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How to Do Keyword Research the Right Way?

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Before writing a blog post or setting up a new site, one thing that you must do without fail is proper keyword research. Because if you writing something that won’t give you even a single visitor then what’s the point of spending your precious time behind it?

A proper keyword is research is something that can give you instant success. Choosing the right keyword takes some time but you will be able to find some potential keywords that can prove a lot profitable to you in the long run. Be it doing keyword research for building a niche site or for writing your next blog post.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research – What You Are Doing Wrong?

If you are thinking that you could use the Google Keyword Tool or use some premium tools like LongTail Pro or Market Samurai to dig some highly profitable keywords, then you are greatly mistaken.

What these tools do is that they give you an idea if you can go work on a particular keyword or not. It doesn’t help you find keywords from scratch. Of course, if you add a keyword in Google keyword Tool or any other tool, they will surely help you find some low competition and profitable keywords, but even for that you need to punch in a relevant keyword.

So how do you start doing keyword research to find some thing that you can turn in to your own profit?

My Way of Doing Keyword Research.

Before starting, I would like to tell you that I do keyword research to build niche sites that promote a particular product. In simpler words, I built affiliate niche sites that are focused on promoting different products.

I am not a big fan of Google Adsense so I don’t build Adsense niche sites, at least not now.

So as I build affiliate niche sites, I don’t first go to the Keyword tool and start the research. This can take a lot of time.

But you can do this. Search for a product that you want to promote, then punch in the product name in the Keyword Tool of your choice and analyze the keywords that it brings up. This way you can save a lot of time.

I normally promote a product that is present in Clickbank Marketplace. They have almost every product in almost every niche you can think of. So what I do is go to the marketplace and search for some relevant products that I can promote.

I don’t normally consider factors like Gravity or whether there is an affiliate tools page. But having a gravity of 10+ is a good thing.

Once you have found the product, analyze the sales page. Will it convert? What do you think? Can you make money out of it?

Then I go and punch in the product name in LongTail Pro to find out proper keywords to rank for. What LongTail Pro does is that it brings a list of keywords, Global monthly searches, Local monthly searches and the Average CPC. It goes a little further by giving you the top 10 Google results for a particular keyword along with some factors like number of links pointing to it, the Pagerank etc., so that you can get an idea if you can outrank them or not. I would also suggest you to get LongTail Pro to maximize your keyword research efforts.

Always look for keywords that have a low search volume, probably around 5000 monthly searches and the competition should be low. If you can find such keywords, then 90% of your work is already been done.

Next thing what I look for is whether an EMD is available or not. EMD means Exact Match Domain. If there is not EMD available, neither .com nor .net and not even .org, I move on to the next keyword.

For example:

Keyword – watch naruto online

Having an EMD with you means that you are going to rank for that particular keyword without doing any SEO. How nice would it be if you could hit the first page of Google within some days without building even a single backlink.

Nice na?

Another advantage of looking for an EMD is that if there are EMDs available, it means that no one is promoting the product you are going after. No one is promoting means virtually no competition!

So now snap up the EMD, build a niche site around it, add some high quality articles, do the basic SEO and see the traffic coming from search engines and get ready for the profits.

What’s Your Way of Doing Keyword Research?

That was my way of finding out profitable keywords to rank for. I know that this is not the best way but it has been proving beneficial to me.

I have already ranked two of my niche sites on the first page of Google for the target keyword, one without doing any proper SEO.

If you can’t do advanced SEO, then just outsource it. You will be able to find a lot of people who are willing to help you in ranking your sites.

That was my way of doing keyword research and I would love to hear your way too. Let me know if you have any other easier way of finding keywords. I would love to hear from you!

Do share your views about the article. Do you think I covered a good amount of information regarding keyword research or did I miss out on something much important?

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