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Getting Started With Forum Posting – A Beginner’s Guide

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Forums are considered to be a great place to get connected with some experts in the market you are entering and to learn new things from their experience. There are forums out there in almost all the topics that you need, from smartphones to SEO, there are communities that help you in starting out with your business by connecting and learning from market experts.

Why should you get started with Forum posting right this instant? There are many advantages that you will come to know of once you get active in forums.

I am currently not active in many forums but I do enjoy logging in to certain forums like WarriorForum and others as there are people who knows there stuff really well and are more than eager to help you out in your activities.

Forum Posting
You should not limit yourself to just one forum and I am not saying that you should sign up to every forum that you visit. Stick to the ones that have a large community of members and where the engagement ratio is high.

Here are some of best Forums that you might like to join:

  • V7N Forums
  • And you can find more SEO Forums here.

Let’s Begin Forum Posting!

Normally forum posting is taken as a way to build backlinks for your blogs and not as a way to build relationships with other bloggers. I agree that forum posting is a great way to build a backlink, but not all the forums allows you to post threads containing links in it.

Almost all the big forums you sign up with won’t allow you to immediately sign up and start posting your blog links. You have to first reach on a proper reputation level or clear a certain threshold like having 10 or more posts and only then will you be allowed to post links.

But why should you just stick to creating backlinks when you can take a lot of advantage from forums. At this moment, let’s just stick to out topic of getting started with forum posting.

Reply to Different Posts

If you go through different threads and see that this is a topic where you know a lot of things or have worked in the past in it, then you should surely go out there and reply to the threads and give your opinions.

Whether the person is asking for your help or your suggestions or just needs a bit of motivation, you should provide that all. Don’t try to act smart by giving links from your blogs as it may be considered as self-promotion and the moderators might even ban you. Focus on building relationships with the forum members and also with the moderators and admin.

You will understand the advantages of building relationships over building backlinks later on in your online journey.

Get a Signature

Once you have established yourself in the Forum and got a reputable post count, you will be able to add links in your signature. This is a nice and clean way to get backlinks and not even the moderators will mind this.

Add your Blog’s URL as a signature and whenever you start a new thread, or reply to different posts and queries, you will get a backlink pointing straight to your blog which no one is going to mind. So first, create a reputation of yourself as a self-less person and then you will be able to build backlinks.

Start New Threads

You should always start a new thread if you are facing any genuine problem and would love to get help from some expert who has already solved that problem or is good at it.

Thinking to start threads just for the sake of leaving backlinks won’t be a wise thing to do as other members might report it to the moderators and you might even get banned from the forum. So do forum posting wisely and never try to promote yourself and your blog.

Engage More and More People

As long as you are helping other people out and starting threads that address a serious issue, a lot of members will get engaged in your posts. So always make sure to post such content that many bloggers and webmasters might be facing and try to address it if you know the solution.

You Can Now Start Forum Posting!

That was all that you would ever need to go out to different Forums and start posting your queries. I am saying it again that don’t sign up with every forum you find and stay with the ones that are truly awesome like the ones I listed above.

Staying connected with experts has its perks and you won’t like to miss out on something that lucrative. So sign up with one of the best forums out there, and see the things and benefits that you will get in the coming days in your online journey.

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If you are already an active member on a particular forum, I would love to hear from you how you started doing forum posting and how did it help you out in your early days and what are the benefits you got from there. Do share your views as I would be glad if you did that.

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