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5 Practical Tips to Promote Your Blog Posts For Maximum Exposure

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There are many methods to promote your blog posts and get maximum exposure but not all of them are worth the effort and won’t give you any benefits. When you publish a new post on your blog, you should make sure that more and more people reads your article.

And how can you make sure that as many people as possible will read your article? By promoting your blog posts at proper places and sites where like-minded bloggers hang out. In this article, I am going to share with you some really simple yet powerful methods that you can use to promote your blog posts for maximum exposure.

There are hundreds of ways for promoting your content but since I use these 5 methods, I am going to tell you only about those methods. So let’s see the simple tips to promote your blog posts.

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1. Use Google+ to Promote Your Blog Posts

Google+ is often neglected as a social network by some of the bloggers. I too wasn’t playing much attention to the site some months back but I have started using the network to promote my posts and it has worked like charm.

If you are sharing on Google+ but still not seeing any visitors on your blog through the network then you are doing something wrong. You don’t just have to share a link on your profile because that won’t get your post enough exposure unless you have thousands of followers.

Instead you should join the relevant communities and share your posts there. This will help you gain a lot of new visitors to your blog.

Keep the following things in mind when sharing a post on Google+:

  • Share the post in relevant communities.
  • Use proper hashtags so that people can easily find your post.
  • Write a brief introduction about the post.
  • Send email to your friends and followers.

2. Share it on Facebook and Twitter

If you have just started a blog then you should focus on building a social following for your blog and the best places to start doing that is Facebook and Twitter.

There are many groups on Facebook and with a quick search, you will be able to find some groups that are relevant to the topic of your article. You can easily share your articles in such Facebook groups. You also should create a Facebook fanpage of your blog so that all your readers and new visitors can like your page and follow all the updates.

With Twitter, its a little different as there are no groups so you will have to work a little hard to get people to tweet your posts. However you can do so easily by using a service like JustRetweet. You can post your tweet and specify the credits that people will get and you will start getting retweets easily.

3. Use Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are sites where a lot of bloggers share their own posts and help each other out in getting the maximum exposure for their articles.

Some of the best blogging communities are BizSugar, BlogEngage and Blokube. I have also started using Klinkk since a few weeks and that’s also working great for me. You should also check out

All you have to do here is add your post URL and share the article on the site. Other bloggers will see your post and they will upvote it or comment on it and most of them will also come to your blog to read the article.

To get the most out of it, you will also need to do some work on your part. Spend some time on these sites and read other people’s articles too. Upvote the best stories, comment on them and get to know each other and build new relationships with the bloggers.

4. Comment on Other Blogs

When you comment on blogs that fall under your blog’s niche then there are high chances that you will be able to drive some of their visitors to your own blog.

But this depends on the quality of comment that you post on their article. If your comment is meaningful, adds more value to the article and point out the errors of the article, if any, then not only the readers but even the blog owner will also be impressed and you might see them on your blog pretty soon.

You can easily find similar blogs in your niche easily by using the blogging communities or social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or just use Google to find the best ones.

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5. Guest Posts

You might have heard a lot that guest blogging is dead and even Matt Cutts said it but I don’t think you properly understood what he said.

Matt Cutts said that guest blogging which is done just to get a backlink from the blog is harmful. If you write an article about Android and link to your Android-related blog and post that article and a site that covers health related topics then both you and the health blog owner will get penalized.

So if you are considering writing guest posts then spend some time and find some quality blogs that covers the same topic as the topic of your blog and the article and publish your post only there.

Wrapping Up:

So those were the 5 practical tips that you can use to promote your blog posts and get the maximum exposure to your article. If you use some of these methods then please share your feedback with us and if you use some other promotional method then share those with us too, if you can. Happy Blogging!

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