Top 5 Best Premium WordPress Themes Club

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WordPress is the best blogging platform that’s quite flexible and easy to use. What makes it more popular is that there are many people working out there to make it more user-friendly.

One of the most important thing about a blog is its design and look. If your blog is having a nice theme on it that suits perfectly well and has all the features then you won’t need to worry about anything. A blog’s theme is a very important aspect that you must not ignore.

best wordpress themes
There are thousands of themes available out there, both free and premium. Free WordPress themes are also quite good but when compared to premium WordPress themes, they lack a lot in many aspects. Here I will be showing you the best WordPress theme clubs that houses lots of Custom WordPress themes.

5 Best WordPress theme clubs

#1. Elegant Themes

The best option if you are planning on creating many blogs. Elegant theme club offers around 83 premium WordPress themes that you can use and the price to get them are quite cheap as well.

Elegant themes comes with a membership option for a payment of $39 in which you get access to all the 83 themes and also get access to the future upgrades and new themes. Apart from themes, you also get access to some plugins in the Elegant Themes dashboard that you can use on your blog. Elegant themes contain many top WordPress themes that fulfills almost all your needs.

#2. Theme Junkie themes

Theme Junkie themes can be counted as one of the best WordPress themes clubs as they are quite affordable and at the same time the themes are amazing.

With some popular themes like Freshlife, Resizable and Smartblog, Theme Junkie themes provides you with easy to use interface and you won’t need to use any other codes or plugins. You can easily monetize your blog by showing ads on the predefined ad slots in the Theme Junkie themes.

#3. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is not like any other WordPress theme club but it is completely different and unique in every aspect.

If you are in search of a good-looking theme then you must check out the ones at Theme Forest. It’s more like a marketplace where designers from all over the world sells their themes and you need not worry as every theme is made available for purchase only if it satisfies the set criteria.

So if you are looking for a professional theme with a great design, you must head over to Theme Forest as they are one of the best WordPress theme clubs out there.

#4. WooThemes

WooThemes can be counted as one of the most reputed and one of the best WordPress theme clubs in the WordPress community.

WooThemes not only offers great themes but also has a good collection of plugins. Their themes are always user-friendly and you can easily integrate it with your WordPress blog. The inbuilt SEO options make it even more awesome as you won’t need any extra plugin for it. WooCommerce is also quite popular and doesn’t need any introduction.

WooThemes have a great collection of best premium WordPress themes and they also have some free themes for your needs.

#5 MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop houses some of the great premium WordPress templates, each different from another and that can be used for a variety of blogs.

Most of the themes from MyThemeShop are responsive themes and thus are quite user-friendly no matter from what device they are reading your blog. With many different categories, there are some premium WordPress themes for tech blogs or any other type of blogs. Plus, it offers some free themes as well to the bloggers and the free ones are also quite professional looking themes, so I would surely consider MyThemeShop as one of the best WordPress Theme Clubs.

Which Premium WordPress Themes Do You Like?

Those were the 5 best WordPress theme clubs according to me. I haven’t included Thesis or Genesis frameworks in this list because almost all the bloggers know what they are so I thought of adding new clubs in the list.

I hope that you liked the clubs, if you think that I missed out any of the premium WordPress themes or any theme club, then I would be glad if you could share them with us via the comments below. Let us know which of the premium WordPress themes you would pick as your favorite?

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