WebMeUp Review – A Comprehensive One-Stop SEO Solution

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Needless to say that Search Engine Optimization is a crucial aspect for any type of online business. When properly optimized, a website turns into the ultimate search engine leader and becomes a powerful platform for generating sales. If the SEO aspect is ignored, the site is doomed to get lost in the background of cyberspace with no visitors and conversions.

In today’s day and age SEO industry comes with a variety of SEO toolsets that promise a guaranteed top placement for your website. Can’t say that all SEO tools fulfill the given promise, but some solutions can really make the daily chores of an internet marketer a whole lot easier.

Recently I discovered a Web-based SEO app called WebMeUp. Surprisingly, this brand-new SEO software showed an excellent performance in various SEO activities, such as:

 – Keyword researchWebMeUp Review  – Monitoring SERP performance
 – Content optimization
 – SEO Site Audit
 – Analyzing competition landscape of your niche
 – Backlink research
 – Link management
 – Analyzing social media campaigns

So, in this WebMeUp review I suggest you to take a closer look at this software.

Here We Go With The WebMeUp Review

User Interface: 10/10

When a great number of features accumulate in a single tool, getting lost is easy or even inevitable. Fortunately, WebMeUp is a different story: as long you know where you are going, you can easily get there with the intuitive and a well-designed user interface and the software wizards.

User Interface

Collecting Data: 10/10

WebMeUp collects all data on the fly. During my tests no delays were detected, no matter how big the analyzed project was. In a couple of minutes WebMeUp delivered the detailed info on all website main rankings factors.

Also, creating a project for a website is baby-simple. To start it off, you just specify your website URL, type in your keywords and target the search engines. That’s it! The software will do the rest of the job for you.

Collecting Data

Collecting Data

Keyword Research: 9/10

16 keyword research mechanisms of WebMeUp let you get lots of traffic-generating keyword ideas. The software also collects ‘# of searches’ , ‘competition’ stats and calculates the traffic you can prospectively expect for each keyword be it #1 in SERP.

In addition, all keywords are analyzed against KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index).

Keyword Research

Rankings Check: 10/10

The ‘Keywords and Rankings’ module that lets you measure your website ranking performance for all the targeted keywords across 300+ regional and local search engines.

WebMeUp harvests rankings data on a daily basis and tracks rankings progress for each keyword. All the collected data is conveniently organized in the project workspace.

Rankings Check

SEO site audit: 9/10

The software is equipped with a fully-fledged onpage optimization module. Under ‘Pages’/’Site Architecture’ tab you will find a snapshot of your website architecture and coding with the detailed recommendations on all possible improvements. The software also provides you with the detailed advice on how to get rid of HTML and CSS errors, broken links, duplicate content, missing page titles, etc.

SEO site audit

Content optimization: 10/10

In the ‘Landing Pages’ sub-module you can get a wall-to-all guidance on how to optimize the pages of your website for your niche keywords. WebMeUP tells you how choose the appropriate keyword density and prominence for each HTML element.

Content optimization

Competition landscape analysis: 8/10

The ‘Competitors’ module lets you get various kinds of info concerning your competitors’ optimization strategies. This module lets you see the techniques the ‘big guys’ of your niche are using, learn their current optimization level and rankings performance for your keywords.

Competition landscape analysis

Link Building: 9/10

Under ‘Competitors’/’Backlinks’ you can get the full analysis of your website backlink profile and sort all links by various factors: Google PR, domain, Alexa Rank, top level domain, outgoing links, etc.

Link Building

Under the ‘Management’ tab you can manually add links that haven’t been indexed yet and keep an eye on the links that are of great importance to you. The software can verify those links and check their conformity to your requirements.

Link Building

Reports: 9/10

The reporting facilities of the app let you not only generated the detailed reports on various aspects of SEO campaign, but also schedule reports on certain dates and send them via email to your customers.


WebMeUp Review : Bottom-line

During the tests WebMeUp proved to be an effective SEO tool that lets manage a wide range of SEO activities.

With this tool you forget about what’s going on in the backend and concentrate on actual things that you’ve to be concerned about.

You may sign up for a free trial here and let me know what you think about it.

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