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Taking Care of SEO is Like a Child’s Play.

SEO, SEO, SEO ……. This word influences the life of a blogger. I bet that each and every blogger might be afraid of this word as avoiding SEO or trying to play with it can bring the wrath of search engines to your blog. Well, I am not talking practically. Nothing of the sort happens now and then but wait, it can happen if you are not playing it safe and fair.

seo hard


Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the only responsible entity that has the potential to take your blog to the top spot in SERPs. This is the truth. You can guide your blog to acquire the top spot, but it can have adverse effects too. I have followed SEO rules and did everything – from On-page to Off-page optimisation to rank my blog posts well but it didn’t. Worse, I was not seeing the posts in the first 2 pages of Google search results even after taking care of SEO.

What was happening? Where did I go wrong? Let’s have a look at what I have concluded from my experience with SEO.

Not a single person knows SEO completely !

I am not trying to take on any SEO person. I am just saying that SEO is a thing that doesn’t reveal its secrets to everyone. Mastering SEO is an art that few people can do, but then too they won’t ever say that they know SEO to it’s core.

“The Masters never reveal their every skills to their students, they keep some best skills to themselves so that they can guard their rule in the future and continue their triumph.”

In this case we consider SEO as the master.

There are many SEO experts that can help you build a strong SEO structure for your blog but I want to ask you, is it worth it? If you own a personal blog or individual blog, then I would suggest you to do everything manually, which looks quite professional. Until you run an online business or want to rank one for a particular phrase, I would suggest you go the manual way.

You think your post is SEO-optimized, but ……….

Whenever a person starts writing a post, he constantly checks if the SEO score indicator has turned green or still it is red. Why should you do that? What’s the need of it??

It’s good to keep a constant eye on your SEO score, but after completing the post. The main reason behind this is that you will end up doing over-optimization, that Google don’t accept.

You look at the keyword density which might be quite low and you are like, “shit the density is low, let me do some quick edits”. And as a result you end up doing keyword stuffing. Similar is the case with using title tags. ¬†Once you are done with your edits and completed the post, you will be assured that the post is 100% optimized but the reality will only strike you later when you won’t see your blog anywhere in the search results.

My tiny tip : Whenever you start writing a post, just minimize the SEO bar and don’t ever look at it. Write the post naturally. Once the post is completed, then check the SEO score. If it’s good then hit the publish button, and if it’s red, read your post 2-3 times and ask yourself is the post great for your readers or search engines. You will end up doing good SEO this way.

Remove Unnecessary SEO plugins.

There are many plugins available that you can use for the SEO factor. The current best plugin in the market is SEOPressor, which is premium and WordPress SEO by Yoast which is free. I have used both of them. When you work with these plugins, you feel like you are working with two experts by your side.

But for my TinyBlogger, I have zeroed down on a single plugin, i.e. Yoast SEO and ditched SEOPressor. (I will write complete post about this). Yoast SEO plugin is the complete solution for your blog. Not only does it help in optimizing your blog posts but it also takes care of every tiny thing in your blog.

Read : SEOPressor 5 Review

The Meta tags, meta description, keywords of your blog, title tags, your search engine presence, sitemaps, permalinks, internal links etc. It didn’t even spare the RSS feeds and gives the option to add paragraphs or different HTML codes that you want to be visible only in the feeds.

Great, isn’t it ?? That’s the main reason that I decided to rely on just a single plugin, i.e. WordPress SEO by Yoast.

My tiny tip : Try to stick to one plugin or at most two to take care of your SEO jobs. I would suggest you not to change the plugins every now and then. Ask the experts and use a proper SEO plugin and don’t change it unless necessary.

It’s Now Over to You :

The above article is written just for the individual blogs, like mine. I am not saying that a business website/blog shouldn’t hire an SEO consultant. Because they have neck-to-neck competition. But we can reach the top at our time with some tweaks here and there and a proper blogging gameplan.

So do you think that SEO optimization is a child’s play? Do you support me on my stand? Let’s have some discussion about the SEO factors that affect your blog. I am looking forward for some awesome feedback.

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14 thoughts on “Taking Care of SEO is Like a Child’s Play.

  1. Kharim Tomlinson Reply


    I like the point that you made when a person begins to write they check to see if the SEO light is on green or on red.

    I used to do this as well but then I stopped. I don’t want to be writing for SEO, I want to write for my blog readers and visitors. I still do the things to get traffic from search engines.

    Great post.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Kharim,
      Nice to see you here.
      Writing for search engines is the most stupid thing that most of the newbies do, I did but not anymore. I have to give my readers what they are looking for. Right ?

  2. Ehsan Ullah Reply

    Hey Arbaz, Great article here and I agree with you on not changing the SEO plugins because If you do every now and then, you’ll lose all your rankings. i do also think that SEO optimization is child’s play, I like the headline of this article too.

    Arbaz, small suggestion from my side: I really like the domain name of this blog and you’re doing good here. Please change your theme and try to make it as simple as you probably can. Do not place any ad, just place the email subscription box in your sidebar and start collecting emails.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Thanks a lot Ehsan for the lovely comment.
      I am glad that you liked my post and agree with my points.

      Reagrding your suggestions, I am trying to get a new custom look for my blog. In the coming future I will surely get a custom theme for the blog. And I won’t place any ads on my blog (there are no ads right now :P)

      Just keep visiting and keep giving your awesome suggestions, I always look forward to it :)

  3. Jimson Paul Reply

    really didn’t knew that it was such an easy job to handle seo would surely keep this things in mind!!!

  4. Mohammed Abdullah Khan Reply

    Hey Arbaaz,

    What I personally believe or feel about SEO is, that it is nothing but a bunch of tricks or shortcuts to fool search engines for gaining higher ranks and good SERP’s. This is the only reason Google is trying to remove all SEO tricks by frequently changing its Algorithm now and then. All they want is SEO free and Readers friendly blogs. What is your opinion on it ?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yeah, I think you are right.
      Also the algo changes by Google are just for harassment. The genuine sites are targeted and the sites that need to be penalized are left out. Don’t ever worry about Google Algo changes or the SEO. Just love writing and write for yor readers.

  5. Okto Reply

    Hi Arbaz,
    I use Yoast too. but only for particular articles that I like to have better SEO. But recently I just write and hit publish button. :)

    Some time SEO things just became a distraction to hold your content updates

    Thanks for the gerat post

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yoast is the best SEO plugin I have used. I normally do SEO for each post as it does take more than a minute with Yoast.
      It’s nice to see you here Okto.
      Hoping to see you again on my blog :)

  6. Matt Hayden Reply

    Bloggers definitely worry too much about SEO. I agree with your approach, which is to just be mindful of it but not try to optimize every little bit. As you say, these days Google may end up punishing you for that, too.

    And it’s worth remembering that search engine algorithms will continue to change. What is seen as best practice now could easily qualify as a bad tactic in the future.

  7. Rajkumar Jonnala Reply

    Hi Arbaaz,

    I agree with you about the title “taking care of SEO is like a child care” and yeah seo is like a child.

    Almost in the process if we have made any kind to mistakes our blog get affected then their is a great loss in blog traffic so it is like a child care. And yeah it is also fact that “no person know SEO well” as google never reveal it.

  8. Ritz Reply

    Headlines of this articles are deadly and very much attractive. I was not completely satisfied with the content as I expected much more. I thought i will get some new things about seo. This post is very much similar to your another post”why i ditched…..”

  9. Asad Zaman Khan Reply

    This is an excellent post about SEO! I also using only SEO plugin. I also try to provide as much information on my blog about this subject. Keep up the good work!

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