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Blogging Gameplan – The Only Strategy For Success

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Blogging is one of the most productive things I have ever done in my life. Not one of the most, I would rather say that it’s by far the only productive thing I have done. From the day I was exposed to the word ‘blogging’ my life has taken a completely new turn. Now I love writing articles (which I hated), my knowledge about various things has increased a lot and now I can talk to people more effortlessly than ever which is the biggest change in me.

Going back one year, I started blogging to make money and was not at all serious in what I was doing. Coming back to the present day, I know what I am doing, I have understood the true meaning of blogging. So I want to be recognized as a blogger. People should know me from my blog and for that I would need a proper strategy – A Proper Blogging Gameplan.

blogging gameplan
Below are the strategies that I have prepared to take TinyBlogger to a whole new level of blogging. I wanted to share my strategies with other bloggers so that’s why I am here with this post. Hope you will like the blogging gameplan that I have prepared.

Blogging Gameplan Strategies :

1. Content of Your Blog :

The most important factor that decides whether your blog will survive in the long run, whether it will be able to beat the innocent-turned-nightmare Penguin and Panda or not ? You will get more and more visitors to your blog only if you are able to give them something that they want and are unable to find it elsewhere. Writing articles that don’t carry any meaning is useless and would only degrade your blog’s reputation. So always stay inclined towards delivering quality over quantity.

My first step to make a better blog will be towards writing amazing articles. The things I will be doing before updating my blog is researching well about the content I am about to publish, write the article in an easy-to-read manner.

Next up is the posting frequency. Every blogger has two options – updating daily with random topics or updating the blog twice or thrice a week with researched-topic. I would rather stick to the second option. There are two reasons for it, I will be able to provide quality content on the blog plus I will have time to do other activities as well like article promotion. I would recommend you to do the same as it is worth it.

2. Article Promotion :

This is one thing that you will have to take care of as a newbie. Once the article is live, immediately use the social networks like Facebook and Twitter to build some links and drive some traffic as well. Not only will it help you gain visitors, but it will help your blog look professional and genuine in the eyes of the Big G. Because blogs with no social media presence are likely to get axed by Google.

Don’t restrict yourself to only Facebook, Twitter or Google+; there are tons of sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Scoop.It etc. that give superb results. Make it a habit to promote articles immediately you hit the publish button.

Once I publish a post, I go to Facebook and Twitter and share my article links on different pages, tweet it and plus one it on G+. More recently I am using Pinterest too and StumbleUpon as they both have the ability to gift you visitors.

#3. Using Different Blogging Communities : 

Apart from social networks, there is yet another place where you can earn some new visitors and also can make some new friends who will help you in your blogging journey. You should probably join different blogging communities like BlogEngage, BizSugar, Blokube, and there are other’s as well. But these three communities are used by almost all bloggers.

In such communities, you can share your articles and force the members to give a visit to your blog. If you are able to get extra traffic then what’s the problem in using the community sites.

4. Backlinking :

A blog’s decent rankings will create a great impression when any new person is on the site. Even if your blog enjoys regular readership, but you still don’t stand anywhere in different rankings, you will lose many visitors.

The biggest ranking factor is the Pagerank. The Pagerank of a blog decides where it will be in the search engine results. It will help you gain new visitors and many lucrative offers that can take you and your blog to a whole new level.

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For backlinking, I have prepared a rough layout. Whenever I will be writing a post, I will write a detailed one and then only publish it. After that I will be doing some guest posts on the very same topic of the article I published with a link back. This way I will be able to drive more visitors to my blog and also will build a proper pagerank.

Other than guest posting, blog commenting is a great way to earn some backlinks (dofolow-nofollow doesn’t matter). Writing articles on Web 2.0 properties and submitting articles in Article Directories will only add to the advantage. There are other methods as well but these are the most easy and the results are guaranteed.

Another Rank is in town. After Pagerank, Google has introduced AuthorRank for higher results.

 5. Build New Relationships :

To guarantee proper results, you must work on building relationship with other bloggers as well. If you are avoiding this, then let me tell you, you will regret it later.

Won’t you like when your posts are shared with different social networks by bloggers who have large following ? Do you think this will happen without any effort from your side ? You will have to share different articles from top blogs and also from blogs that are comparatively new and growing. Don’t just stick to the top blogs and avoid the new ones. Who knows tomorrow the new ones will be the top ones.

Maintain proper relationship with every blogger. Never ever turn them down when they ask you for help. The true meaning of blogging is to help others. Always try to help other bloggers and they will always remember you.

For connecting with other bloggers, first of all follow them on different social platforms. Then start out with small messages asking for help and you will be getting proper feedback. Take every step properly and ask only things that are worth asking, or else you will see yourself removed from their list.

6. Keep a Track of the progress and work consistently :

The final thing would be to keep a track of the progress made by your blog. Always use Google Analytics to do it. This is the most advanced feature that helps you find out the best places that are giving you results.

Use Analytics and see from where people are coming, which social networks is the top referrer, what type of articles are get more attention etc. and work more towards that direction. You will see a rise in your stats and thus you will have a better blog in your possession.

Final Words :

All the things listed above are my personal strategies which I am applying to my blog and I thought of sharing the them with my friends. I don’t say that this strategies are fool-proof. You might have a different approach for your blog. All I wanted to say with the above article is that every blogger must have a proper blogging gameplan to achieve success as a blogger.

Please be sure to share your views regarding my article and also if you have strategies of your own. Sharing is Caring. I am looking forward to hear from you.

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