Ditching SEOPressor Was A Tough Decision …… And I took It.

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You heard it right. I ditched one awesome SEO plugin. On TinyBlogger, I don’t use SEOpressor to take care of my On-Page SEO needs. You might be thinking I am one stupid blogger to let go of the currently ruling SEO plugin. Well, I am not that stupid as you think. Maybe you will believe me to be smarter after reading this post.

Just one more thing before I actually start the post. The content and each and every word of it is written on my personal experience and on my views only. No one has to do anything with the post. Plus, No hard feelings if you love the plugin.


Why SEOPressor is the best SEO Plugin ?

You all might have read about this a thousand times on almost all top blogs. The reason why SEOPressor is the best is that it has the ability to take your post to #1 on Google, if you know how to choose proper keywords.

Whenever you write a post and choose a keyword for the post, SEOPressor will analyze the post completely and will give you the best analysis. Whether you have added a relevant image and placed an ‘alt’ attribute to it, does your post has proper keyword density or not, it will check if your post consists relevant heading tags and moreover it will also check for the keyword placement. And much more than that.

What else do you want ?? SEOPressor takes care of all the things that are required to dominate search engine results and that’s the reason why it is the best.

Am I stupid to say No to SEOPressor ?

No, not at all. I am not stupid to say goodbye to a plugin of a high stature. But there were some reasons for that tough decision.

SEOPressor is a plugin that concentrates only and only on On-Page optimization. It means that it will take care of only your blog posts. Now that it only takes care of your posts, you will need another SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO to optimize your whole blog for search engines. So now you will have two plugins for the same task, i.e. taking care of SEO.

With SEOPressor, you can’t add meta tags or meta description or add proper title tags or do proper SEO settings that a search engine spider can see. You can’t even add meta description to your blog posts with SEOPressor. I think meta description is quite important when it comes to ranking in SERPs.

To do all this stuff, you need another plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack. I use Yoast SEO and most of the bloggers too use Yoast SEO as it is free and one of the best SEO plugins today. I would recommend Yoast SEO plugin to everyone who wants better SEO results for their blog.

All that was enough for me to delete SEOPressor as it was just adding extra load to my blog. And I hit the delete button and it was gone.

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You Should do the same but wait ……

After reading the above paragraphs, don’t just go and remove the plugin. Wait a minute, I am not finished yet. If you delete SEOPressor, you will regret later.

So now you will ask, why did I delete it ? The answer’s simple, I knew how it worked and what it did.

When I decided to start a new blog (TinyBlogger), I wanted it to be the best from every part. I had no intention to use two plugins for the same task. So I was having a close observation on SEOPressor when publishing a post on my tech-blog. I was noting down each and everything that it highlighted. I became quite familiar with its working and then after I was able to get a SEO score of approximately around 85-90% on every post, without even paying attention to SEOPressor.

Update: SEOPressor creator Daniel Tan is all set to launch the all new SEOPressor 5 plugin. To know more about the plugin, read my in-depth SEOPressor 5 Review.

Now that I was completely familiar with the On-Page optimization techniques, learned from SEOPressor, I didn’t need the plugin anymore. If you can do anything manually then why to add extra load to the database, even if its negligible.

You too can remove the plugin from your blogs but only after you know how it works and on what points it work. Then you are free to go ahead. But only proceed if you are confident, otherwise stick to the plugin as it is the best SEO plugin. Got my point.

Your Turn.

That was a tough task for me for sure. Now I am looking forward to some great feedback. Did I take the right decision of ditching SEOpressor or I am at fault ? Our beginning question – Do you think I am a fool or do you believe now that I am smart ? So, Ditching SEOPressor – thumbs up or thumbs down ?

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