CometChat Review – Chat Software for Websites

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When you get a lot of visitors on your website, then it is a nice idea to provide them the platform to chat with each other. You can use different plugins to integrate the chat box to your site and one of the best tools to do that is to use CometChat.

With CometChat, you can easily integrate the chat software on your website. This will enable your website users to video chat, text chat, play games, share their screen and do many other things. You can even use the software to get in touch with your readers on your website.

Today, we are going to write a CometChat review and see why it is one of the best chat software for websites. We will be listing down all the features of the software so that you can decide if it is worth adding on your website.

CometChat Review – Features

Here are some of the features of CometChat tool:

  • You can run it on any server with minimal server load.
  • It works on all the modern desktop and mobile browsers.
  • You can share files, share your screen with others, send text messages, handwritten messages, documents, etc.
  • Push notifications are available for mobile so that you never miss a message.
  • You can allow users to create chat rooms, ban users or kick them, delete any conversation, etc.
  • You can add a number of plugins to CometChat to provide audio-video chat and conference feature, multi-player games, real time translation, etc. to your website users.
  • The chat software is available for computers running Windows and Mac OS.
  • CometChat is also available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • The chat software supports 9 languages.

Admin Dashboard

The admin panel allows you to check everything about the chat box on your website. You can see how many users are currently online, the total number of messages, messages sent in the last 24 hours and much more.

You can setup chatrooms, plugins and extensions, go through the logs, set up languages and monitor stats from your admin dashboard.

cometchat admin panel

Chatting with Others

Since, CometChat is a chat software for websites, you can expect a lot of features to make it more user-friendly.

You will find it extremely easy to chat with online users using the tool and you can also create chatrooms or join chatrooms that already exist. The instant notifications will notify you of the new messages and if you are using Chrome browser, then you will get desktop notifications as well.

The chat box features a wide range of smileys and emojis that can be used in the messages. Moreover, all the smileys will be converted to images and the links will be hyperlinked when you hit send on the message.

Moreover, CometChat also has features that allow you to search for any particular users from the online list, check out the users’ profiles, sync your friends’ list, automatic login, chat history, load earlier messages, block users etc.

Audio and Video Calls

With CometChat, you can not only send text messages, but you can also conduct an audio or video chat session.

The software leverages peer-to-peer technology to provide you with the highest quality video conversations.

Moreover, the Audio plugin enables users to have an audio call without any issues. So, you can use CometChat to make audio calls as well as video conferences easily.

cometchat chat boxes

Other Features of CometChat

Send Files

You can send various types of files to other online users using the file transfer feature of CometChat which is simple and quick.

Simple Integration

Installing CometChat tool on your website is extremely easy and you don’t need to have any programming knowledge to do it.

Multiplayer Games

The chat software also comes with various multiplayer games so that the users on your website can entertain themselves.


Users can share their thoughts by using the whiteboard plugin feature. It makes it easy for everyone to give their opinions on certain matter.

Gtalk Chat

You can also enable the users to chat with their Gtalk friends directly from your website at no extra cost.

Push Notifications

If you are using the desktop version of the software or the app is installed on your smartphone, then you will get push notifications. Also, if you are using Chrome browser, then also you will get notifications.


The chat software is compatible with most of the modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Google Chrome, Safari 3+ and Opera 9.5+.

Also, CometChat is available as an app for smartphones and tablets running Android OS and iOS and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.


There are many more features of the chat software and if you are looking to integrate a chat box on your website, then this would be the best choice. With various plugins and extensions, you can add more features and give more options to your users to engage with each other.

CometChat is available for $49 for the Basic edition, $129 for Professional edition, $249 for Premium edition and $499 for Platinum edition.

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