Become The IM System Affiliate – A Course by Kenster to Make Money

Become The IM System Affiliate has always been on of the best methods to make money online and also the one method that I like more than any other. Of course, I have been making money with Become The IM System Affiliate and other programs, but affiliate marketing has always been my top priority when it comes to making money on the Internet.

If you are looking forward to start affiliate marketing and searching for a product to promote, then here is an amazing opportunity. The IM System, a comprehensive IM course by Kenster, is launching on March 25th and you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

But why should you promote a product that is just launching? Nice question.

Here’s your answer:

the im system

I made Become The IM System Affiliate and within the 2nd week I crossed $2000. $2K in just 2 weeks, that’s freaking cool!

That’s the power of product launches. The product is new, there is a lot of buzz going on around the Internet about it and many people are always looking for reviews before buying the product. That gives you an amazing chance to make money as an affiliate by promoting those products.

 >> Become The IM System Affiliate!

Why Should You Become The IM System Affiliate?

Reason #1: Kenster

Kenster the im system Become The IM System Affiliate is one of the biggest and most successful Internet marketers with many successful products under his name. The products that he deliver are always top-notch and packed with high-quality material so that every customer who buys his products gets more than what he expects.

Wen Kenster comes up with a new product, internet marketers from all around the world signs up as its affiliate, because they know they are going to make some amazing cash by promoting his products. And now that The IM System is about to launch, marketers have started working on campaigns to promote it to their audience, so why can’t you join them as well?

Reason #2: Affiliate Commissions and Payments

By promoting The IM System, you will be making 50% of an early bird $247 and after that regular price of $297 enrolment fee. Plus any of the students that you refer upgrade to a private consultation package, that would give you an additional commission of $1000. That means, your potential earnings per customer you refer will be around $1148!

The payments will be handled by DealGuardian and you will be paid via PayPal, Wire or Check. You can get instant commissions if the customer pays via PayPal and the best part is that there is no PayPal risk as all the payments are handled by DealGuardian.

>> Become The IM System Affiliate!

Reason #3: Prizes

What’s a product launch without prizes to be given to the best affiliate? And this product launch will be a lot better than anything you have seen before!

The first prizes are a BMW 320i or a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. If more than 2000 units are sold across all the affiliates, the bonus prize will be the 2014 BMW 320i car and if the sold units are more than 1000 units, then the bonus prize will be 2014 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

The IM system prizes

And then there is cash prizes to be given away to the top 10 affiliates. So I don’t see any reason why you should be a part of the most anticipated launch of 2014!

Become The IM System Affiliate Now!

Now stop wasting any more time and hit the link below to sign up as an affiliate. It is completely free to create an account with DealGuardian and become an affiliate for The IM System.

So don’t wait up and become an affiliate with the most anticipated IM course ever, The IM System and make March as the best earning month of 2014!

> Become The IM System Affiliate!

See how to build niche sites to create a review site and rank it on product launches!

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