Make money from guest posts

Make Money From Guest Posts on Your Blog – A Less Known Way.

Making money online has always had been a top priority in the to-do list of every blogger. No matter how much a blogger emphasizes on how passionate he is about blogging, somewhere in the heart he must be surely thinking of generating money from his blog.

And that’s not a bad thing. A blogger does great hard work behind his blog to establish an online presence, so it is his right to think of making money. But not all bloggers are lucky enough to make money from their blogs. OR, they don’t know the exact method on how to make money online.

Make money from guest posts

Making money isn’t always hard. Once you get a respectable PR, may be a PR3, then you will be able to generate money easily. Don’t know how ?

Make Money From Guest Posts.

If you have a good PR, you will get lots of guest posting requests for your blog. If you have a tech-blog then the requests will be 3-4 daily. So why not try to earn money from these guest posts !!

You might be unaware of the fact that the guest bloggers are actually link builders who publish an article on your blog and all the money goes into their pockets. They offer guest posting services to their clients who pay them to publish posts on high PR blogs.

Many times when a link builder approaches you with a guest post, you will find that article to be a list post. Such list posts make them a 3-figure sum or somewhere around it. You can read anΒ ebook from a friend, Harneet Bhalla, on how he generated $600 from a single post.

Normally a link builder gets a great sum for each article he publishes on a high PR blog. Why I am saying a great sum ? I am saying that because they are ready to give you decent amount to publish the post. Every time when a link builder approaches me, I try to bargain with him and thus I see money getting collected in my PayPal account.

How to Make Money From Guest Posts Published On Your Own Blog?

It’s a very very simple task.

The first thing you need to do is try to maintain your blog by publishing an article on a regular basis. Don’t skip a day and be strict with your schedule.

Now when a guest blogger approaches you with a post, first of all have a look at the post. If the article is good, error-free, no grammatical mistakes and up to the topic of your blog; you are free to start the bargaining.

Reply his messages telling him that you are running on a tight schedule and don’t publish articles from guest bloggers. Also try to give him a hint that if he is ready to pay you a certain amount of money you will publish the article. Just give a small hint.

As I said before, that a guest blogger a.k.a. a link builder gets a really good amount for a single post, he will be willing to pay you the money. Normally you will be able to get around $30 for a single post which can go up depending on your bargaining skills and the budget of the link builder. (I have managed to make around $70 for a single post – it wasn’t a sponsored post but a guest post)

But Google Hates Link Selling ……….

OK, this one is the most scary thing for bloggers.

See you are accepting guest posts, so you are giving a link back to other blogs or websites. In the same way you are asking for money to publish the guest posts. You will do the same thing, give a link back or two to the respective site. Google won’t know it unless you start doing it in excess.

If you start selling links that point to a low-quality site then Google will become suspicious of your activities and then you will have something to worry about. But if you are smart enough and know the meaning of link quality then you will face no problems.

But try to publish articles that are written by you at least twice a week. Also be sure to accept guest posts, sorry paid guest posts that are of good quality and that supports your blog niche.

Don’t accept too many posts in a bid to make more money. Be sure to update your blog with quality content and try to publish some articles that are written by you. Also don’t forget building links to your own blog.

Ask for a Payment only from a LINK BUILDER.

Guest posts are the best way to build some high quality permanent links. So there are many bloggers who are trying to build links to their blogs to achieve a good PR and a good position in the SERPs.

So whenever you get a guest post request, always check where the link is pointing to. If it is pointing to a personal blog of that guest blogger, then he is not a link builder and you must not ask for any money from him.

If the article is of good quality and you feel it is OK to publish it, you must do it.

So What’s Your Take ?

That’s all from my side. It’s now your turn to let me know of what you think of this way to make money from guest posts? Is it OK to ask for some payment from a link builder or is it a bad practice?

I am looking forward to your feedback; you should try to make money from guest posts or not?

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32 thoughts on “Make Money From Guest Posts on Your Blog – A Less Known Way.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hi Hussain,
      Thanks for your comment.
      A 3 way link exchange is the same as 2 way link exchange. It just involves 3 websites instead of two. Hopw it is clear πŸ™‚

  1. Mohammad Ismail Reply

    Hello Arbaz,
    I really like the post and appreciate your work .this is very informative and easy to understand.
    i get alot of knowledge.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hi Inderjit,
      I too don’t know if link exchange is legal. You can do link exchanges but only with a site that has good reputation in the eyes of Google or it will harm your blog.

  2. Sarvesh Reply

    Hi Arbaaz,

    Well its an hidden fact that most of the link builder are making hell of money by getting us a single article. However the you’ve mentioned all the significant methods of them and how they are earning. I think we should not accept posts if they seems to be a link builder.

    thanks for the great share.

