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45+ High PR Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts (Actually Accepts)

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Guest Blogging is considered to be the best things a blogger can do in order to get his blog on the top of search results and at the same time gain lots of new readers and build great relationship with other bloggers in his niche.

Not only that, guest blogging is one of the best Off-page SEO optimization technique to gain high quality dofollow backlinks that help you in getting your blog to the top of search engine results. But for submitting guest posts, you might need to conduct a proper research on which blogs are there that might be interested in accepting guest posts from you. So we have made a list of some 45+ quality blogs that accept guest posts.

Now there are thousands of blogs and bloggers that are willing to help you out by publishing your guest posts, and all you have to do is approach them with a proper idea and a great pitch for your guest post. So let’s see why guest blogging is one thing that you shouldn’t avoid and the list of the blogs that accept guest posts.

blogs accepting guest posts

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Guest Blogging?

There are many benefits of guest blogging. In fact, guest blogging is the best way to gain some high quality, relevant dofollow backlink for your blog. And in my experience, the one backlink that you get via guest blogging, provided that you have chosen the right blog, is equal to 100s of backlinks you get by commenting.

Along with the backlink, you get a chance to get in touch with the blog owner and through his blog, you get exposure to a whole new set of audience that you can in turn make loyal readers of your blog. So who wouldn’t want to get more traffic on their blogs. And guest blogging is the best way to do so and seeing the guest posts is completely white-hat, provided that you do it smartly, you can be assured that you will stay on top of search results for a long time.

List of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts:

no Blogs Pagerank Guest Blog Page
1 CopyBlogger 7 Write for Us
2 SmashingMagazine 7 Write for Us
3 SocialMediaToday 6 Write for Us
4 IntenseBlog 6 Write for Us
5 Business2Community 6 Become a Contributor
6 SmartBlogs 5 Write for Us
7 DailyBlogTips 5 Write for Us
8 CompTalks 5 Write for Us
9 KissMetrics Blog 5 Write for Us
10 QuickOnlineTips 5 Guest Blogging
11 SearchEnginePeople 5 Submit
12 FamousBloggers 4 Contribute
13 BasicBlogTips 4 Contact
14 AllBloggingTips 4 Write for Us
15 GrowMap 4 Contact
16 DailySEOTip 4 Contribute
17 ComLuv 4 Write for Us
18 MakingDifferent 4 Write for Us
19 TechGYO 4 Write for Us
20 AllTechBuzz 3 Write for Us
21 TechGYD 3 Write for Us
22 HellBoundBloggers 3 Join HBB
23 BloggingCage 3 Write for Us
24 ShoutMeLoud 3 Write for Us
25 IBlogZone 3 Write for Us
26 ITechCode 3 Write for Us
27 WebMaster-Success 3 Contact
28 ProBloggingSuccess 3 Contact
29 BloggersPassion 3 Write for Us
30 NetMediaBlog 3 Write for Us
31 BinaryNote 3 Write for Us
32 TipsOTricks 3 Write for Us
33 BlogSolute 3 Contact
34 FreshTechWeb 3 Contact
35 TheBadBlogger 2 Contact
36 AllTechTricks 2 Write For Us
37 BloggingTips 2 Write for Us
38 Magnet4Marketing 2 Write for Us
39 NoPassiveIncome 2 Write for Us
40 EmFastIncome 2 Write for Us
41 SocialVani 2 Write for Us
42 TechWalls 2 Write for Us
43 WPHostingDiscount 2 Share Hosting Tips
44 ExceptNothing 2 Write for Us
45 GeekBlogTips 2 Write for Us
46 TodayOnTech 2 Write for Us

Add Other Blogs That Accept Guest Posts to this List:

If you have many others blogs that has a high Pagerank and are active blogs that accept guest posts, then please share them via the comments section below and I would be glad to add them in this list and expand the list more. Do share your thoughts on this list and start guest blogging for your blog now!

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