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Whether you are a writer, needing to get your words and ideas onto paper, or someone looking to hire freelance writers, HireWriters is the place you want to be. I love to write, and making money while writing is almost a dream come true.

I searched the internet looking for sites that would allow me to write at my own pace. Here, I can choose the articles that I am comfortable with and I am given plenty of time to complete each one. In the past, I checked other sites and many had weekly requirements. I also had an instance in which I wrote a good article, and the client rejected it without the ability to fix any errors. I have a strong feeling that they used my article without paying me; this will not happen at HireWriters.

HireWriters Review

HireWriters Review

There are times when I am able to write several articles a week, and other times when I am busy and don’t write for a month or so. I have chosen to write topics that I am familiar with, and even some that required some research and learning. I truly enjoy the little extra work that is required to write about a topic that is new to me. i have written about skydiving, the benefits of jumping rope, fashion and clothing, and everything in between.

As a writer, you will search the requested articles and chose the one you want to write. Most of what you need to know about the requested article is listed: the client’s name, the topic and keywords to be used, the length requested, the style of the writing (humours or professional), and the amount of payment. You are welcome, and even encouraged, to ask the client questions to avoid any confusion. It is wise to review the requirements, and determine if it is best for you, but don’t wait too long, sometimes someone else will come along and accept the project before you are able to press that accept button.

After your writing is submitted, the client will accept or reject your submission. They may ask you to fix an item in your writing. No worries, fix it and resubmit the writing. Clients will then review and rate your writing. The more you write and better reviews you receive, the higher your ranking will be. As you rise in rank, more jobs will be offered to you.

I have never had a problem with receiving payment from I set my account to receive payments every Friday when my minimum payment $10 is met. So as long as I have at least $10 payment owed to me, on Friday, my paycheck is sent directly to my PayPal account. Each project is worth a different amount, but just like anywhere else, the more you write, the more you get paid.

If you are a client looking to hire freelance writers, just click the link to get started. To find someone to handle that perfect writing for you. You can be assured that the project will be completed to your standards.

HireWriters Review – Get Started Now

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy writing for I get to do what I love and have no worries that I will be paid. When I had questions or concerns about a client, I would contact the administrators of this site, and they would respond immediately and fully answer my questions. I can’t stress enough how much I love this site. If you are ready to become a professional writer (after all, you are getting paid to write), then join me at To Get Paid to Write, just click the link to get started.

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