13 Best Responsive Genesis Child Themes for WordPress in 2015

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The most important factor in determining the success of a blog is its design. If you have used a professional and clean looking theme on your blog, then the visitors will love to read the content on your blog. And when you search for the best themes for WordPress, you will mostly see Genesis Framework to be the best one. So if you are using Genesis Framework, then try out these best and premium Genesis Child themes for WordPress.

I have previously covered the same topic on the best Child themes for Genesis but that was more than a year ago, so this is the updated article with the newest, popular and the best Child themes for WordPress.

Why You Should Use Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework is the most popular and probably the most secure WordPress theme framework. I am saying this because there are a number of factors you should keep in mind while choosing a WordPress theme and Genesis fits perfectly in all of them.

Not only is it fast loading and SEO optimized, it provides you with easy customization options so that you can transform your blog and design it the way you want.

Most importantly it is the all-in-one theme framework because there are a number of child themes available for almost all the industries like fashion, finance, home imporvement and even tech and you can use one of them to make your blog look professional.

Simple design and a support forum where you can get all your questions answered. What else do you need?

If you haven’t bought the Genesis Theme framework along with all the child themes then you should consider buying it because it will be the best deal of your blogging career.

Top 13 Best Premium Genesis Child Themes

You can simply use the framework as your blog’s theme but you should consider getting a child theme because it would be much simpler to make changes and customization without editing the main coding of the framework.

Since there are hundreds of Child themes for Genesis, you might get confused as to which one is the best so here we have made a list of the 13 best Genesis Child themes for WordPress.

1. Minimum Pro

Number one on our list is going to be Minimum Pro just because of one reason; its clean and elegant and focuses more on the content.

The theme lets you express your thoughts in a convenient manner and doesn’t make your blog look all cluttered. Keeping the design simple and minimal, the theme focuses more on providing value to the readers.

With custom background, header and footer widgets and other features, you will be able to customize the theme according to your needs.

minimum pro theme

2. Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro is considered to be the most flexible Genesis child them to date and it comes with a lot of customization options and features to help you get started.

The theme color options and typography lets you change the look and feel of your website and make sure that all your content is both attractive and worth reading at the same time.

The theme is best for a food-related blog but it can be used for other topics as well if you just change the color options to something different.

foodie pro theme

3. Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro theme helps you convey your thoughts to your readers in the best way possible – by giving importance the only the content and removing the not-so-necessary elements like the sidebar.

The theme is responsive and allows you to narrate your story by keeping the design simple and giving your readers a simple vertical design for easy eye movement.

For me, Parallax Pro has to be one of the best Genesis Child themes and is on top of my list to buy this year.

parallax pro theme

4. Metro Pro

If you love sharing news related articles on your blog, then using a magazine-style theme like Metro Pro theme would be a much better choice.

With Metro Pro theme, you get some features like the different layouts to choose from, 5 different color options and even a landing page template.

The theme is mobile responsive so all your readers can enjoy your articles and the latest news right from their mobile devices on the go.

metro pro theme

5. News Pro

News Pro has to be the best child theme from Genesis and is also one of the most popular one from a long time.

News Pro theme, as the name suggests, is suitable best for sites that breaks the latest news and tech updates. With different home-page layouts and customization options, you can change the home page of your site to feature the best news.

The theme comes with custom menu, custom background, custom header and different color options and theme options to make it easy to customize!

news pro theme

6. Modern Blogger

If you are looking to get a unique-looking theme for your blog, then Modern Blogger theme is exactly what you need.

The theme offers you options to customize your blog using the different layout options and a custom background and header. With the responsiveness, the theme works on all the mobile devices as well.

modern blogger theme

7. Sixteen Nine

Sixteen Nine theme brings out your personality and allows you to share all your experiences with your audience in the simplest manner possible.

The theme comes with different layout options, custom menus and headers and the mobile responsiveness to make your site look awesome on all the devices. With landing page template, you can design a great looking landing page on your blog.

sixteen nine theme

8. (in)SPYR Theme

If you are looking for a solid theme for your blog then (in)SPYR theme is the one of the best Genesis child theme to choose.

With the theme, you not only get a solid foundation for your blog, but you also get 3 different theme styles to choose from. You can customize the theme using the theme options panel and you can even use the 6 different color options.

inspyr theme

9. The 411 Theme

Another simple blog theme from StudioPress which is best if you blog about your experiences and convey your thoughts to your readers.

The 411 theme has some amazing features which easily resize the images on your blog appropriately without losing its quality. And the theme is best for both – long posts like case-studies or your travel experiences and even short posts like a thank you post.

the 411 theme

10. Generate Pro

Generate Pro theme has been one of the most popular child theme from Genesis from a long time and it still is!

When your business is centered around email marketing, then Generate Pro theme is the best because it helps you capture the leads easily with the optin box. And the best thing is that the theme is responsive so it makes it easy to build an email list from all different traffic sources.

generate pro theme

11. Daily Dish Pro

So you love blogging about the new restaurants that you visit and the dishes that you try out there? If yes, then here’s a theme to help you do that efficiently.

Daily Dish Pro theme is designed to present your content and your eating experiences in the most attractive way possible and the theme options allows you to keep your most recent or the most popular content visible to every new visitor on your site.

daily dish pro theme

12. Executive

The Executive theme allows you to display your most important projects in the most visible places so that they can be viewed easily.

The theme