5 Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO and For Your Blog

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Every blogger should think of a way to increase the search engine rankings of the blog and to increase the readership of the blog by converting all the visitors in to loyal readers. It is really important to provide high quality and well researched article to your readers on a regular basis in order to gain their trust and to get a better position in search results as well.

When it comes to SEO, we all know that content is king. Some might not agree to this but if you are doing search engine optimization for long term, then not focusing on the quality of content would lead to failure. Now when you are providing high quality content on your blog, you would want your readers to read that articles and would even want the article to rank high in search engines.

So in order to drive traffic to all your articles and rank every page on your site on your blog, you must work on a strategy to get proper link juice to all your pages. That’s where internal links come in to action.

benefits of internal linking

What is Internal Linking?

According to Moz, internal links are the links that go from one page on a domain to other page on the same domain and are commonly used for navigation purpose.

Though internal linking is used mostly for navigational purposes and to provide the readers to read more articles on the same topic, it has a lot other advantages as well. So here are some of the best benefits of internal linking is SEO of your blog.

5 Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO

1. Internal Linking Passes Link Juice

Getting backlinks to your blog and the individual articles is very important when it comes to doing proper SEO for your blog. By getting backlinks from an external source, like a big and popular site, you are getting the link juice of that site to your own blog.

If you have placed proper internal links all across your blog and within your blog’s articles, then instead of a single article getting all the link juice, all your articles will get proper link juice and this will help to improve search engine rankings of all your articles and help them in ranking high in search results.

2. Easy to Navigate and User friendly

The internal links on a blog are very user friendly. With giving proper internal links, you allow your readers to navigate through your site easily. And not only that, you can help them find the content they are looking for by using relevant anchor texts for the internal links. So if you are writing an article on making money online, then you can provide internal links to the articles in the same category with proper anchor texts.

3. Increases Pageviews and Reduces Bounce Rate

When users find your site easy to navigate, they will spend more time on your blog going through the articles. So by providing relevant internal links, you are forcing the readers to spend more time on your blog and thus increasing the number of pageviews.

Not only does internal links help in increasing pageviews, but it also helps to reduce bounce rate of your blog. The blog’s bounce rate can reduce dramatically by doing relevant internal linking in posts and its one of the best benefits of internal linking.

4. Increase Internal Pagerank

Google give you Pagerank on your blog depending on the number of backlinks and the quality of them. So if you have higher number of high quality backlinks, you can expect a higher Pagerank.

With the help of internal links, you can get link juice to all your posts. This means that the backlinks to one page will indirectly be a backlink to other page as well on your blog. And this will only help in increasing the Pagerank of your individual articles. You can easily get high Pagerank for your root domain and with the help of internal linking, you can increase Pagerank of your posts as well.

5. Better Crawling and Indexing of Your Site

Search engines collect data from your site by crawling through your site’s content. One of the benefits of internal linking is that the search engine spiders will find it easy to crawl through every page of your site and index them easily.

By internal linking, the search engine robots and spiders would know that you are linking to the related articles from within the post and that would give a bump to the other articles as well.

Benefits of Internal Linking, According to You Is?

That were the 5 most important and major advantages of internal linking in SEO of your blog. So make it a habit to link to a relevant article with a keyword-rich anchor text from within the post.

I hope that the article on benefits on internal linking would have helped you in understanding what internal links are, what are the advantages of internal links and how can it help us! So what are you waiting for now? Go now and start building internal links if you haven’t already. But be sure to link only to relevant article and always use keyword-rich anchor text for your links to avoid any type of Google penalties!

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