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Website Flipping – How To Sell a Blog For Profit?

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How to Sell a Blog?

A more precise question would be how you can sell a blog successfully for profit?

You might have seen that many bloggers earn mainly through website flipping. The term flipping means that buying small blogs, working on them and then selling it for a profit OR starting a new blog, building audience and then selling it off.

website flipping
There is not much difference in buying an already established blog and developing a blog from scratch. Its completely up to you what you want to do.

The Difference Between Buying a Blog and Starting One from Scratch:

When you buy an already established blog,

  • You don’t have to work more on building traffic as it already will have the traffic flow. All you need to do is channelize it and increase it.
  • You won’t need to work more on building revenue sources, because if you are interested in it it must already be generating some revenue.
  • No need to work hard to increase its rankings or towards building a social media following.

And when you start a blog from scratch,

  • You have complete control on the methods used to get high search engine rankings.
  • You know how exactly the blog can be monetized and which people (advertisers) will be more interested in advertising with your blog.
  • By building a new blog, you get to learn many things about that niche and even the complete procedure of building a blog from scratch, which can come handy in future.

There are some cons as well with both the ways but I won’t explain everything here. To know about the difference between buying a blog and starting a blog, I would recommend you to check out Ehsan’s blog – The Difference/Deciding Between Starting a Blog and Buying a Blog

Website Flipping – How Do It Effectively?

If you have the ability to create a blogs of great value, again and again, then website flipping is your domain. This process can get you immense results and great bucks if your motive is to make money, which of course is why you might be selling the blog/website.

There are many bloggers in the blogosphere whose main income source is flipping. They either buy or create blogs (mostly they buy established blogs as it saves time), and then they sell it for a big profit. The most ideal example here would be Zac Johnson.

How To Sell a Blog For Profit?

First of all, whenever you think of selling a blog, do consider if you really want to sell it and why. Because some people just sell the blogs that generates recurring income without any extra effort. By selling such blogs, you could get a big amount of money but that would be one time payment, not recurring.

But if you already have decided to sell your blog, then here is how you can do it to get the best results.

The Prerequisites:

A buyer will always buy a blog that generates traffic and money both, a blog that doesn’t give him tough time to maintain, a blog that can survive with very less efforts.

If your blog satisfies the following things, then you can expect a good deal for it.

Self-hosted WordPress Blog (Other platforms also perform well, even Blogspot)
A good domain name
A clean design
Quality Content
A Consistent Traffic Flow
Recurring Income (Mostly buyers love blogs doing well with Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing)
Great Social Following

Preparing for the sale:

Now that you are ready to sell your blog, you would need to put your site in front of hungry buyers, and I know only one place for that, Flippa.

Flippa is the best place where you will surely get a deal for your property. I sold my low-traffic blog for a 4-figure sum through Flippa. (Even I was surprised with the deal :P)

You can create an auction to sell a blog, make the auction live, wait for the bidders, strike a deal if you find it appropriate. With a small fee, you can get a much better deal. If you really want to get a good sum you must use Flippa and not any forums.

Create an Appealing Auction Listing:

Once you sign up with Flippa, it’s super easy to prepare the first auction. If I can create a successful auction thread, then you can do it much better.

Title: A buyer on Flippa has the option of thousands of listings. So which listing will he go to? Simple, the listing with a catchy title that attracts him. You must choose a proper title and do mention your blog’s Pagerank and the earning stats in it. Don’t mention the traffic stats as recommended by Flippa. It’s not quite required.

Call to Actions: After coming to your listing, you would want the bidder to go through the complete details. For that you should add some proper Call-to-Actions in the beginning of your listing.

The Blog Stats: Don’t miss out on any stat. Mention each and every smallest stat of your blog, earnings and traffic. These 2 things contribute the most in getting a buyer for your blog. You must prepare a proper layout mentioning even the smallest earning details.

Be Honest: Never ever lie. If your blog doesn’t have Google Adsense approved, just say why it isn’t instead of saying never applied to it. This will create a great impression of yours in front of buyers.

Attachments: Attach proofs of everything with your listing. I would say that you attach proofs month wise. Like your PayPal screenshot of every month, earnings from affiliate networks or any advertising network. The screenshot should clearly show the date and if possible the website name as well.

Keep an eye on your Inbox:

Once your listing goes live, don’t just leave it. If you are getting bids, check out the bidder profile before approving the bids. Many people are just placing the bid for no reason.

Keep an eye on the comments section. This is where people will place their queries and you must respond to every query. Also you should use this section for updating your listing with fresher reports. You will even get messages on Flippa from the potential buyers.

Not only messages on Flippa, you will even receive emails directly to your inbox. I got a deal like that only. So you must monitor the emails you receive.

Stay Calm:

In the first few days or may be a week, you might not get even a single bid. Don’t panic and close the listing. This is quite normal. You will start receiving bids slowly and gradually. But you will receive many bids.

As you inch closer to the auction end, you would see that you will receive many new bids in a matter of hours. Yes, the last few hours are very precious. You will receive bids, comments and messages so stay online in the last hours.

Your Turn Now:

Everything I mentioned above are my personal views and I have experienced everything. My first blog sale was successful and got me an unexpected yet great price. It’s now your turn to experience it.

Do let me know of what you think after reading my article. What are your views on website flipping and I think you might be an expert in it, so I would love to take feedback from you on how to sell a blog successfully. That can help me in future auctions. So please do leave your precious comment.

Happy Selling your blog!!! 😀

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