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How John Chow Makes Money Online?

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John Chow is one of the biggest bloggers around that anyone who wants to make money money look forward to. I don’t say he is the best among others but I will say that he is the best in what he does. And he is best in making money online.

So how John Chow makes money online exactly?

But before that I would like to write a brief intro about John Chow. Many of us know who John Chow is, but for those who have just got introduced to the blogging world, I would like to tell something about him.

How John Chow Makes Money

Who is John Chow?

John Chow is one of the oldest players in the blogging world. Actually he started out in the tech niche with his tech site, TheTechZone, in around 1999. At that time, this site went on to become one of the biggest hardware tech sites on the internet. With success of TheTechZone, John Chow launched his own advertising network, TTZ Media.

The reason I like John Chow is his attitude. When he started his personal blog, he was doing many link-selling activities and paid reviews. And we all know that Google hates this. As a result, John Chow was banned from Google Results but that proved futile as John Chow went on to become a brand without the help of the big G. After some years, now that John was a big brand in the internet industry, Google lifted the ban and John Chow dot Com started rocking the search results.

So let’s start how John Chow makes money online and how you can too follow his foot-steps to bring big bucks while working just 2 hours a day.

How John Chow Makes Money ?

If you visit John Chow dot Com, you would see that the content written is on random topics ranging from blogging, events, cars, experiences, reviews etc. Though there are lots of random articles published on the blog, it’s a fact that if you browse through the archives, you’ll find some real gems that will greatly help you and even today many high quality blog posts are published from time to time.

John Chow don’t use Google Adsense on his blog, may be due to the past relationships with Google, but that don’t stop him from making $$$$$ every month.

I have broken down every method he implements to make money online. Read the full report to know how John Chow makes money and how he uses some of the most awesome ways to his benefit.

Sponsored Reviews/Posts/Links:

There was a time when John Chow used this method immensely on his blog, probably which banned him from Google. But now he don’t concentrate more on this thing for generating money as there are not many sponsored reviews published. However he do accept such posts because he has mentioned about it in the ‘advertise page’ on his blog.

Advertising Banners:

John Chow provides a variety of advertising options on his blog to the interested advertisers. A quick look at the ‘advertising page’ on his blog and you’ll see that different formats he offers. From a small square banner to a large header banner to a small stripe ad, there are many ways that interests the advertisers and they end up paying for the spots.

Don’t forget to take a look at the rates for booking the advertising spot and you will have a better idea of the passive income the blog generates.

Affiliate Marketing:

The biggest money making source for John Chow is Affiliate Marketing. John Chow has mainly focused on generating money from affiliate marketing as this is the only source that works on his principles and rules and no other person or website has the authority or control over it other than John Chow himself.

John has been successful in building a massive list of highly-targeted users (I am one of them) to whom he promotes products and stuff. Being a big blogger, many people trust him and thus they buy the awesome products that he promote.

It’s not just about the trust, John makes sure that he gets many sales by providing awesome bonus prizes. Recently he offered some cool bonus to his list that included a cool iPad Mini.

Creating and Selling Own Products:

Almost all of us know that affiliate marketing also reaches a saturation point if you don’t implement various methods. John knows this and so he went on to launch his own products, thus staying on the safe side of the affiliate marketing blues.

John Chow has created many products, the first being Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, (not a digital product, a hard copy book) which hit the #1 spot on Amazon in the first week itself and is still available.

After that John launched the Work From No Home system in 2011 and once again history repeated itself. It smashed all the records and went on to become the #1 product on ClickBank marketplace. Recently the Work From No Home system was relaunched with lots of updates.

The latest product from the Dot Com Mogul is Blogging With John Chow. In this course, John guides you on how you can make a really successful blog from scratch and reach the top spot as he has.

Licensing Other’s Products and Promoting them:

It might be a new term for many of you, but it is one of the best way to generate massive income just like John Chow who is making big bucks from the last couple of months with this method.

John Chow has become a Licensee for some products and this license makes him eligible for more commission rates compared to others. The License Rights gives you much more commission than the regular percentage on the front-end sales and and sometimes a commission on the back-end sales as well.

Now tell me if you get a chance to get higher commissions on both front-end + back-end, you would promote it or not? That’s how John Chow makes huge affiliate commissions.

How You too Can Make Money Like John Chow?

The answer is quite simple. You can start making money easily if you want to.

  • Start from your blog.
  • Use each and every corner of your blog and monetize it, just like John Chow.
  • Provide awesome and quality content to your readers.
  • Build a huge list of highly-targeted users.
  • Promote products to your list.
  • Become a licensee of the products.
  • And the most important, build a Brand.


The above methods are just what I know of. There might be many other methods under wraps that John Chow implements to make money online.

No one would ever reveal each and every method that allows him to generate huge cash every month and not everyone used the same strategy. If you too want to work out the same way as John Chow does it, you need to find out your strength and work upon it. Only then will you be able to make a fortune online.

That’s all from my side. Now it’s your turn to share your views about how John Chow makes money online and if you too have some unique strategies that you would like to share.

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