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Why Email Marketing is Not a Good Way for Affiliate Marketing?

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You might have seen a lot of people doing email marketing as a part of their affiliate campaign. There might be many such emails in your inbox at this moment and many might be coming in on a daily basis promoting some thing or the other.

Email marketing is (or was) a really good way for affiliate marketing. You send out a promotional email promoting a product to your list and earn a commission whenever any one buys a product via your link. Many people used to spend a lot of time in building a responsive email list.

Email Marketing
But is it really the same case now? Can you still make a proper passive income by doing email marketing? Can you still make a good amount of affiliate commissions by promoting products to your list?

Email Marketing – Why I Never Built an Email List?

I have been blogging for about an year now but I haven’t still started to build an email list of my own. There were many reasons and there are still some reasons because of which I refrained from building one. Saying that I doesn’t mean I don’t have any intention of building one. I will in the future, but not at this moment.

Sometimes when you start building an email list and you get successful in building a large and responsive  list, you will send out promotional emails to your subscribers. And because you have just started sending emails, many people would open the mail and would actually buy the product. This way you will be able to make huge money in an instant.

But would you stop at that? I know what I am. If I have a big email list, I would send out constant promotional mails to them in order to make instant money.

But what’s wrong in that?

The wrong thing is that your subscribers will get fed up with your mails after some time. You are not giving them any thing that they thought they will get when they subscribed. You are just trying to sell them products, which they don’t even need. Instead of giving your subscribers some thing that is of value, you promote products, do email marketing just to make some cash.

I am not saying that this can happen to any one. I am just giving my own example that how would I react when I have a big email list.

Another reason is that people now know which emails are promotional ones.

If you think that you are the only one to whose list a person is subscribed, then you are wrong. A person is subscribed to many lists and all of them might be sending out many emails in a single day. I get around 50 emails a day and most of them are from the same person.

It’s a really frustrating thing!

So seeing the way things are working in the present day, I would not count email marketing as a very reliable way to do affiliate marketing.

But that were the reasons that has stopped me from doing email marketing in the past. There is a new reason that just came up and might be making many marketers lose on some big money.

That Reason is GMail …..

Gmail just rolled out a new feature where they distinguish all the emails in three tabs – Primary, Social and Promotions.

So whenever you send out a promotional email to your subscribers, it ends up in the Promotions tab which mostly gets deleted. Gmail just fu**ed the whole email marketing with this new feature.

So what you can do next? 

I have always stressed the idea to build niche sites to make passive income on this blog, and was one of the reasons why I never thought of doing email marketing.

With niche sites, you won’t have to worry about any new changes. Your site is ranked and the traffic is coming in, that’s all you have to worry about. Plus if you still want to build an email list, you can build a highly responsive, targeted list of subscribers in a single niche who will be willing to buy products that you promote.

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Do You Think Email Marketing is Good Way of Affiliate Marketing?

I don’t think so, at least not now after Gmail update. Email marketing is some thing that big bloggers do and people who are influential in their niche, who enjoys high authority and people trust them and blindly buys products they promote.

To reach their status, we have to do a lot of hard work. Instead focus your mind and do hard work on building niche sites that might give you a regular income without any efforts one it is ranked.

What are your views regarding the article? Do you think that Email marketing is still the best way to do affiliate marketing and earn commissions? Or do you think otherwise?

Let me know your views via the comments section below.

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