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EntertainmentNews is the latest theme launched by Magazine3 for WordPress blogs that focuses on celebrity news and gossips or any type of latest news updates.

When you are looking for a great WordPress theme, you need to make sure that the theme complements your blog’s content. If you use a magazine-type theme on a weight-loss or blogging related blog then it won’t impress your readers much because such niche readers want long meaningful content and not short articles.

However if you run a news blog or a gossip blog then you can use a magazine-style theme on your blog because that will put more focus on different types of content and news and gossips and that’s what the readers want.

EntertainmentNews – Magazine-style WordPress theme

Magazine3 is one of the best WordPress theme clubs right now because they always come up with themes that are suitable for a particular topic or niche.

If you go through their themes, you will find one theme for each topic – for example, they have a theme for tech blog, one for gadgets blog, one for news blog, one for fashion, one for weight loss and so on.

And the latest theme that they have launched, EntertainmentNews theme, is targeted for the bloggers who blog about the latest gossips and updates is the celebrity world.

With a clean-looking homepage layout, the theme will make your blog look more professional rather than giving the impression that it is just another entertainment-niche blog.

Features of EntertainmentNews WordPress Theme

The theme has been coded with the latest WordPress standards and checked by using the Debug mode so that it works with all the latest WordPress versions and also with the future updates.

Moreover, the theme has been written in the modern coding language like HTML5 and CSS3 and Javascript is also added to make sure that all the plugins work with any difficulties.

Homepage Layout:

entertainment news wordpress theme homepage

If you ask me what I think about the theme’s homepage layout then I will say only one sentence – It looks awesome!

If you start looking from the top, you will see the Menu bar which looks amazing. All the categories in the menu bar are visible and also doesn’t look too cluttered.

Just below the menu bar, you will another menu which features the hot topics. You can easily edit these menu bars and add the various categories and tags that people like to read more.

The second thing and the most important thing that you need to have when you run an entertainment or a gossip blog is the different social profiles. You should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and even a YouTube channel. And you need to get your readers’ attention so that those who land on your blog also follows you on your social profiles.

With the social media buttons – which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube – it would be easy for your readers to follow you there as well.

Featured Slider: The EntertainmentNews theme comes with an integrated slider which you can use the most latest and the hottest news from the celebrityville or promote your posts so that they get maximum exposure – like an article on breaking down a complete movie to find facts and easter eggs.

Customizable Homepage Layout:

The homepage layout is fully customized because it uses widgets that you can set at various places to show posts from a particular category only.

You can use the different widget areas to show posts from different categories and this will be really helpful to your readers because not all of them will be interested in reading everything. Some would be interested in reading which star got which award or what movie is coming up next and so on. So providing them an option to view a particular post is a much better option than leaving it up to them to find it.

Fully Responsive Theme:

We all know that now the people use their smartphones and tablet devices a lot more to surf the Internet on the go. So if you use a theme that is not responsive then you are losing on lots of traffic.

One of the reports from MarketingLand shows that 28% of the global traffic comes from mobile phones and I am pretty sure that the number has gone up by now.

However EntertainmentNews theme is fully responsive across all the devices of various sizes and resolutions so you won’t have to worry about making it responsive.

Other Features of EntertainmentNews Theme:

  • Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Integrated.
  • Real time Visual theme customizer to customize your theme and make changes before making the final decision.
  • Works with the popular SEO plugins like All-in-One SEO and WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  • Built-in Advertisements slots to show various ad banners.
  • The theme supports translation in any language.
  • If you like the demo of the website then the theme package includes the demo content so that you can make your blog design look exactly how it looks in the demo.
  • Built-in Magazine3 widgets like advertisements widget, social stats and social icons widgets, recent comments, popular posts and many more.
  • The theme is compatible with WordPress version 4.0 and above.
  • It offers cross browser support and is Google Adsense ready.
  • Threaded comments supported to speed up your WordPress blog.

I hope that you liked the theme and if you run a gossip or even a news blog then you are going to love your blog when you upload this theme on your blog.

EntertainmentNews is available for only $59 and you can use it on unlimited number of sites and you get sales support and lifetime updates. So click on the button below to purchase EntertainmentNews WordPress theme.

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