create pages and use one’s imagination because it lets you move items and widgets as they would appear on the website.

Avada offers tastefully made widgets, such as for Facebook and Twitter streams, contact details, social media links, as well as an advanced internal search engine and search results page. There are over 50 pre-built website demos and over sixty customizable elements that can be filled in with different elements.

This creative WordPress theme is compatible with all of the necessary plugins like an events calendar, e-commerce tools, and page sliders.

2. Astra

astra theme

Astra is a WordPress theme built for WooCommerce users – with a multitude of features that would be ideal for anyone looking to sell rooms online. These features can be customized to fit any form of lodging by adding in rooms in lieu of products.

Other premium features include details like product filters on a pop-up window, a quick view, and an infinite scroll. Being a theme developed for online shopping, the performance rate for its speed was designed for fast scrolling and quick image loading.

This theme works with WordPress’ own back-end editor concurrently with given pre-made website demos to build from, enhanced formatting such as multiple headers, mobile headers, menus, and sticky menus.

Astra also has a spacing add-on that allows you to create custom page designs, similar to that of a live front-end editor.

3. Bellevue

bellevue theme

Bellevue is one of the best hotel WordPress themes because it is exclusively developed and outlined for small hotels as well as bed and breakfasts, complete with its own built-in booking system.

The theme comes with a live frontend editor called Elementor which provides a way to view the website as it is being created. In this, it has several widgets and hundreds of page templates to cater to all your needs.

In addition to the MotoPress Hotel Booking and Hotel Booking WooCommerce, Bellevue also has an events calendar, availability system, page layouts for rooms, and 8 demo websites that highlight different niches like Countryside, Beach House, Lake Cabin, Urban Guest, and Apartments. Recently added were another 5 demo websites made uniquely for bed and breakfasts.

4. Sailing

sailing wp theme

This WordPress theme, Sailing, was built for hotels of any size to move their business to a completely user-friendly website creator.

Sailing comes with all of the essential features needed – a booking system with several price ranges with rates, coupons, packages management, as well as various routes for payment. This theme makes creating a website for any sized hotel as easy as filling in the pages with the right information, the rest is built for you.

Sailing has a drag-and-drop front-end editor that makes for easy page building, and it also comes with multiple demo templates that can be installed with a single click.

And for those looking to send out leaving customers a thank-you card, Sailing has the email service MailChimp blended in to give users the chance to receive newsletters or coupons.

5. SoHo Hotel Booking Calendar

soho hotel booking calendar

SoHo Hotel Booking Calendar does just what its name entails. This WordPress theme was highly perfected for hotel management of any size and scale.

One of its unique features includes a way to sync booking data with known search engines like Airbnb and Booking.com. SoHo also has a method to create advanced, seasonal, hostel pricing, guest classes such as for age (and limits for these as well), along with different discounts, coupons, and taxes.

SoHo Hotel Booking Calendar focuses a great deal on its hotel booking features but it also has a customizable back-end editor that – with a little creativity, the right photos, and filters – can make the site look as stunning as any other hotel site, with all the more power concentrating on managing, gaining, and maintaining customers.

6. Luxe

luxe wp theme

This theme was designed for hotels, small and large, looking to move their business online and available to anyone with a search engine, and hence it is considered as one of the best hotel WordPress themes right now.

Luxe offers system management for customer booking, pricing, and reservations. In addition to this, it also has over 10 different templates to choose from that have full-screen images to create the most visually appealing website.

Luxe includes a live front-end page builder that has a drag and drop feature that makes it easy to build pages and see how they will look when they are live.

The theme is a perfect WordPress theme for those who have complex pricing, such as for specials, packages, amenities, as well as multiple payment systems to ensure all customers have a route for their purchase.

7. Moliere

moliere theme

Moliere is a WordPress theme that can be used for any business; there are features available for hotel businesses such as complete integration with all available booking plugins.

With Elementor, the drag and drop page builder, Moliere offers their own unique widgets that look similar to parallax pages – these can be used to show off available rooms, and then the information can be read right there on the same page.

Being able to both see and read about any room’s features can help sell the better looking and better accommodating rooms because it will add to selling the experience.

8. Enfold

enfold theme

The WordPress theme Enfold was made for any entrepreneur or business venture that is a novice when it comes to coding and website development.

Enfold comes with several pre-built website demos that all vary greatly from one another and can be completely customized. It also provides full-length tutorials on how to use and set up the theme and create the best-looking site for all hotel management.

Enfold uses a back-end editor with added elements and widgets such as photo galleries, links and call to action buttons, testimonial panels, and other elements to create fully unique webpages; plus you can use MailChimp and Contact Form Builder to build a mailing list of potential customers and entice them with special offers.

9. Hotel Master Booking

hotel master booking theme

Hotel Master is exactly what its name entails, this WordPress theme was made specifically for businesses or individuals looking to create an online showcase to sell for their hotel service.

Hotel Master includes a consecutive night discount plugin, additional service fee options, individual room blocking, check-in time options, and unlimited seasonal passes – this booking system fully encapsulates any needed feature for hotels.

Recent updates have included many additions to its hostel demo website, which is perfect for anyone looking to create a website for either their hostel or Airbnb.

Hotel Master supports common payment systems such as WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe. It also has a revamped report view for summaries and transactions with user-friendly filters.

10. Hoteller

hoteller theme

Hoteller is a theme that could be dubbed extremely network-friendly as it supports iCal, an online booking support system that includes Airbnb, Booking.com, and more, as well as nearly 100 payment systems like Square and Amazon Pay.

