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6 Benefits of Blog Commenting That You Should Know.

You might have heard that blogging is all about sharing your knowledge about a particular topic with the people looking for a solution. It is more of a help to people who are looking to find a solution to something. But that’s not what it’s all about.

It’s a way to help people but it also is a great way to build great relationships with your fellow bloggers and the like-minded people. The very first step to build new relationship is to get their attention and the best way to do it is to comment on their blogs. That is one of the biggest benefits of blog commenting that you should know of.

Blog Commenting
Is that it? Is that the only thing why people comment on your blog? No there is much more, there are many reasons and there are many benefits of blog commenting.

The 7 Benefits of Blog Commenting

#1. Helps to Build Strong Relationships

As I said, commenting on different blogs can help you get the attention of that blog owner, and if he is popular, you could get some advantage from him in the long run.

But you shouldn’t comment only for the sake of commenting. Make sure you read the complete article and leave a thoughtful comment on the blog post, not some spammy one. If your comment adds more value or highlights any error in the post, if there are any, then you would surely grab some eyeballs.

This not only builds a positive image but you will get a lot of appreciation for your keen observation.

#2. Get a Good Amount of Traffic

If you are leaving superb comments on popular blogs, then be prepared to see some great traffic flow to your own blog. This is one of the benefits of blog commenting that all the bloggers love.

Make it a habit to show up on a blog, read the article and try to give some really good response to the article and see the magic. It would be an added advantage if you are able to leave a comment before any one else could. If you are the first one to comment, then surely you would see more traffic but that’s not important. The important thing is giving proper insights or giving your views on the article.

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#3. More Visitors Means A Big Readers Base

This one should be considered as one of the biggest benefits of blog commenting seeing that it helps you grow your blog’s reader base.

If you are providing some killer blog posts on your blog, then the visitors that you will get by commenting on different blogs will turn into regular ones instead of being one time visitors only. Of course, it’s completely up to you as to how you leverage the traffic flow to your blog.

But one should not ignore it that the one time visitors could be easily turned into regulars by providing them with some super awesome posts.

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#4. Get Quality Backlinks

Leaving comments on popular blogs means you get some quality backlinks as well. Dofollow or nofollow doesn’t matter, but you will get some benefits of having a backlink from that blog.

If the blog is dofollow, that’s good but even if it gives nofollow backlinks, you must not refrain from commenting as there should be a proper balance of dofollow-nofollow backlinks or you might receive some kind of penalty from the big G.

#5. High Search Engine Ranking

If you are getting backlinks, that means that you will be seeing a good search engine ranking for your blog and also for your blog posts.

Getting a good search engine ranking is not that hard, it depends mostly on the quality of backlinks pointing at your blog. If you are having some high quality backlinks then you will see a higher position in search engine rankings.

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#6. Get More Subscribers

Another great advantage of blog commenting. You can easily build up your email list by proper blog commenting. The visitors that you get from commenting, might opt-in to your email list seeing the quality you offer on your blog.

Bribe them with some freebie so that they do signup for your newsletter. But once they get into your list, don’t start giving them shit or they will leave your list and never ever show up on your blog.

Your Take on Benefits of Blog Commenting:

That was the 6 benefits of blog commenting that I thought were the biggest. If you have experienced any such thing or a better thing via blog commenting than be my guest and share your views with us.

I will be glad if you could share your feedback with us on the topic and get in the conversation. Remember that you have to comment on the post that discusses benefits of blog commenting 😛

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6 thoughts on “6 Benefits of Blog Commenting That You Should Know.

  1. sumit Reply

    you are right by blog comenting we can get a huge amount of traffic to our site.

    but now a days we have to comment in high ranking blogs then only you can get good ranking in search engines. its hard to backlink now a days. i think so.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yes, blog commenting is a great way to get good traffic to your blog. But make sure to leave comments that are of value and not just a random “good post” sort of comment.

  2. Vijesh Reply

    I completely agree with your benefits, I too get some traffic by commenting is others blogs and also able to meet new bloggers. I also know that commenting will help us in building back links too.

    Thanks for the post Arbaz

  3. Greg Reply

    Totally agree with your comment in #1 “But you shouldn’t comment only for the sake of commenting” I believe you should ADD to the discussion and actually comment, not just say “great article” or “check out my blogpost about…”

    Keep up the good work here, I read everything you put out!

  4. Chetan Gupta Reply

    Finally your blog post made my day. I really like your post. Actually I was also written a post on blog commenting benefits and later I think that why not to read what other bloggers thinks about the commenting benefits and after reading your post, I learned some extra benefits of commenting.
    I also would like to share that we can also get a great commenting benefit. i.e we can make our online identity, A great blog commenter can make his or her online identity through his or her quality of commenting on other blogs. Harleena singh and Adrienne smith is my favorite blog commenters and I never read any useless comment by these two bloggers. They always leave a great and high quality comments. So this is the benefit which I like most though commenting on other blogs. 😉
    Happy Blogging
    Chetan Gupta 😉

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