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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs

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If you use Facebook to run various ad campaigns promoting affiliate offers or any other types of offers then you would know that using the perfect image of the perfect size can make a huge difference in the ad performance.

However, not every Facebook user knows the correct image dimensions on Facebook and as a result, he/she is not able to create any image of the right size.

But what if you knew all the Facebook Image Dimensions?

If you knew the exact size of all the images you can use upload on Facebook, you will be able to create an image of the perfect size and thus it will perform better than the other. So in this article, I am bringing you an infographic that shows you the dimensions of all the images that you can use on Facebook.

You won’t only get to know the image dimensions, but you will also learn how many characters goes in which ad copy and how your ad will appear on Facebook.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Dimensions of Profile Photo and Cover Pic.
  • Recommended image sizes for posts and ads.
  • Text character limit of the ad copies.
  • Preview of how your ad – right column, mobile ad, news feed ad – will look like.

Facebook Image Dimensions (Infographic)

The infographic depicting all the image dimensions on Facebook and details of the ad copies is created by Jon Loomer and you can check out the original post on his blog. (All credits goes to him)

All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs 2015

I hope you liked the article and you got to know about all the Facebook image dimensions and ad specs through the infographic. You can check Jon Loomer’s blog to learn more about Facebook marketing.

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