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Infolinks Review – One of the Best Google Adsense Alternatives

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There are hundreds of different ways to monetize a blog and everyone knows that Google Adsense is the best ad-network to make passive income. However getting approved with Google Adsense is not an easy thing but if your application gets rejected then you can look at some of the alternatives to Adsense for your blog.

And when it comes to Google Adsense alternatives, Infolinks is considered to be the best ad network out there.

When a new blogger starts his online journey, they will have only one goal, getting approved into Google Adsense program. The reason behind this is that the Adsense program is the most popular way of making money blogging and everyone recommends it as the best source of passive income.

But what the newbies don’t understand is that there are many other programs out there that can help you almost the same amount every month, or even more than what they would make with Google Adsense.

One such ad network is Infolinks and today I am going to write a detailed Infolinks review telling how to use the program so that you can maximize your earnings.

infolinks advertising adsense alternative

What You Will Learn in this Infolinks Review?

In this detailed guide, I will cover the below points and try to answer most of the questions regarding Infolinks ad network.

You will learn:

  • What is Infolinks and what do they offer?
  • Why should you use Infolinks?
  • The Pros of Using Infolinks.
  • The Cons of Using Infolinks.
  • Various ways of getting paid with Infolinks.
  • Advantage over Google Adsense & How can you use it with Google Adsense?
  • Alternatives of Infolinks.

What is Infolinks? What Do They Offer?

Infolinks is the best in-text advertising program. Since the program doesn’t have a strict policy in approving publishers, it is more popular among small blog owners.

There are some things that you need to take care of before applying for Google Adsense but that’s not the case with Infolinks. As long as you have a blog with nice design, high quality content and decent traffic, you won’t face any problem in getting approved with it. One of my blogs was approved even without any traffic!

Infolinks offers you a variety of ways to monetize your blog. You don’t have to add any banners in the sidebar or within the content to make money. Since it is an in-text advertising program, it converts the words in your article in to advertisements.

In-Text Ads:

When you apply Infolinks ads on your blog, you will see that certain words in your article will be converted into links and when you hover your mouse on that links, an ad will appear. That’s how Infolinks ad network works!

infolinks in-text ads

Apart from In-text Ads, Infolinks offers some other ad formats as well to maximize your blog revenue.

In-tag Ads:

When you apply In-tag ads on your blog, you will see that a tag cloud will appear on your blog. Whenever someone hovers over this tag cloud, an ad will appear relevant to the words in the cloud.

The In-tag ads are very much similar to In-text ads and the only difference is that the In-text ads appear within the articles on your blog and the In-tag ads appear below the articles.

infolinks in-tag ads

In-Fold Ads:

When In-Fold Ads are activated on a blog, it will show an ad banner at the bottom of the screen. This format serves ads that are relevant to what the users were searching for, thus increasing the CTR on your blog and maximizing your revenue.

These ads are sticky and at the bottom of your page so when someone scrolls down on your page, the banner will remain at the same place until someone closes it.

infolinks in-fold ads

In-Frame Ads:

The In-Frame Ads will show two big vertical banners on each side of your blog with the article in the center. Honestly, I won’t recommend you to use this ad format because it might irritate your readers so use it only if you really want to.

infolinks in-frame ads

In-Screen Ads:

This is the new type of ads introduced in the Infolinks ad network. When you activate this ad format, it will show a pop-up ad whenever a user clicks on a link in your post.

Suppose that you click a particular link in an article then first you will be displayed an ad banner and then you will be taken to the page you requested.

infolinks in-screen ads

Why Should You Use Infolinks? How can you use it with Google Adsense?

You should use Infolinks ad network because it offers you 5 different types of ad formats – In-text, In-tag, In-fold, In-Screen and In-Frame ads so that you can try them out and increase your revenue.

The best thing about Infolinks is that you can not only use it as a Google Adsense alternative but you can also use it along with Adsense to make some extra income every month. There are bloggers out there who have made amazing money with their blogs by using the Google Adsense – Infolinks combination.

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The Pros of Using Infolinks

There are a lot of advantages and positive points that will force you to start using Infolinks ad network and here are some of the pros.

  • infolinks ad network reviewVery easy to get approved as the traffic requirement is minimal and even a completely new blog can get accepted in the ad program.
  • The support team is very active and you can easily get all your queries answered.
  • You can easily implement the ads within your blog. The installation process is simple for platforms like Blogger, Joomla and if you have a WordPress blog then you can simply install the official Infolinks plugin and the ads will automatically appear on your blog.
  • Infolinks ad network is compatible with other ad networks so you can use multiple monetization programs on your blog to maximize your earnings.
  • The Payment threshold is very low compared to other networks and there are multiple ways of getting paid so that every blogger can receive his earnings without any issues.
  • No extra space is required to show the ads and you have complete control on the ads displayed on your blog.
  • Very fast Payouts, 100% fill-rate and premium advertisers.
  • The CTR is mostly high because the ads shown are mostly relevant to the content.

The Cons of Using Infolinks

There are two sides of a coin so if there are advantages of using Infolinks, there will be disadvantages as well.

  • The In-Frame ads disturbs the design of your blog and your readers will be easily irritated with the vertical ad banners on each side of your blog.
  • If you have maximum traffic coming from US or UK then you can earn a good amount with Infolinks but if the traffic comes from other countries then the payment might be very low.
  • Infolinks doesn’t support many languages.
  • At times, Infolinks will display completely irrelevant ads on your blog so use them wisely.
  • Earnings per click is very low when you compare it to other ad networks like Google Adsense.

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Multiple Payment Methods

The minimum payout for PayPal is $50 and if you want to get paid via Wire Transfer then the minimum payout is $100.

There are many payment options available and you can get paid via Wire Transfer, PayPal, eCheck/Local Bank Transfer and also via Payoneer. You even have the option to hold your payments and whenever you want to get paid, you can select other option and you will get paid.

Alternatives of Infolinks

There are not many alternative to Infolinks but there are certain ad networks that offer similar types of ads.

There is Kontera that is similar to Infolinks network and then there is VigLink that is not similar but is based on the same monetization strategy. In VigLink, certain words are converted in to affiliate links and when someone makes a purchase using that link, you get paid.

Wrapping Up:

At the end of my Infolinks review, I would like to say only one thing and that is that this particular ad network is really the best alternative to Google Adsense and to make some extra income per month with your blog.

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So if you are currently using the ad network on your blog then do share your experience with it via the comments section below and also share the post about Infolinks review with your friends so that they too know everything about it and learn how to make the most out of this popular in-text advertising program.

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