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The Best Traffic Sources And Why I am Not Fond of Them.

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Getting traffic is one of the MOST important thing for a blog or a website. It’s the oxygen on which a blog runs. If a blog is not getting enough traffic then no matter what quality content is being published, all the efforts are a waste of time.


So along with producing killer content, you as a blogger must know different ways to drive traffic to your blog. There are many ways in which you can get visitors to your blog and turn them into loyal readers. But there are some sources which can give you instant hike in traffic stats. These sources are the best traffic sources that I have come across but something is still missing.

best traffic sources

The BEST Traffic Sources That gives Instant results.

Whenever you are trying to get visitors to your blog, I recommend you to check out two sites – StumbleUpon and Reddit. These two sites are the best traffic sources that can give you hundreds of visitors within minutes.

Each and every blogger knows the power of these two sites. Just bu submitting a link in Reddit or liking a page in StumbleUpon can give you instant hits. There is no trick, nothing; just submit a link of your post and see the magic happen.

Here is a screenshot of my traffic stats, the day I used these two sites:

Traffic increased


As you can see a superb rise in the visitors of my blog when I used these two sites. Further advantage of these source is that the visitors you get are maximum from the western countries.

But there is one big reason why I don’t like these BEST traffic sources.

Why I don’t like the Best Traffic Sources?

StumbleUpon and Reddit are the top traffic sources for many blogs and the bloggers are quite happy to see the rise in their stats. But there is one big reason that every blogger knows that prevents these best traffic sources from becoming GREAT traffic sources.

The most important thing for a blog to become successful is that it must get targeted visitors. And these two sources doesn’t take care of this very crucial point.

The visitors that come to our blog from StumbleUpon and Reddit don’t stay for long and leaves immediately and thus our bounce rate also increases. If you get good number of referrals from SU and Reddit, then go to your Analytics and check for yourself, the time period of a visitor from these sites stays between just a few seconds.

They Don’t Give You the Required Results.

If you rely on SU or Reddit or any other such source for getting traffic more than other reliable sources, then you must stop doing that. Getting visitors is quite helpful when you want to show off a good traffic stats to your readers, but the inside picture is not know by anyone but you.

High number of visitors means you will get better advertising opportunities but nothing else than that. If you manage to get some sponsors for your blog, then also they won’t stay for long as they won’t get the expected results from you.

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Another reason – as I said the visitors are not targeted so you won’t be able to get any clicks and thus you might no be able to generate any affiliate sales.

SO What do you think ?

I am not saying that you must not use StumbleUpon or Reddit; you must use them but don’t completely rely on them as they give many visitors. These visitors do not stay for long but it looks quite good if you have 1000 visitors instead of just 100 visitors.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of my post? Do you think I am right or I made a blunder at some point? I am looking forward to hear your expert comments.

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