SEO Smart Links – WordPress Plugin to Smartly Build Internal Links

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seo smart linksInternal linking is the most important part of SEO for your blog. It not only improves the optimization of your blog but also helps to reduce bounce rate. Every bloggers knows about the many benefits of internal links but the problem arises when you have hundreds of articles published on your  blog and you have to go through them to build links in your next post. At this point, using SEO Smart Links plugin on your WordPress blog will save you a lot of time.

SEO Smart Links is a WordPress plugin that will help you in building internal links to your blog content easily. All you have to do is add the keyword and the URL of the article that you want to link to it. Now whenever that keyword appears in the article, it will automatically link it to the specified web page.

With SEO Smart Links, you can not only links your posts, but you can also link to the pages on your blog and also link the tags and categories in your posts. Just install the SEO Smart Links plugin and enjoy the internal linking on auto-pilot.

Matt Cutts on Internal Links as the Most Viable White-Hat SEO Strategies:

How to Install SEO Smart Links in WordPress?

First you need to make sure whether you want to purchase the premium SEO Smart Links plugin or use the download free version.

To install the plugin, go to “Plugins >> Add New” and Search for SEO Smart Links. You will get some similar results, so make sure that you install the one developed by Vladimir Prelovac.

seo smart links installation

Just hit the Install Now button and the plugin will be installed on your blog. Activate the plugin and the next step is the setup of SEO Smart Links.

If you are using the premium version, then you will have to upload the “.zip” file to install it. To do this, download the zip file of the premium version, then go to “Plugins >> Add New >> Upload” and upload the plugin and once uploaded, activate it on your blog.

How to Setup SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin?

Once the plugins is installed on your blog, you will have to apply a few settings based on your requirements so that it can function properly.

Go to “Settings >> SEO Smart Links” and you will see the plugin’s settings page. The first section is the Internal Links section. Here you have to specify whether you want to interlink posts as well as pages and categories and tags in your articles.

seo smart links internal settings

The next is the Settings section which is not difficult to understand. Everything is explained in easy language and you can choose whether to change the default settings or not.

Custom Keywords:

The most important part about the plugin is to specify the keywords and the URLs of articles so that internal links can be built. In the Custom Keywords section, you need to enter the keyword and the URL in the following manner.

Example: arbaz khan, (keyword, URL)

custom keywords seo smart links

You can also use multiple keywords for a single URL, however you will have to check the box to prevent duplicate links. By checking this box, you will tell SEO Smart Links to link to the first keyword that appears in the article and not all the keywords in the group and skip the rest.

Here’s how you can add multiple keywords to a single URL:

Example: arbaz khan, tinyblogger, blogging,

Here if “arbaz khan” appears first in the article, it will be linked to “” and the rest of the keywords will not be linked thus preventing duplicate links in one article.

You can even link to some other blogs and web pages other than your own blog posts using this feature.


You can specify the limit of the internal links that you want in one article. Set “0” if you want all your keywords to be converted in to Internal links.

limits seo smart links
External Links:

Choose whether you want to add a “nofollow” tag to external links and whether you want them to open in a new tab. I don’t use the nofollow feature because sometimes when I link to authority blogs, I provide a dofollow backlink. But it’s up to you to provide dofollow or nofollow to your external links.

seo smart links external settings

Features of the Premium Version:

The premium version has many features that are not available in the free version. When you have the premium version, you can add domains to the nofollow whitelist – where you can specify the domain names that you don’t want to nofollow in your articles.

seo smart links premium features

Though the plugin is pricey, the features make up for it. You can check out all the features in the premium version on the plugin’s page.

Or you can download the free version from WordPress directory.

Do let us know if you are using the plugin or planning to get one for your blog. Share your experiences with SEO Smart Links and whether it is the best SEO plugins for WordPress or not!

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