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How I Made $1400 in One Week Using Launch Jacking Strategy?

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Making money has been the top priority for every person in this world. And people who start their blog have one sole aim, and that is to make big money through their online ventures. Not everyone gets successful, there are failures as well, but with proper work, you can taste success for sure. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to see positive results, the only thing that matters is that you are seeing positive results.

I have been trying to get into affiliate marketing from a long time and tried many things to get success in it. The one thing that I did over and over again were to build niche sites around a particular product in a niche. There was a time when one of my site performed well but suddenly the competition grew in that niche that my site was lost in search results. Though I wasn’t able to make a considerable amount of money through affiliate marketing and niche sites, I didn’t gave up as I knew this one thing, if you want to stay at a strong position in the online world, you have to became independent and with affiliate marketing, you are independent of everything.

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So How Did I Make $1400 in One Week?

The simplest answer that I can give you is that I got the product that was about to launch and I wrote a review about it and ranked it on search engines and just waited for the traffic to come when the product is actually launched for the public! This is known as the Launch Jacking strategy.

It’s not at all hard. All you have to do is find out about a product that will be launching in a couple of weeks and see if promoting it would make you commissions or not. That’s the only thing that will take up some of your time.

So how you can replicate the whole process for yourself as well? In this post, I am going to show you how exactly did I made $1400 in a single week! And still there are about 10 days remaining till the product owner closes the door.

Here’s the proof:

launch jacking income

Finding the right product before its launch:

The main question that might be coming in your mind is that how can you find products when they are not yet launched? It’s simple! There are many sites and forums that can help you in your work.

One of the best site is JVNotifyPro, where you can find all the upcoming Internet Marketing products and their launch dates and almost all the information that you need to setup your promotional campaigns. There are many other sites as well for finding upcoming launches:

You can sign up with the above networks so that you get an email whenever there is an upcoming product launch so that you can gear up for it. These sites provide you with the information about Internet Marketing related products only.

Do Proper Research of the Product:

The reason I am saying this is that if the product is not popular, then you won’t be able to generate any sales! I have done this type of marketing a lot of times in the past, but never generated a single sale even after ranking the site. The reason was simple, I didn’t choose the right product.

So how can you find the perfect product that will make you money?

Once you have found a proper product with decent payouts, you need to check who is the product creator and what is his reputation! See if there are enough affiliates and super affiliates ready to promote the product? If there are many affiliates or the super affiliates signed up to promote it, then it is a really good news!

You might be thinking that if thousands of people are promoting a product then how is it a good news? The reason is simple. If such experienced people are gearing up for something, then the product has to be good and so will be the reputation of the product owner in the industry.

Apart from that, when the product will actually be launched, the super affiliates will send out promotional emails to their email list subscribers. These subscribers will then try to find out about the product and they will search on Google for it. And if you are already ranking for the product term, you will get all the traffic and you will generate more sales!

So remember, the more number of affiliates, the better the product will be!

Register a Domain and Build a Site:

Once you have got a product to promote and you have researched about it, the next step would be to start building your site. You have to be quick in registering the domain name because if you are late for even an hour, all the domain names will be taken.

Get an Exact-Match domain (EMD) so that it will be easy to rank it. If EMD is not available, add some suffix or prefix to the domain, but always keep the product name within the domain.

  • (With Suffix “review”)
  • (With prefix “Buy”)

Once you have registered a domain name, setup you site. Since I normally use Bluehost, I install WordPress on the domain and set up everything within a day.

After installing WordPress, you need to install a proper theme on the blog. Mostly I go with the default theme, the WordPress Twenty Thirteen or Twenty Twelve theme, but I recommend Socrates theme as well as it is specially designed for niche sites.

Set Up Your Site:

Once you have installed WordPress and built your site, the next step is to add proper content to it. You should publish at least 3 posts about the product. These posts might be something like this:

  • Welcome Post (A few hundred words summarizing the product info)
  • Information about the Product Creator
  • The final Review Post

You must also place proper pages on your site like About page, Contact page, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page. If you want to make the most out of the launch it is always a good idea to offer a bonus to your visitors. This is not necessary, but in some cases, offering bonus can increase your commissions. BTW, I have never offered any type of bonus for the product.

Without the plugins, you won’t be able to take the full advantage of the launch. You can install as many plugins you like, but you should at least install some of the important and major plugins.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast (For SEO purpose)
  • Google XML Sitemaps (To generate sitemaps that you can submit in Webmasters Tools)
  • W3 Total Cache (For better Performance)
  • Pretty Link Lite (To Customize your Affiliate Links)
  • Ultimate TinyMCE (To create attractive posts)


There is not much that I do in this section apart from doing blog commenting on some blogs. You can use CommentLuv enabled blogs for commenting purpose. Because if you have a good domain name and your site is properly indexed in Google, you won’t have to worry about rankings.

However, doing a bit of link building is always a good thing to stay on top of search results so that you are not knocked down by other sites. You can use article directories for article backlinks and social bookmarking sites to build social profile of the site.

That’s all the thing that I normally do for link building for my launch jacks. However you can always go with the way you rank your sites.

Extra Tips:

Apart from building only the site for the product, it would be a good idea if you could create a review video for the product and upload it on YouTube. You can hire someone from Fiverr to do it for you for just $5. Once uploaded, you can link back to your review article from the video description. This is not important but seeing that most of the times search engine results are dominated by YouTube videos, you can give it a try!

Final Words for Launch Jacking:

In a way, launch jacking is not at all different from the way you build micro niche sites. Its almost the same and there are thousands of people online who make a great income by just doing product launch jacking.

You can do it too! Just try it out and who knows you can make some good commissions in your very first attempt. Not all your launch jacks might turn out to be successful, but you will see that you will be making more money consistently than what you had done before.

I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make some real money by promoting different products. If you have any suggestions or anything you want to ask, just drop in your comment and I will be happy to help you out. See you in the search results for the upcoming products! 🙂

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