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How to Improve Search Engine Rankings of Your Blog Easily?

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Every blogger wants his blog to get ranked in Google or any other search engines easily. But knowing that a lot of blogs are popping out everyday, it is quite hard to get ranked or even get on the first 2 pages of SERPs.

It might be quite tough to get ranked in Google but not impossible. If you are able to implement this single strategy that I implemented in the beginning of this blog, then you might also be able to improve search engine rankings of your blog and see your blog articles getting ranked in Google faster.

I have always tried to share my personal experiences on this blog and this is one of them. From a month and half, I am witnessing that my blog posts are getting ranked easily within a day or two of publishing without any efforts from my side.

Improve Rankings
After certain brainstorming I came to know that it is because of my efforts that I put in the blog at the beginning. The efforts are now paying off and I am just loving it.

So how was I able to achieve this and how can you too?

Want to Improve Search Engine Rankings ……

Now that you really want to get your blog posts on the first page of Google or even on the 1st spot, you need to know one thing.

I haven’t used any paid sources or took the help of professionals to do this. This method is quite easy and quite popular and won’t ever get saturated.

By implementing it, you will surely see results but that won’t be quick. You will have to wait for a month or two or maybe 3 months before seeing the results. But the wait is good rather than spending money for short-term results. Why to spend money for short-term results when you can get long-term results for free with some work ?

So now if you are ready, let’s get to it.

How to Get Ranked in Google Fast?

OK, so here is the thing that I implemented 3 months back which is giving me great results. That ultimate weapon is Guest Posts.

You might have often heard about the benefits of doing frequent guest posts. One of the benefits is that that you can build a strong backlinks structure for your blog. Once Google notices your high quality backlinks structure, it will take every post published to the front page easily.

If you are reading this blog from the very beginning, then you might be aware of my blogging gameplan that I was to implement. There I mentioned that I would be publishing one post on my blog and do 2-3 guest posts on high-authority blogs and link back to that particular article with keyword as anchor text.

That strategy really paid off as most of the posts on this blog are ranking on the first page of Google and due to this I am seeing an increase in organic traffic.

TinyBlogger Traffic
TinyBlogger Traffic Report

As you can see in the above screenshot, this blog saw a 112% rise in traffic as compared to the previous month. The traffic is not much but it surely is a great growth. And it’s going to increase. 🙂


Get Ranked in Google….. Easily

You too can get such results with proper dedication and proper management. I won’t ask you to follow my strategies as I know that no two person can get successful by implementing the same strategy.

But you surely can bet on Guest posts to improve your search engine rankings as they have benefited many bloggers and will be doing so in the future as well.

All you have to do is find out some awesome blogs in your niche and do guest posts on them. Guest posts are not only meant for backlinks, know that the true benefits of doing guest posts is that you can build strong relationships with your fellow bloggers and as a bonus you get backlinks.

But avoid this in the process :

Don’t use the same anchor text often as Google might penalize you for doing so.
Don’t avoid the comments as you will build relationship from here only.  (Sometimes comments can give you dofollow backlinks too)

Wait there’s more …. (In My Opinion)

In my opinion, there is one more reason for this awesome increase in traffic. But I am not quite sure of it but I would like to share that too with you.

I installed the SEOPressor 5 plugin on my blog just after I saw the first spike in my blog’s traffic. From then I see that most of my posts started ranking on Google for all their targeted keywords.

I am not quite sure if this might be a reason for the traffic spikes but this SEO plugin can surely help you to improve search engine rankings of your blog.

Read my  SEOPressor V5 Review

That’s all !!!!

I hope that you might have found this post useful. You must start doing guest posts if you are serious about your blog and if you really want to make a name of yourself in the blogosphere.

I won’t say that my strategies are perfect but I would say that doing guest posts and also some blog commenting are the perfect ways to get your blog in front of the people and get ranked in Google.

So this is the time and start working to improve search engine rankings of your blog 🙂

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