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How to Sell Your Blog on Flippa? – Step by Step Guide

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Many people think that selling websites is only good for making quick money and you can’t sustain it as a business model. However, they are wrong as it is one of the best ways to make money online and when done correctly, it is the best business model.

If you go over Flippa, you will see hundreds of websites listed in various different niches. No matter what topic your blog focuses on, if you have a great audience, you have a nice income report and a potential to grow the site, then you can easily sell your blog on Flippa.

In this article, we are going to see how exactly you can create a listing on Flippa and sell your blog or application to potential buyers.

sell your website flippa

How to Sell Your Blog on Flippa?

Flippa is the biggest marketplace for buying and selling websites and domain names. If you have a website that is making passive income for the past 6 months or more and focuses on a great topic, then you can find several potential buyers by listing your website for auction.

The basic listing fee is $9 and $19 depending on whether you website is new or established and all the listings that are successfully sold will result in a 10% success fee.

So, if you want to sell your blog on Flippa but you don’t know how to create a listing, then here’s the tutorial for the same.

Step 1: Create an Auction

To begin your listing, you will have to create an auction by entering the URL of your website.

Click here to start preparing the auction page!

Now, you can sell Established websites, Starter websites, Domain names or Apps on Flippa.

  • Establised Sites – The websites that are older than 3 months and have traffic and income stats to display are considered as established sites. The auction listing fee for these type of sites is $19.
  • Starter Sites – The websites created less than 3 months ago, with no traffic or revenue, are considered as starter sites. The auction listing fee for starter sites is $9.
  • Domain Name – If you have a great domain name that you can sell that as well on Flippa. The listing fee for the domain name only is $9.
  • Apps – If you have an application for smartphones, then you can list your app for free on Flippa and find buyers.

Since, we are going to see the steps to create a listing on Flippa to sell websites, we are going to focus on Established sites and Starter sites.

Click here to go to the auctions page and select either the Established Sites or Starter Sites based on your site age.

create website listing on flippa
Now, you need to choose how do you want to sell your website? You can either create an Auction or go with the Classified listing.

  • Auction – The Auction will cost you $19 but it is the best because you can attract more buyers and a quick and successful sale. Also, if you website is sold successfully, it offers you free Escrow service for safe transaction and if you website is unsold, then you get a free relist!
  • Classified Listing – This option is free and it takes a long time to get a proper offer. You can list your website on Flippa and wait for interested buyers to make you a private offer.

So, I would suggest you to select the Auction and pay $19 to sell your website successfully and quickly.

Next, enter your website URL that you want to sell and click on the “Get Started” button to create the listing.

create auction on flippa

Step 2: Enter Website Details

Now, you have to start adding all the information about your website so that the potential buyers get all the details regarding your site and they can make a better decision.

The first thing you need to do is enter your website details, like the type of website and the time it went live.

Specify what type of website you are selling. There different options available – Blog, Review, Content, Directory, Forum, Ecommerce, Service, App, Other.

Select one of them that describes your website perfectly. In our case, select the Blog option!

Then, at the bottom of the page, you will see drop-down menus. Use them to add the time when your website went live.

flippa website details

Step 3: Traffic Details

This is the most important detail that will help you in selling your website successfully. Don’t lie and use fake traffic details to make a sale because that won’t work.

So, instead of adding the traffic stats on your own, use the Verify Google Analytics option so that Flippa can pull all the traffic details of your website directly from the Google Analytics account.

flippa traffic details
If you are not using Google Analytics to track your traffic, then you can click on the Advanced option and enter the traffic figures for every month manually.

Be transparent with the traffic figures and don’t exaggerate!

Step 4: Revenue Details

In this step, you are going to specify if your website makes money and if yes, then you will have to specify the income sources.

Some of the income sources are already listed on the page like Google Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, Dropship, ECommerce, Subscription, Ad Sales and Others.

If you use a completely different program or ad network to monetize your site, then choose Others and specify it.

flippa website revenue details

Step 5: The Pitch

This is the step where you are going to create a sales copy and attract buyers to bid on your listing.

The Pitch is broken down in 3 sections – Tagline, Summary and Description. You need to use all 3 of them to create the perfect copy.


This is the headline of you listing page and will appear in search results on Flippa. To attract more buyers, you need to create a catchy tagline highlighting all the positive points of your blog like your monthly visitors and earnings.


The summary sections is displayed at the top of your listing page and you can use this section to describe what your website does in brief.


You can use the description section to explain all the things about your website in detail. Make sure to share every details regarding your site. There is no word limit so you can make the description as long and detailed as possible.

You need to be transparent about every detail of your site. Here are a few things that you can share in the description section of your listing.

