Niche Site Failure

Why My First Niche Site Failed Miserably?

I have always been fascinated about making money online by setting up different niche sites and earning a passive income through them. So I started the research work for my first niche site and I found a good niche with the moderate monthly searches. After setting up everything, the results should have appeared within 2-3 weeks but nothing of that sort happened.

And my first ever niche site failed to give me the expected results. It’s only been around 3 weeks that I started the site but it should have ranked higher and got decent visitors daily by now, which didn’t happened.

Niche Site Failure
So why I think that my first Niche site failed? Why can’t I wait more to see the results?

My First Niche Site Failed – What Went Wrong?

As I said, I have always liked the idea of building small niche sites and forget about it after ranking them on search engines. A few days back, I published a post on how to build niche sites, where I noted down each and every point of my strategies of building sites.

I did the same thing, but a little bit differently and probably that might be the reason of my failure.

Some stats of my niche site :

Site Created on 22nd March, 2013.
73 Total Visits till now.
Rankings: #37 on Google, #16 on Yahoo, #13 on Bing for the main keyword
76.71% Organic Traffic as per Google Analytics

I chose Clickbank over Adsense!

I have never really relied upon Adsense for earning money. And now that Google Adsense are banning many accounts, I don’t think it is the right time to go with Adsense niche sites.

Due to this, I went to build a niche site around a specific product, rank it, and then enjoy the affiliate commissions (a far cry from reality). I was lucky that I found a product in the Clickbank marketplace for my chosen keyword and then there was nothing to worry about.

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I Didn’t Have Much Knowledge of the Niche!

The product that I chose and the keyword were completely new to me. I haven’t heard of them every before. As a result, I didn’t have much knowledge about it and even though I started a niche site on it thinking that it won’t be a problem.

I Outsourced Most of the things!

May be this was my mistake that I outsourced most of the things instead of doing it on my own. Once my site was up and running, I outsourced the articles, published them on my site and outsourced the link building work on Fiverr for $5.

Though the quality of the articles and the link building job were top-notch, still it wasn’t able to work wonders.

I Didn’t Update the Site!

The other mistake I did was I didn’t add the articles at intervals, but added it all on the same day. This might be one of my mistakes that drove the site to not bringing many visitors.

Updating the site at some set intervals is crucial as the search engines can crawl your site more efficiently and will also know the time when your site is updated. Setting a proper publishing schedule can help you improve your Alexa rankings as well.

Things I Learned After My First Niche Site Failed!

I think that the first reason, choosing Clickbank over Adsense has nothing to do with the failure, but my first niche site failed because of the other reasons.

There are some things that I learned with this failure. You can go with any keyword and any product you find profitable, but before diving in to it, you must know what the product is about. Start researching about it and learn most of the things. You must gain the knowledge of it. This can help you in future, if the site starts getting visitors, you might think of adding some content as well and with the knowledge you have, you could write articles yourself.

Outsourcing is not bad but you need to know what you are doing. I got high quality services for the $5 spent but I wasn’t able to benefit from it. You must know how to get most out of the services you pay for.

What’s Next?

At this moment, I am quite busy with my academics and so I will think about my site only after a week or two. There are two basic options in my head. Either I will work on it, add some articles, purchase some tools and work on it myself, OR I will flip the site and find a new niche and work on it from scratch.

Let’s see what happens in the coming days but I won’t stop making niche sites, that’s for sure. I will keep you updates with what I do with the niche site!

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the sites? I am in need of some great tips on how to find profitable niches? Now that my first niche site failed, I will be working more aggressively on my next projects to make them a success.

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28 thoughts on “Why My First Niche Site Failed Miserably?

  1. Satish Reply

    That’s an interesting story! Never build links from cheap services like Fiverr. Mostly they will use automated tools which Google will detect and penalize your site. I would say the failure for your niche blog was its unnatural links detected by Google. Else everything what you did is fine. And also its very important to know about the product completely. 🙂

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Satish,
      It’s quite to see you here on my blog.

      As for the links, I won’t blame the person as he delivered what mentioned, so I won’t say that my site failed because of that. Yes, there could be this reason that I didn’t have quite the knowledge of the niche and it failed.

      But there’s always a next time, right ? 🙂

  2. Amal Rafeeq Reply

    Hi Arbaz,
    Great idea to share your experience when you started Blogging.
    My first niche was also a total flop. I think the blogosphere works like that 😀

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yes Amal,
      The blogosphere works like that. You will get successful in the first time only when you have spent most of the time researching and studying about the niche before starting the site.

  3. Adam Roseland Reply

    Arbaz… 2 major problems with your plan. First, I agree with Satish… using Fiverr for link building was a poor choice. While im sure you got what was promised… i doubt the quality of links was there, and they were likely way to sudden and Google probably flagged you immediately. The second problem is that you added all the content at once. Should have made it more natural, like your link building and post 1 per day or every couple of days.

    Don’t give up… every failure is a lesson!

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Adam,
      Yeah now I realize that both of those mistakes brought my site down. But that’s not a problem as I can always start again and build niche sites from scratch.
      Now I know which things work and which don’t 🙂
      The link building work for the next niche site will be done manually. I will do it seeing the quality of the links so that the history don’t get repeated.
      Thanks for your advice Adam.
      Keep giving such feedback. It helps a lot 🙂

  4. Ehsan Reply

    No problem Arbaz, The learning process never ends.

    I’m sure you learned a lot from your mistakes which will help you grow your next niche blog even faster.

