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How To Build Niche Sites For Passive Income?

Making money online is one of the most searched keyword with 673K Global Searches, according to Google Keyword Tool. Blogging is one of the most used method to make money. With a blog, you can build a recurring income source and this helps in focusing on more ideas.

Everyone can start a blog but not everyone can make it big. Blogosphere is a very crowded place and there are hundreds of thousands of blogs created daily. So thinking that you will start a blog and you will be making money within the next month, then you won’t even make a single penny.

But with a different approach, you can make money online, and that too recurring income model. You have to work with blogs or more precisely build niche sites.

Build Niche Sites

What is a Niche Site?

A Niche Site is a basically a blog that is built around any particular topic. You have to find certain keywords and built a website around it and see the traffic coming and thus money will also be generated.

Another approach to build such sites is to find out a profitable product and build a site, add 4-5 pages and rank it in search engines and you are done.

After doing all these things you won’t even have to look what’s going on in the site but you will surely remember it as you will see the regular income coming from it month after month. 🙂

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How to Build Niche Sites ?

There is nothing new in building a niche site. The procedure is the same as you do while setting up a blog. You need just these 3 things.

A Profitable Keyword :

The first thing that you need to do when you want to build a niche site is a proper keyword. Without a proper keyword, you won’t be able to succeed with your niche site. You can use Google Keyword Tool (Free) or you can use LongTail Pro (Paid) to speed up your keyword research work.

Try to find keywords that have low competition and around 2000-3000 global monthly searches as they are easier to rank. You could take the help of Google Trends to find out which is the trending topics currently and build a niche sites around it.

Don’t just finalize a keyword that has no income potential. What’s the point of building a site when you can monetize it. You must know CPC of that keyword or at least there should be some products available for that particular keyword to use affiliate marketing.

A Domain Name and Hosting :

After you have got a good profitable keyword, its time to register a good domain name. All the marketers preferred to go with a Exact Match Domain (EMD) but recently Google wiped them all out with its EMD update. So don’t go with an EMD but keep it somewhere related with the keyword. GoDaddy is one of the best domain registrar to register domain names at a cheap price.

For hosting the niche sites, I use HostGator as they are the best. You can host multiple niche sites with them without any downtime or any other issues. So my first preference will be HostGator. Or otherwise you can go with BlueHost as well.

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Setting up the site :

Now that you have a domain name and hosting, you are all set. Just go to your Cpanel and install WordPress. It’s damn easy. Within minutes you will have your WordPress blog. Be sure to change the nameservers of your domain name with the ones of hosting provider.

Once you blog is installed, login to the blog and gear it up for the launch. Change the settings and the permalinks structure for better SEO results. Install a proper theme, not any fancy one just a simple theme will do.

Now you will have to install certain plugins to your niche site. I normally use this plugins for my site.

Yoast SEO or All in One SEO pack
Quick Adsense Plugin
Yet Another Related Post Plugin (Not more often)
W3 Total Cache
Google XML Sitemap
Pretty Link Lite

All this plugins are free and you can download them from WordPress Plugins directory.

Adding Content to your Niche Site :

You don’t need to update your niche site daily. Just add around 15-20 articles on your site, but the content should be unique. Do Proper SEO for every post.

If you are targeting a single product, then just 5-6 articles will be enough for your niche site.

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Link Building :

This is the most important part as you have to be extra cautious with your efforts as you don’t want to get penalized.

The best link structure for your niche site would be a 3-tier link pyramid. This can be explained as :

Tier 1 :

In the first layer of your link pyramid, you will be using high-authority Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Article Directories like EzineArticles or GoArticles. In first tier of your link pyramid should contain backlinks from high-authority sites. The first layer of the link pyramid will point directly to your Niche Site.

1 Squidoo Lens
1 Article Submission
1 Youtube Video

Tier 2 :

The second layer of your link pyramid will contain other web 2.0 properties, not the authority ones, but with proper PR and some authority. The second layer will link to your first layer not to the Niche Site.

Some Web 2.0s (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc.)
  Article Directories
Some Guest Posts

Tier 3 :

The third layer of my link pyramid will contain thousands of links, spammy links which you can get it for $5 at Fiverr. However I would go with building wiki links as my 3rd Tier links. The third layer links will point to the 2nd layer.

