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5 Tips on How to Increase Twitter Followers Effectively

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Social media following is a very important aspect for a blogger as it shows the popularity the blogger enjoys on social networks.  Of all the social networks, Twitter is the most unique one and its quite tough to get more followers on Twitter.

It is hard to increase Twitter followers but not impossible. You can get many new followers if you are active on the social network. Here are some of my tips that has helped me get more followers on Twitter and you can implement these strategies too.

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How to Get More Followers On Twitter?

#1. Join JustRetweet

JustRetweet is one of the best platforms to post your tweets so that other people can tweet it to their followers. You just have to post the  link of the article there. It is a site to increase followers on Twitter.

Whenever you publish an article, head over to JustRetweet and submit a tweet. Post your blog post’s link, decide the credit you want to give to the person who retweets your tweet and publish it. Once you are done, just wait and watch the retweets coming in.

You can increase Twitter followers very rapidly using this method as your tweet and your Twitter handle will reach a vast audience and most of them will surely follow you.

Join JustRetweet

#2. Be More Active

Staying active works best on almost all the social networks. If you are not active on any of the social networks, especially Twitter, you might not be able to increase Twitter followers easily.

When you stay active on Twitter, you will get noticed more. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger and want to increase your social following or you are just using the platform to share your views, having more followers means your tweets will reach to many people.

You don’t have to tweet every now and then or all day long, you have to post tweets that reach many people and forces them to retweet.

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#3. Use the Trending Topics

There are a lot of topics that trend on Twitter everyday, but to take the full advantage of these trends you must stay updated with the latest happenings of the world as most of the trends are about the things happening in the world.

When using the trending topics, try to be creative and share your tweet in a sarcastic way or a comic way as people love the tweets that have a sarcastic tone.

For bloggers, some of the most popular and most used topics or twitter chats are #blogchat, #SEOTalk, etc. where you can share your views and engage with like minded people and get more Twitter followers.


#4. Engage With Other People

If you are a blogger, you will need to establish great relationships with other bloggers in your niche. You are going to need their support to reach to a large audience.

Start with tweeting their blog posts, start sharing your views on various topics about your niche, try to reply to their tweets if possible. Don’t overdo it or they might not even look at your profile, you’ll be ignored completely.

If you don’t have much time to spare on reading the articles and sharing them, then you should join JustRetweet as it makes it a lot easier to share other’s articles.

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If you are sharing other bloggers’ articles and giving them thoughtful insights, then they surely will notice you and start interacting with you. That’s a good sign as you will be getting a lot of exposure through their tweets and thus it will help you gain followers on Twitter.

#5. Appreciate People Who Follow You

Now that there are people who are following you and sharing tweets with you, you might not want to lose them. When people interact with you and you don’t respond, they might just hit the Unfollow button. We don’t want that right?

If you are not able to track the people who are following you or a mentioning you in their tweets, then you should take a look at HootSuite for managing these tasks. With HootSuite, you can track the new followers and see the people who a have mentioned you in their tweets and thank them or strike a conversation.

This small thing can sometime help you in maintaining and then increasing your follower count on Twitter. Don’t ignore this step as it won’t take much time.

What Are Your Strategies to Increase Twitter Followers?

There are many ways to increase Twitter followers and I have shared the 5 ways that I consider the best. My Twitter follower count is not that high but it is increasing day by day and I am using this 5 methods only.

I know that you have your own proven strategies that you have used or might be using to increase Twitter followers, so I would love to see your tactics as well. If you would share them with us, I and my readers will get more ways to increase Twitter followers.

So don’t hesitate and  share your strategies to increase Twitter followers easily!

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