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6 Tips to Choose the Best Theme for Your WordPress Blog

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Choosing the best theme for your blog has always been a dilemma for many bloggers just fail to find the perfect theme. I have been faced with this situation a lot of times and I spend weeks trying to find a good looking theme for my blog. It took me around 3 days before deciding on these theme. You too can get this theme from Famethemes, the name is TechOne.

Getting back to the topic, how to choose the best theme for your WordPress blog? The main things that should be taken into consideration while choosing one are the load time, the size of the theme and whether the interface is user-friendly or not.

In this post, I am going to tell you some things that I always take into consideration while buying a paid theme or choosing a free one. I hope you are going to love these tips and it will surely help you get the best possible WordPress theme for your blog.

1. Make a Note

Before going on searching the themes, you need to sit down and write down all the features that you require in that theme. You can write down anything like the color scheme that you are looking for, or you want the theme for a niche site or a multi-purpose theme.

The best thing is to first note down all the components that a theme has like Menus, Columns, Sidebar, Widgets, Footer, Footer Description, Shortcodes, Social sharing buttons, fonts etc. Then go through all of them one-by-one and write down the things that you want like you want your theme to have multiple menus, how many columns you want, whether it should have the feature to change the sidebar easily, whether you want custom widgets, how many footers you want etc.

Once you have made a note, you will have a proper idea of what type of theme you are looking for and will help you in selecting the best WordPress theme.

2. Your Blog’s Niche

This is the most important part and it should play a crucial role in your theme selection procedure because you just can’t put any theme on any blog. You got to choose a theme that compliments your blog’s topic.

You are starting a health niche blog so you should choose a theme that will allow you to highlight the best health articles on your blog. There are many amazing themes available that are designed solely for health and fitness related blog but if you have the knowledge of HTML/CSS/PHP then you can choose any theme and customize it.

If you are looking for themes for your tech blog, it would be wise to choose one that offers you multiple slots on your homepage like sliders, different areas to add posts category-wise, reviews box etc. Such themes won’t work on blogging-related blogs.

So make sure to choose a theme that not only compliments your blog’s niche but makes your blog look more professional.

3. Keeping It Simple

Too many customization of your theme or too many elements will only make your theme cluttered. It’s okay to have a lot of widgets and articles on your homepage, but that shouldn’t make it look clumsy hard to navigate.

So you should choose a theme that not only fits all your requirements but even looks simple and less cluttered.

I have always loved ViperChill’s design. It’s simple, no distracting ads and the content gets the most space so that the readers stay and read all the posts from top to bottom.

4. Navigation, Design & Customization

Whenever any new visitor lands on your site to read an article, he will go through other articles on your blog as well but in order to do so he will require some ways to navigate through your blog properly.

Whenever you choose a theme, make sure it has 2 or more menus – one on top and one for the footer region. You need to keep everything interesting in the top menu and the pages in the footer menu. Every person who wants to go through your site will check out the menu that appears on top and if you have not kept interesting topics there, you might miss out on a regular reader.

The next thing is the design on your theme. Though menus play an important role, you should also choose a theme that has pagination system so that it is easy to go through each and every article on your blog. Other than pagination, make sure that there is a Related Posts option in the post section.

Nowadays most of the people are using smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet so make sure that you choose a theme that is responsive. So make sure about the responsiveness of the theme to avoid using any mobile plugin.

Customization is one thing that should be the easiest when it comes to the perfect theme. Not everyone knows how to customize and add different objects in a theme. So having a theme options panel from where you can customize your theme is a must. You should be able to add a logo and favicon to your site, change the title and description, change the post settings etc. from a single panel and with just a few clicks.

5. Theme’s Functionality

Nowadays all the themes available in the market are Search Engine Optimized but there’s no harm in checking out if it is SEO optimized or not. It should also have social sharing buttons integrated for better speed.

The other thing is that you need to make sure that the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If it’s not it might cause issues on your blog. On my blog, when the theme was incompatible with the WordPress version, my Visual Editor didn’t work and I wasn’t able to publish any posts.

So if you don’t want to end up like that, you need to make sure about it before purchasing any theme. Contact the developers with all your questions or read the FAQ but don’t just buy any theme or you will have to downgrade your WordPress version.

6. Support

Whenever you buy any new product, you first check whether you will get proper support for that product if there are any issues with it. So why not do the same when you buy a theme.

Even if the WordPress theme you buy is perfect and no one faces any problem with it, there are still chances that there might be some issues with it. What if some plugin creates a conflict with it or you are unable to customize it? You will need a proper support system to help you out with these.

So whenever you decide to give your blog a new look, you should follow these 6 tips in order to choose the best theme for your WordPress blog.

If you don’t want to go looking for any theme then you can check out my recommendations below. I have listed out some of the best themes that you can install on your WordPress blog.

My Recommendations:

You can find a lot of free themes for your blog but I would recommend you to invest some money and get a premium WordPress theme that will guarantee you lifetime support.

Genesis Framework: This is the best theme for WordPress. Before I applied my current theme, I was using Genesis Framework for over 2 years without any issues. You can get the framework and all the child themes with a discounted price. You can check out some of the best Genesis Child themes for your blog.

TechOne: This is my current theme and you can get it from FameThemes. Basically it is a theme for tech blogs with different homepage options but since the customization is easy, I was able to use it on my blog and it looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Avada: With over 90,000 satisfied customers, Avada is the best WordPress theme on ThemeForest marketplace, the biggest on the Internet. It has a lot of different variations making it suitable for every niche.

MyThemeShop: If you are looking for amazing themes then MyThemeShop is the place to search for. I personally recommend 2 themes that you should check out – MagXP, which is fully customizable with multiple layouts and Splash theme.

Magazine3: The best place to find a theme for a specific niche. If you have a tech blog, a news blog or a fashion blog or any other niche, Magazine3 is the place to search for them.

How to Install WordPress theme?

There are 2 methods to install WordPress theme on your blog. You can use any of them as both of them are easy and convenient.

Method 1:

Download the theme files from your theme dashboard on your computer. Unzip the files and then upload the folder to the following directory of your blog: /wp-content/themes.

Once it is uploaded to your server, you will be able to see the theme in your WordPress dashboard. Log in to your blog and under the “Appearance > Themes” section, you will find your theme and click on the Activate button and activate the theme on your blog.

Method 2: 

Rather than uploading the files to your server, you can upload a theme from directly your WordPress blog’s dashboard. You can do it by simply going to “Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload”.

Choose the “.zip” folder of the theme that you downloaded on your computer (don’t extract the files) and click on upload button. Once uploaded, you just need to activate the theme and it will be applied on your blog.

That was how you can choose the best theme for your WordPress blog and install it on your blog.

I hope that you liked the article and if you did or your have any recommendations or suggestions then please share them with me via the comments below. I would love to hear you out. Happy Blogging!