Wiki Links
Blog Comments, Forum Posting etc.

You can even use Pat Flynn’s backlinking strategy he used to build his public niche site.

So Your Niche Sites Are Ready !!!

Now you don’t have to do anything further. Just keep a tab on how your site is performing by seeing the rankings of your niche site. If you don’t see your site getting ranked within the first 2 weeks then you should think of building other link pyramid as well.

Once the site is ranked and you see the traffic influx, employ the monetization strategy. If your site is around a keyword, then you might be using Google Adsense for the income but if you have built a site for just a particular product then using Adsense won’t be a good idea.

Why People Build Niche Sites ?

The answer to this question is very simple. People build niche sites so that they get recurring income month after month without any extra effort.

Once you have build niche sites and they start ranking, you can concentrate on your other online ventures and take some risks without any fear as you know that your niche sites are making you money and they will continue to do so for the coming months or years also.

Won’t that be too great ? Having a recurring income model that requires no extra efforts and give high returns is a dream for every person. All the work you have to do is build it and rank it.

So that’s the only reason why people go with niche sites rather than exploring other monetization strategies to make money online.

I too am working on 2 niche sites and the work is about to get completed. Once I see the results coming in, I will update you on which strategies I used. 🙂

So what are you waiting for ? Take action now and start your research work and build a profitable niche site. Do let me know if you need any help in how to build niche sites for passive income flow !!!

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10 thoughts on “How To Build Niche Sites For Passive Income?

  1. Shathyan Raja Reply

    I would really appreciate for guiding the proper way and telling your reader openly what the steps needed and how to do it. Because, I have seen many sites in internet on how to make and earn from niche sites and all of them give the same information without proper guidance. Only in your article I found the best as you have clearly stated the ways and also how to build links for it.

    Thanks for sharing the real information with us.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Hey Shathyan,
      I am glad that you really liked the article. I have learnt many things about making niche sites, I think that its over 6 months that I was researching about it and now I am really into niche sites and I love it.
      The backlinking thing I showed in the article is the only way to keep your niche site on top of search engines for a long long time.
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Keep visiting bro 🙂

  2. sid Reply

    Awesome explanation bro. I’m also planning to build a niche or micro niche blog so that I can sprout targeted visitors. Thanks for revealing the secrets.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Glad that you liked it mate.
      I myself am currently working on a few niche sites and so I thought of sharing things that I have learned so far.
      Thanks for your comment, Sid 🙂

  3. Adam Roseland Reply

    Good post Arbaz,
    The key to success is providing good content… just make sure you don’t just throw up a bunch of useless posts about the niche topic, make sure it is actually relevant and useful.


  4. Emelia Reply

    Your mode of explaining all in this paragraph is really nice,
    every one be capable of easily know it, Thanks a lot.

  5. Greg Reply

    Hey, love the article. It goes into a lot of detail. Just wanted to spread the word that I created a free video series that shows the step by step process of creating one of these sites. It is more basic and goes into less depth that you do here, but it shows it in video form! Thanks!

  6. The Rookie Reply

    Great post,
    I have been doing niche sites for a long time. Got burnt out for a while and recently got back into them. They are a truly low cost way to make some extra money. Sometimes a large amount. If you get strapped for cash they sell easily as well, although I wouldn’t suggest selling good niche sites. They do take a little maintenance but with a few sites and some income its easy to hire someone to maintain them for a percent of profit or however.

  7. Niche Site Tools Reply

    Thank you so much for this. Niche site is indeed very easy to make, though I cannot say the same for making money off them, not unless you know what you’re doing and you’re determined to succeed.

  8. Dr. Nicolas Rao Reply

    Very informative post. Quite comprehensive too.
    I am a would be blogger and a niche blog is what would fit my type of working.
    My back ground is medical study, so my niches would probably be related.
    There is huge dearth of need for alternate medicine and this is the field I am looking at.
    I have a few ideas of how hospital ought to judge patient requirements so that is the area to zero in on.
    If anyone has done something in this field, I would be interested to know more.

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