  3. Liudas Reply

    Hmm I was thinking that getting free content is good enough, but this is pretty interesting. Then again what would you do, if a guest blogger sends you an article in advance ( they usually do for me) and you start bargaining, but the guest blogger doesn’t have the money, but the article is really good, after bargaining for a bit and saying “okay I’ll publish it for free” would be strange, I think.
    So, how would you manage this situation?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hi Liudas,
      I am glad that you got my point.
      At times of such situation, when they send you the article before only, reply them back, just as I said give them a hint that you don’t publish a free post and try to emphasize that you have many posts scheduled. If he/she is willing to pay you you will get a positive reply otherwise you can ask him to wait for a few days and you will publish the post.
      As simple as that.
      Hope you get it πŸ™‚

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Bloggers do guest post because,
      1) It gives you traffic.
      2) It gives you solid backlinks.
      3) Search Engines visit your blog more often.
      4) You come in contact with many other bloggers of your niche.
      5) And the benefits of guest posts goes on.

      That’s why people post on other blogs instead of their own blogs. πŸ™‚

  4. Ehsan Ullah Reply

    Nice idea Arbaz, I’ve read Harneet’s eBook but I don’t think that’s effective way, but asking guest bloggers for something is good idea.

    What’s the normal amount we can ask from them?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hi Ehsan,
      Glad that you liked the post. You can ask for $30-$40 for a single guest post or you can keep the price high to remain on the safer side and leaving enough room for bargaining. If he is willing to pay you, you will definitely get a good amount.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Kamlesh,
      As of now I don’t know of any trusted marketplace to do that. The method I mentioned above can be done when you receive guest posting requests and for that you need a proper PR.
      SO try to increase your PR and you will be able to earn money from the guest posts easily πŸ™‚

  5. Raaj Trambadia Reply

    One quick question Arbaz – Does this whole scenario of ‘paid links’ differ when the links are ONLY in the author box, and NOT AT ALL inside the post? Waiting for your answer!

    PS – Don’t miss our latest giveaway πŸ™‚ Cheers

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hi Raaj,
      Nice to see you here.
      I am not quite an expert at this, but one thing that I believe is that if links are in the author box or at the end of the article, it gives an impression of a guest posts. I think that even search engine bots treat such links as guest post links instead of paid links.

      I am not sure about this. If you know the answer to the question please let me know if I am wrong or right πŸ™‚

      P.S. – I will be a part of the giveaway bro πŸ™‚

  6. Raplus Reply

    Nice idea Arbaz. πŸ™‚ After getting PR, I also have a at least 4 guest posts request every week. But yet, I did not accept any guest post. What do you think? What is the good thing(Accept or Ignore)?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Raplus,
      Thanks for your comment.
      IF you are getting guest post requests than you can easily monetize it. But don’t compromise on the article. If the link builder is ready to pay you sum amount for the post, make it clear before only that you have the full rights to reject the guest post if the quality is not good and if it doesn’t support your niche.
      Always ask for a payment after publishing the post, It will build a positive relationship and you might get more such offers.

      Accept guest posts only if the quality is good otherwise it is better to reject it.
      Hope to see you again πŸ™‚

  7. Liudas Reply

    Got my first $10 using this strategy πŸ˜€ Maybe I could have gotten more, but I didn’t want to scare off the opportunity πŸ˜€
    Again thanks Arbaz πŸ™‚

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      You are welcome.
      I am glad that I could help πŸ™‚
      Enjoy making more money in future from your guest posts πŸ˜›

  8. Okto Reply

    Hi Arbaz,

    It’s interesting ways in make money online. But I think this method can’t be implemented for newbie. It’s only work best for well-established blogs. So there going to be a lot of hard works to get their credibility as guest post targets. πŸ™‚


    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Okto,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The above method is not at all hard and almost every blogger, including newbies, can implement it. All they need to do is get a good PR for their blog and link builders will start approaching them with articles (and money).
      Hope you find that useful πŸ™‚

  9. Akos Fintor Reply

    Hey Arbaz,

    I have never done any guest posting on sites mainly because admins want to determine what to write about.
    Having said that I do see the potential.


  10. Aditi Reply

    Well you can earn a lot from guest posting but for that you need to maintain a good blog with unique contents being posted in it. This would make guest author more interest to publish in your blog. Thanks for the share!!

  11. prem Reply

    Hi Arbaaz

    Nice article. I am new to blogging and the PR thing is very frustrating to me.Just want to understand if we can sell links without the post. I mean If we can do away without publishing the article and only giving the link somewhere in our blog.

  12. PrIyAnGsHu Reply

    Yes, these link builders great amount of money for each published guest post on high PR sites. They just utilize our sites to make money without even letting us know. So I think we can always ask for money to these link builders :).

  13. GetaGuru Reply

    You gotta keep the modem running and the lights on. Personally I think good content is good content, that has value in itself. If I started thinking about the money my integrity would slip a little. Like you say blog money comes in from all kinds of places and an extra $30 plus content a few times would do nicely

  14. sudheer Reply

    Hello what are the minimum requirement in order to get started with paid posts. Its every blogger dream to get a paid post on his blog. I think paid post/sponsored post is one of the best method of making money.

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