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Why Infolinks Is The Best Advertising Network to Make Money?

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When you start a new blog, you work hard on it so that it grows and attracts a lot of visitors. Once you start getting traffic on your site, you can then start monetizing the traffic and start making profits.

If you are putting in a lot of hard work in something, it’s normal to expect some monetary gains. But how would you feel if you are putting in a lot of efforts, but the money you make every month is not as much as you expected.

There might not be any reason for this other than the fact that you are under-monetizing your website. You might be using Google Adsense on your blog, but is that enough to make money blogging? But what if you are not using Google Adsense, because you were banned for some reason? How would you monetize your site?

The answer is that there are many other income streams that you can implement on your blog to make some extra money as well. You can start selling display advertising on your site, start writing reviews or publishing sponsored stories, or simple use other ad networks that work well with Google Adsense.

One of the most awesome networks that anyone can use is Infolinks. It is an in-text advertising network and it works perfectly well with all the ad programs because of the ad formats it implements.

why is infolinks best advertising network to make money

Why is Infolinks Better?

I have a few blogs in other niches where I implement a lot of different ad networks to see what works best. Currently, I am using only Google Adsense and Infolinks to monetize my traffic because other ad networks are just not good enough.

With Infolinks, you get a lot of benefits. Since, it is an in-text advertising network; you don’t have to show banners in order to make money. All you have to do is paste the ad code to your website’s theme code or install the official plugin if you are using WordPress and that’s it.

You can then implement or remove the ad formats from your Infolinks account without any more editing in the code.

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I have used Chitika and RevenueHits on my blogs but there are some issues with them. With Chitika, it’s less revenue; and with RevenueHits, the visitors get redirected to some offers page when they click anywhere on the site. I have also used Superlinks, but since it works on the Google AdX platform, you will have to show banners in order to make money.

And that’s why Infolinks is a much better option to make money with your blog. You don’t have to add banners to your website, and thus it won’t look a banner farm. With little to no change to your blog layout, you can earn a really good amount of money with Infolinks.

Which Infolinks Ad Formats Perform Best?

There are total 5 different ad formats that you can use on your website – in-text, in-screen, in-fold, in-tag and in-frame.

Out of all these formats, I personally use 3 ad formats which are in-text, in-fold and in-tag because they don’t distract the users much and chances of making decent amount of money are high.

In-text ads:

This ad format scans your entire page’s content and transforms certain keywords in to ads. These ads appear whenever your visitors hovers their mouse on the words. Unless, they move their cursor over these ads, they won’t appear and the text will be seen as an underlined text.

infolinks in-text ads
In-tag ads:

This ad format shows the relevant keywords at the end of your article or page that are related to your content attracting a higher click-through rate.

infolinks in-tag ads
In-fold ads:

This ad format appears from below the screen whenever a person lands on your website. It combines the power of search and display and how the relevant results based on the recent search history of your visitors.

infolinks in-fold ads
I don’t use the other two ad formats because they might distract my readers. However, it is completely your choice whether you want to show all the ad formats or not.

Check out my Infolinks review to learn more about the ad formats!

My advice to you would be to use all the ad formats one by one and try some combinations to see which one works the best to bring you the maximum revenue. Once you have found the perfect ad format combination, implement it on your website to make money.

How Much Money Can You Make with Infolinks?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors like the niche of your website, the number of visitors you have and the theme that you use on your website.

I won’t say that you can make as much money as you would with Google Adsense but after Google Adsense, if any ad network is worth using, it’s Infolinks.

Here’s my account screenshot showing how much I make from it:

infolinks earnings screenshot
I know that this is not a lot of money but based on the type of website I use it on and the content I publish on it, this is more than enough.

Make Money with Referrals

Infolinks has recently launched a new referral program where you can refer new publishers to the network and then you will be able to make 10% of their earnings for the first 12 months.

infolinks referral program
If you think about it, its passive income because all you have to do is refer new publishers to join the network and when they start making money, you will get paid 10% of whatever they make every month for 12 months.

You could easily make $50-$100 per month or more without any extra efforts! Click here for more info on the referral program.

Join Infolinks Now

The ad network works perfectly well with all the other ad programs so you don’t have to worry about getting banned from some other program.

The income from Infolinks will be enough to pay your hosting bills and to pay for articles published on your blog, so the other income that you earn can be counted as profit.

So, join Infolinks ad network now and start making some real money and monetize your blog to its fully potential.

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