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Why My First Niche Site Failed Miserably?

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I have always been fascinated about making money online by setting up different niche sites and earning a passive income through them. So I started the research work for my first niche site and I found a good niche with the moderate monthly searches. After setting up everything, the results should have appeared within 2-3 weeks but nothing of that sort happened.

And my first ever niche site failed to give me the expected results. It’s only been around 3 weeks that I started the site but it should have ranked higher and got decent visitors daily by now, which didn’t happened.

Niche Site Failure
So why I think that my first Niche site failed? Why can’t I wait more to see the results?

My First Niche Site Failed – What Went Wrong?

As I said, I have always liked the idea of building small niche sites and forget about it after ranking them on search engines. A few days back, I published a post on how to build niche sites, where I noted down each and every point of my strategies of building sites.

I did the same thing, but a little bit differently and probably that might be the reason of my failure.

Some stats of my niche site :

Site Created on 22nd March, 2013.
73 Total Visits till now.
Rankings: #37 on Google, #16 on Yahoo, #13 on Bing for the main keyword
76.71% Organic Traffic as per Google Analytics

I chose Clickbank over Adsense!

I have never really relied upon Adsense for earning money. And now that Google Adsense are banning many accounts, I don’t think it is the right time to go with Adsense niche sites.

Due to this, I went to build a niche site around a specific product, rank it, and then enjoy the affiliate commissions (a far cry from reality). I was lucky that I found a product in the Clickbank marketplace for my chosen keyword and then there was nothing to worry about.

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I Didn’t Have Much Knowledge of the Niche!

The product that I chose and the keyword were completely new to me. I haven’t heard of them every before. As a result, I didn’t have much knowledge about it and even though I started a niche site on it thinking that it won’t be a problem.

I Outsourced Most of the things!

May be this was my mistake that I outsourced most of the things instead of doing it on my own. Once my site was up and running, I outsourced the articles, published them on my site and outsourced the link building work on Fiverr for $5.

Though the quality of the articles and the link building job were top-notch, still it wasn’t able to work wonders.

I Didn’t Update the Site!

The other mistake I did was I didn’t add the articles at intervals, but added it all on the same day. This might be one of my mistakes that drove the site to not bringing many visitors.

Updating the site at some set intervals is crucial as the search engines can crawl your site more efficiently and will also know the time when your site is updated. Setting a proper publishing schedule can help you improve your Alexa rankings as well.

Things I Learned After My First Niche Site Failed!

I think that the first reason, choosing Clickbank over Adsense has nothing to do with the failure, but my first niche site failed because of the other reasons.

There are some things that I learned with this failure. You can go with any keyword and any product you find profitable, but before diving in to it, you must know what the product is about. Start researching about it and learn most of the things. You must gain the knowledge of it. This can help you in future, if the site starts getting visitors, you might think of adding some content as well and with the knowledge you have, you could write articles yourself.

Outsourcing is not bad but you need to know what you are doing. I got high quality services for the $5 spent but I wasn’t able to benefit from it. You must know how to get most out of the services you pay for.

What’s Next?

At this moment, I am quite busy with my academics and so I will think about my site only after a week or two. There are two basic options in my head. Either I will work on it, add some articles, purchase some tools and work on it myself, OR I will flip the site and find a new niche and work on it from scratch.

Let’s see what happens in the coming days but I won’t stop making niche sites, that’s for sure. I will keep you updates with what I do with the niche site!

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the sites? I am in need of some great tips on how to find profitable niches? Now that my first niche site failed, I will be working more aggressively on my next projects to make them a success.

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