Considered as one of the best hotel WordPress themes, Hoteller, offers multiple unique pre-made website demos that are easy to fill in and publish without the worry of making it look enticing and attractive. These include themes such as Luxury, Beach, Mountain, City, Cultural, Apartment, Boutique, and Bed and Breakfast.

For those working out of Europe, Hoteller offers EU GDPR, European Union General Data Protection Regulation, which gives customers the confidence that their private data will not be shared. One unique feature that Hoteller has is its advanced customizable font system, giving you the ability to adjust sizes, fonts, weights.

11. Kalium

kalium theme

Kalium is a WordPress theme that works for all creative professional types, it contains several pre-built website demos including one specifically made for hotels. And there are over 30+ page layouts available for those who want to create new and unique designs.

This theme has WPBakery Page Builder as well as custom-made widgets like a contact form, pricing table, product carousel, social media like and share buttons, multiple photo portfolios, as well as Google Maps and 5 different font management systems making up to thousands of distinct and unique fonts.

12. Hotel Xenia

hotel xenia

Next up, we have Hotel Xenia theme which is suitable for hotels, resorts, hostels, and all kinds of accommodation websites. It includes many useful features that make it easier for you to work with it. It includes a Page Builder plugin and an array of other useful options.

This theme can be used to make any kind of layout and website design. It also has unlimited theme options that are highly customizable. Another important feature of the theme is that it can be translated into any language. Along with that it also offers full compatibility with the WPML for multilingual websites.

13. Hotel Booking

hotel booking theme

Hotel Booking is a simple and yet one of the most powerful hotel WordPress themes made for the hotel business. This theme can be used to create beautiful websites for resorts, apartments, hotels, and other hospitality businesses.

It comes packed with useful features like revolution slider, one-click import, live customizer, and more. The theme is also SEO-ready and thus, it can help you improve your website’s ranking in the search results. It also has a fast loading speed, so that your customers won’t have to wait too long for the site to load.

14. Kea

kea wp theme

The next best WordPress theme you can use for your hotel’s online website is Kea. It gives you plenty of options and features to create a great website for your hotel business. From amenities icons to flexible header and footer options, the theme has all the important features you need.

This theme also makes the booking process easier to manage. It also allows you to change the color of every aspect of your website. It supports the WMPL which is considered to be the most powerful multilingual plugin and with the flexible layouts offered by the theme, you can design your website the way you want.

15. Milos

milos theme

The next theme on the list is Milos. This is a beautiful-looking theme that is equipped with all the right features you need for your hotel business, and it offers you an easy to handle booking system that will help you manage all the bookings.

With this theme, you can change the color of every aspect of your site as per your choice. It also has a good menu management solution, so you can manage things better and provide your customers a proper way to explore all the amenities and facilities of your hotel before they make a booking. The theme is also SEO-ready which means it will also be able to rank higher in search engines and bring in more organic traffic.

16. Hotel Zante

hotel zante

This theme is specially crafted for the hotel and hospitality industry, and you will be able to find all the features you need to create a perfect website. It provides you with an online booking system and many other features that will make your website easily accessible to your clients and customers.

It has a unique and clean design that can make your site look awesome. It has four different layouts for the homepage along with a powerful panel. The best thing is that the theme is highly customizable which means you can design your website the way you want. It doesn’t require any coding language to work with it and even a novice can do it with ease.

17. Palermo

palermo theme

If you are looking for something unique for your hotel business, then Palermo theme could be the perfect choice for you. With its inspiring design, it can help you to create a website that stands out from the rest.

It allows you to set a different background for all your pages. Not just that but you can also customize every aspect of your site as per your liking. The best thing about this theme is that it is optimized for search engines, meaning it will help your website rank higher in search results as well.

18. Santorini Resort

santorini resort

Santorini Resort is yet another uniquely designed hotel WordPress theme that fits just right for your hotel business. It comes with a simple yet elegant design that looks amazing and gives your business an authentic look.

With the use of this theme, you will be able to create an attractive website for your hotel business. The theme is search engine optimized and is quite fast when it comes to loading speed. It also offers you 7 content types using which you can describe your hotel in detail. To increase the functionality of your website, it also offers you custom widgets.

19. Morrison Hotel

morrison hotel

Morrison Hotel is an advanced WordPress theme that would prove to be the perfect choice for any hotel and hospitality business. It comes with many powerful features that will make your work easier, and you can share all the facilities that you offer to your customers on the website itself.

This theme is designed keeping in mind the needs of the hotel industry as it includes a booking system that allows your customers to book their rooms easily. Some of the core features of the site include PayPal support, 3 booking modes, email notifications, and others. Overall, this makes an excellent WordPress theme for hotels, resorts, apartments, and accommodation-based services.

20. California – Hotel & Resort

california hotel and resort

On the last spot, we have the California theme that is built to make your website look stunning. This powerful theme can be used for all types of hotels and resorts.

It comes with an easy-to-use booking system and a one-click import option. Many other features make this theme great. The reusable elements included allows you to add unlimited pages to your site. It also comes with a contact plugin that allows your customers to book their rooms immediately.


These were some of the best WordPress themes for hotels and similar businesses. If you are running an accommodation-based business like a hotel or a bed & breakfast, then you might want to consider setting up a great-looking and functional website to give all the information that your customers need before booking their stay.

I am sure that you will be able to create a perfect website, equipped with all the necessary features to run a hotel business using any of the best hotel WordPress themes mentioned above.

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