    Arbaz, I want to ask you something regarding niche blogs. Do you create a niche blog regarding a single product, or you choose a niche you can write the most on. Do you update niche blogs daily or you just write about the product you’re trying to promote?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yeah Ehsan,
      There’s always a second chance and now I know the things that don’t work 🙂

      About your question, at the moment I am concentrating more on building sites to promote just products. I have no intention of building Adsense niche sites as it can get banned anytime so I don’t want to get there. Choosing a product, writing 10 articles on it and getting it ranked – this is what I will be doing in the coming months.

      • Ehsan Reply

        Loved your approach Arbaz,

        But, Is it possible to get good ranking for a blog which has just 10 articles in it? I mean I’ve heard that a blog should be updated frequently in order to get it ranked.

        How many niche websites have you created so far?

        • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

          We can get good ranking with quality backlinks. I have seen many people ranking their sites with just 5 articles in it. So if they can rank their sites then we can too. However once it ranks I would add an article in a week or two for the content part.

          I am still working on research work and also working on 3 more niches 🙂

  5. Roomi Reply

    Very interesting story with a lot of answers that I wanted to know so thanks for that brother 🙂

  6. Sarvesh Darak Reply

    Hello Arbaz khan,

    Seems like we have some common mistakes here, well yes i too outsourced the work on some micro job site. But i learned some thing from it.

    Thanks for the motivational post.

  7. Emmanuel Reply

    Failure is part of the game and ought to be embraced with all arms. I certainly do hope you’ve learnt your lessons as well. Making money online takes patience and goes along with perseverance.
    If you need some advise as to how to promote your niche sites, you can read one of my popular posts as to how to promote your blog through more than 50 ways!

  8. Rahul Kuntala Reply

    Hey Arbaz,

    I’m so happy you failed 🙂

    Here are two cents from my side;
    1. Don’t outsource link building process (especially to the cheap services like Fiverr), it must be the no.1 reason for the failure. Make it a natural process.
    2. Write in-depth reviews about your specific product(s), don’t limit yourself to writing only 10 or 20 posts. This is the only way you can generate passive income from the niche sites for a long time.

    Have you ever observed KenRockwell?? It’s the PERFECT niche site example that proves “anyone can earn passive income by focusing on solving customers’ problems”.

    Hope you put extra time and efforts in selecting the “low volume – high potential” keywords.

    Way to go, bro 🙂

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Rahul,
      Glad to see you here.
      I am glad that you are happy with my failure. Even I am 🙂

      With this failure, I learned many things that I should have done. No worries as it’s not the end of the road. I still have a long way to go. This niche site thing is the only things that I love and would like to dedicate myself completely to it.

      And thanks for giving me the KenRockwell example. Now I will have to work on finding profitable keywords – this is the only place that I am not good at 🙂

      Thanks for the great comment bro. Really loved it !!

  9. Elena Reply

    I truly believe that before starting a new blog, a thorough research is needed. There are so many millions of sites out there that it’s hard to compete with if you are not quite sure about what you are doing, especially if you don’t put 100% of your effort at the beginning before outsourcing everything.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Thanks for the comment, Elena.
      That was the part that I didn’t work on. I didn’t gave my 100% but relied on outsourcing most of the things. Next time I will have to work more on my site rather that depending on outsourcing.

  10. arun Reply

    Hi arbaz, lots of success for your next niche site
    The most difficult part in building a niche site is to “selecting a niche”
    I would love to read more on that how to find a niche.

  11. Tarun Kumar Reply

    Hello Arbaz Khan, I was also thinking to creat a niche site in which I do not have good knowledge. But after reading your post, my leg went a foot backward. Nice post.

  12. Greg Reply

    Hey Arbaz, I was eondering what comment plugin you use? I currently am using Disqus, but I like the way yours looks. Thanks!!

  13. Tushar Reply

    Hello Arbaz,

    It was great to know about your experience in niche site, and as you know failures would make you more stronger and you learn more thing from it.

    Anyway, i wish you good luck for new projects.

  14. Rudd Reply

    I know, as a student, our times are very limited. Well, what I did was I write 4 articles during weekend or friday, then I just schedule it to publish on Mon-Friday. Here’s time management is VERY IMPORTANT.

  15. Abuzar Khan Reply

    Every failure teach that how to become some successful…

    I this post I have also realised that because of using of Fiverr I was dummped and it’s will be a lesson not to use any free or cheap link building services it always good to DIY so that you will know that where you are linking your blog….

    Thanks for the sharing

  16. John Gibb Reply


    I have some quick questions for you, maybe you could provide further details..

    Do you still have the site?

    Could you reveal the niche?

    Is it available for selling, or what’s your plan with the site?

    How much did you invest in so far?

    Thank you…

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey John,
      Its quite nice to see you here on my blog. I am quite happy that you want to know the details of the niche site, maybe you could help me.
      I have sent you an email with every details you asked for.
      Looking forward to your reply.
      Thanks 🙂

  17. Siddhartha Sinha Reply

    I would like to add some points here like as you said not updating website on regular basis is one of the the main cause of your website failure. Updating the website the must.

    Siddhartha Sinha

  18. G Reply

    Next time you want to write about something anecdotal that happened to you, you have to include details. Reading your post, all I got was how you failed at something we, the reader, don’t even know about.What was the niche? What exactly was the product? What level of help did you get from Fiverr? And as a blogger, aka authority figure, what did you learn from this that can help other bloggers avoid the mistake? It’s like telling someone “Don’t drive into a ditch!” but not teaching the person to drive in the first place.

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