SheerSEO Review – The Best Way to Track Search Engine Ranking

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Ask a person who is trying to rank his site on search engine results. Ask him how hard it is to track the progress the site is making. You can to go the hard way like him or try out a new tool to track your position in the search engine rankings easily, without any hassle.

There are thousands of websites online that might be targeting the same keyword as you and you might not want to lose the race to some other person. With a powerful tool like SheerSEO, you can manage and track the search engine rankings of the selected keywords and even outrank your competitors.

SheerSEO Review

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SheerSEO Review – Features

There are lots of features provided by SheerSEO that can be used to track rankings of your content on search engines. Here are some of the best features that are important for every blogger and webmaster.

Keyword Tracking

Whenever you publish a post on your blog, you publish it with an intention that it would rank on top SERPs for the target keyword. However it doesn’t rank immediately, it takes some time – some days, some weeks or maybe some months.

It all depends on your efforts you make to rank the post. With SheerSEO tool, you can track the ranking of your article for that keyword. There is also a “History” tab which you can use to view the complete history of rankings of the article for a keyword.

Keyword Tracking

On-Page SEO

You can check the on-page SEO of your blog with SheerSEO tool. Check the keyword density on the blog’s homepage or a particular article. All with one simple click.

With this tool, you can optimize your blog with proper keywords for which your blog can rank well in search engines. This could be pretty cool feature as you might get a lot of organic traffic by monitoring this section properly.

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Other Features of SheerSEO tool:

Along with the keyword tracking and the on-page SEO, SheerSEO tool consists of many other features that helps you in analyzing you blog’s performance completely. I used this tool for only two things, keyword tracking and on-page SEO but you can go through each and every feature of the tool and find out everything about your blog’s SEO.

Here are some other features of SheerSEO tool.SheerSEO-features

Pagerank: Check the Pagerank of your site.

Referrers: Check out which sites are linking back to you. This tool can be useful as you can find out if any bad or low-quality site is linking to you or not.

No. of Backlinks: Get the proper number of backlinks for your blog.

Social Metrics: The tool gives you the proper analysis of the social activities going on with your blog. Find out how many times your blog’s articles are shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Indexed Pages: Check how many pages of your blog are indexed by Google.

Directory Submissions: Submit your blog to various directories to enjoy lots of backlinks and traffic. With SheeerSEO tool you can do the submissions very easily.

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SheerSEO Review – Pricing and plans

There are 6 different plans currently offered by SheerSEO tool. The plans depend on the number of keywords you want to track.

They offer a 60-day free trial to check out their services and if you are not satisfied with them, you won’t have to pay anything, but that won’t happen as SheerSEO tool is one superb search engine ranking tool.

They also offer a discount on bulk buys which you can check out. Just go through their page and you will find various plans you can choose as per your requirements and at a very affordable rate.

Check out SheerSEO Plans and Pricing

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