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OIO Publisher Review – The Best Ad-Management Plugin for WordPress

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Blogging is all about sharing knowledge and helping other people out. Some people also take it as a way of making money blogging. When people talk about making money with a blog, the first thing that comes in to mind is Google Adsense but that’s not the only thing. Another great way to monetize a blog is to sell ad spaces and earn money from it.

BuySellAds is one of the best platforms to sell ad spaces on your blog but getting approval is quite tough. Not all the blogs fulfill the criteria to get accepted and they start looking for alternatives for BuySellAds. So here is one plugin that you can use to sell ad spaces on your blog, and you keep 100% of the earnings. The name of this plugin is OIO Publisher, which is considered as the best ad-management plugin for WordPress.

OIOPublisher review

OIO Publisher Review – Some Awesome Features

When your blog attracts a lot of traffic, that means there will be more advertisers interested to advertise on your blog. You’ll get a lot of emails and replying to each of them will be quite boring job and you will have to keep a record of each of them. OIO Publisher plugin takes care of all these things for you.

Setup Different Ad Zones

One of the best things about this plugin is you don’t require to do any coding. Just choose the size of the banners and set that up.

Set up the ad zone, choose the price and save it. To show the ad-zones on your blog, just go to widgets and drag and drop the OIO Publisher widget in the sidebar and you are done. That’s it and you can create as many ad-zones as you like.

OIO Publisher Ad-zones

A Custom Advertise page

Once you have installed OIO Publisher, you will get a custom “Advertise Page” from where advertisers can buy ad spaces on your blog. This advertise page will display all the ad zones and the options that you have set for your blog. Once the advertiser chooses an ad zone, he will make the payment, the ads will start appearing on your blog once you have approved the ads.

Custom Advertise Page
Once you set up the ad-zones, you will see them here.

Different Payment options

Accepting payments for displaying ads is also very easy with OIO Publisher plugin. The plugin gives you the option to choose from a variety of payment options. You just have to select the best options that you are comfortable with. Here are some of the payment option of OIO Publisher plugin.

 – PayPal
 – Google Checkout
 – Payza
 – 2Checkout
 – Other Offline Payments

Other Advance Settings of OIO Publisher Plugin

The features of this best ad-management plugin doesn’t end here. There are many settings that you can do to the ad-zones on your blog.

Allow the advertisers to edit the banners after the purchase is made.
Accept payments only after your approve the ads.
Open the ads in a new window and make the links nofollow.
Allow advertisers to upload their images on your own server.
Add a security question to avoid spammers.

OIO Publisher Review – How the Plugin Works?

The working of the best ad-management plugin is quite simple and there won’t be any trouble for you to get familiar with it.

Once you have installed the plugin and defined the ad-zones, you will see a “OIO Ad Zone” widget in the widget section, drag it to the sidebar and you will now see an “Advertise” banner at that place.

When advertisers will click on that banner, they will be redirected to your custom advertise page and there they will be given the choice to choose from all the ad-spots on your blog. They will choose an ad-spot, you will approve the ads, the payments will be made and the ads will start appearing on your blog.

If the advertiser has chosen monthly subscription, then OIO Publisher plugin will check if the payment was made to Paypal and if not, their subscription will be cancelled, their ads will be removed from your blog and you will be notified about it.

The plugin takes care of everything and you just have to sit back and check the emails and your blog’s admin area to see what’s going on.

Final Views on OIO Publisher Plugin.

Its an excellent and the best ad-management plugin that can save you a lot of time. All the work that you have to is set it up and then approve the ads. That’s it, nothing else!

And with this plugin, you will get to keep 100% of your earnings. If you are able to make money selling ad spaces with the help of OIO Publisher plugin then why go for any platforms like BuySellAds. Get the plugin now and control the ads on your blog.

This is a one-time fee and you can use the plugin on as many domain names as you want, but you must own them. This is a great plugin and you won’t like to avoid it if you are serious about making money blogging.

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