Top 5 Best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress Blogs

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Genesis is considered as one of the best WordPress Theme frameworks that most of the bloggers and webmasters use on their blogs. A really close competitor to Thesis, they both are giving each other tough time to stay on top of the WordPress frameworks market.

But Genesis is preferred by many bloggers, newbies as well as pros as it is much easier to work with Genesis than Thesis. I have never used Thesis because I am using Genesis and I just love the way it works. You don’t have to worry about anything as it is really simple to get accustomed with the framework within your WordPress dashboard.

best genesis child themes
So now that I have been using Genesis Framework from a long time, I have also used many child themes on my blog. This is one of the other reasons that Genesis is considered as a really good framework. There are many best Genesis Child Themes available out there ready to be applied on your blog.

Here I have collected some 5 best Genesis Child Themes that one can use on their WordPress blogs. According to me, the following 5 are the best ones out there.

Best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress Blogs

#1. News Theme

News theme is the best Genesis Child Themes out there and it is the best seller all around the world. News theme has been used by many bloggers for their blogs as it is a clean, simple and an elegant theme to have on your blog. With this theme, you can create a news blog or a tech blog and the user-friendliness of this theme might even increase the CTR.

It comes with 7 different color options, 6 layout options, featured posts, custom header, custom background, mobile responsiveness, threaded comments and lots of customizations.

#2. Mocha Theme

The theme that you currently see on this blog is the Mocha theme. As you can see already, it is one simple and clean theme with a good color options. What I like about Mocha theme and why I consider it to be one of the best Genesis Child Themes is the reason that it has a sophisticated design that can be used on different niche blogs of your choice.

The theme comes with 5 different color styles, 4 layout options, custom background, fixed width, mobile responsiveness, threaded comments and a lot more plus the theme has a really good uncluttered look.

#3. Focus Theme

Focus theme is one of the most customizable Genesis child themes that you can ever apply on your blog. The theme is the most simple, clean, powerful and awesome looking theme. It surely will get your readers’ attention towards your content.

The Focus theme comes with 3 color styles, 6 layout options, custom background, custom header, mobile responsiveness, fixed width, threaded comments and more customization options that make the theme one of the best Genesis Child themes for WordPress blogs.

#4. Decor Theme

The simplicity of the Decor Theme helps your showcase your style on any device to your readers and visitors and even the potential clients that will surely get impressed with it. The sharp mobile responsive layouts of this theme will make your clients and readers say WOW whenever they come visit your blog.

With 4 different color styles, 6 layout options, featured images, mobile responsiveness, threaded comments and more, this theme surely is one of the best Genesis Child themes for WordPress.

#5. Apparition Theme

You might have heard that ‘Content is KING’. Well this theme focuses on your content and a refreshing design of the theme drives the focus of the readers to your most memorable content that you have written. It is a clean looking and spacious theme that will grab attention of the readers at once.

With custom background, featured images, mobile responsiveness, threaded comments; the theme doesn’t have a more customized layout but you won’t have the need to customize it as it is one of the best Genesis Child themes the way it is.

Best Genesis Child Themes – According To You?

Those were the best StudioPress Themes that you can install on your blog. If you are looking for Free Genesis theme, then there are still many free child themes by designers that you can find by going over at Google.

I know that you might be having a different taste and there might be some other themes that you consider the best. The list of the best Genesis child themes doesn’t end here as there are many themes made by StudioPress and you can find different themes that will suit different niches. The child themes are great and most of them are responsive Genesis themes.

Do share what you think about the list of the best Genesis Child themes and let me know if you think that there is some other theme that you consider the best.

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