  • Domain Details: Pagerank, Domain Authority and Page Authority, Alexa rank, registration and expiry date of the domain etc.
  • Site History: Age of your blog, the number of published articles, etc.
  • Traffic Details: Unique visitors, unique sessions, Pageviews and bounce rate as well as Organic traffic percentage.
  • Google Penalty: Share if your site was hit by any penalty and if it was hit, share how you recovered from it.
  • Social Influence: Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, Google+ followers and other social media handles.
  • SEO and Backlinks: Share your SEO strategy that you implemented to get organic traffic. If you have backlinks from authority sites like Mashable and others, then share them as well.
  • Monetization: The best way to make sure that your auction ends successfully is by sharing the income details in detail. Make monthly sections and share which network made you how much money. Be precise and share the monthly income details.
  • Site Expenses: Every website has expenses like hosting, article writing payments etc. Share your monthly expense in detail. If you have an article writer on your blog, then make sure if he/she will continue with the new owner or not.
  • Reason for Selling: If your website is making money then why are you selling it? This will be the question asked by most of the bidders, so make sure to address it in the listing description only.
  • What’s Included in the Sale: Specify everything that the buyer will get on successful purchase. Apart from the blog files and database, you will have to transfer your social media handles, themes etc., so mention everything included in the sale.
  • Payment Options: Flippa offers 3 different types of payment options – PayPal, Flippa Escrow and Escrow. If you are expecting a large sum of money, then don’t go with PayPal. The best option is Flippa Escrow as it doesn’t charge you any fee. Otherwise, you can go with Escrow for a small fee, which can be paid y either buyer or seller or can be split between both.

pitch details flippa listing

Step 6: The Sale

You are now in the final steps of creating an auction and selling your blog on Flippa. This step requires you to setup the duration of your auction.

Select how long you want your auction to run from the drop-down list. The recommended time-length is between 7-14 days but it depends on how long you want the auction to run.

Also, you need to specify the Reserve Price for your auction. The Reserve price is the minimum price that you will accept for the site.

flippa auction length
Select the payment methods that you are comfortable with. I won’t recommend you to go with PayPal for large sum as Escrow and Flippa Escrow are the best and most secure ways to get paid.

However, if the amount is less, then you can use PayPal and also allow the buyer to end the auction instantly when they bid on the Buy It Now (BIN) price.

flippa payment options

Step 7: Promote

You can select various packages for your listing by paying extra money. The standard listing fee is $19, but if you want to attract more buyers and get featured on the homepage, then you can go with their premium packages that cost $59 and $99 respectively.

Select the package and pay the amount on the checkout. Your auction will be promoted accordingly depending on the package you selected.

Step 8: Verify Your Ownership and Launch

The final step requires you to verify your ownership of the site. You can do so by either uploading a file on your server or by adding a meta tag in your site.

Once the site ownership is verified, you will be asked whether you want to make the listing live instantly or you want to wait a few hours. Select any option depending on your requirements and your auction will then be live.

You have successfully created a listing to sell your blog on Flippa. Now, you can wait for the potential buyers to bid on your listing. However, your work isn’t done yet as there are some more things that you need to take care of.

Listing Settings

Once your listing goes live, you can go to the listing page and you will see a “Listing Settings” option on the top-right corner

listing settings
When you click on it a drop-down menu will appear containing different settings like adding verified Google Analytics and Google Adsense reports, etc. Here are all the details that you need to take care of:

  • Verified Google Analytics: Use this option to add Google Analytics traffic report verified by Flippa. This will remove any chances of error in the traffic reports.
  • Verified Google Adsense: Use this option to allow Flippa to pull verified earnings report from your Google Adsense dashboard.
  • Change Buy It Now Price: You can add the Buy It Now (BIN) price to your listing and change it using this option. You can also change the Reserve price of your listing.
  • Adjust Payment Methods: You can select or deselect payment methods from this option.

Add Attachments

You have claimed a lot of things in your listing description, so it’s time to back those claims with proofs.

In the Attachments section below the description section, you can add proofs and screenshots. You can add monthly traffic screenshot and earnings screenshot and you can share your backlinks report by taking a screenshot of your Webmasters Tools dashboard, etc.

Keep this section updated with the latest proofs as the bidders will like to see new reports of your website’s traffic and earnings.

What To Do Once the Auction is Live?

Once the auction is live, make sure to check the listing at least twice in a day. You will have to approve the bidders manually.

There are a lot of new bidders that won’t be interested in your site at all, so make sure to accept only those bidders who look professional to you.

Reply to all the comments and messages that you receive from the bidders and interested people and solve their queries. They will ask a lot of things regarding your website, so reply to each and every comment. Don’t ever delete any comment because it gives an impression that you are hiding some fact.

Also make sure to check your email account associated with your website regularly because you might receive a few offers directly via email.

If you get a generous offer, then you can end the auction instantly. And if the auction is unsuccessful, you will receive offers from the interested bidders which you can accept or counter with your own offer.


That was the complete article on how you can set up your site auction and sell your blog on Flippa. If you have a website that you want to sell and make some quick money, then go ahead and create a Flippa listing.

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If you have any queries, then let us know via the comments section below. Also, share the article to spread the word.

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