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5 Unique Blogging Tips to Build a Better Blog

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You might be knowing a hell lot of blogging tips to make your blog a better blog. But have you applied any tip or are you following any single tip seriously? Its too easy to say that you know almost all the dimension of blogosphere and you are familiar with all the tips to take your blog to next level; still you fail.

What’s the reason behind this failure? Its because that those tips are of somewhat high level. I mean that the bloggers giving advice on blogging expects that you might be knowing all the basics of blogging. But the truth is that when your base is weak, how will you build a skyscraper?

Unique Blogging Tips
So here today I will give you 5 simple tips, not only for newbies but these tips will be loved and accepted by everyone who will read this post. So let’s get started to our post.

Unique Blogging Tips To Build a Better Blog

Tip #1 – Identify Your Strength

Identify your strength, but how? It’s a complex process; do some push-ups, bulk up your biceps, tone your thighs and you will get your strength. Don’t worry, I am just kidding.

It’s as simple. You want to blog but not getting much motivation. Try to do something that you are good at. Find out your strength, find out what you are good at. You write a blog about technology and you don’t know what’s going on in the tech-world. So how are you going to make it big?

Don’t see the big blogs printing big bucks and think that you too will do the same if you blog about the same topic. Look around, there are many blogs on lots of topics. Mommy blogs, health blogs etc., you could start your own ‘Dad’s Blog’. Do something that you are too strong in. Identify your strength.

Tip #2 – Think of Ideas

Now that you have identified your strength, what will you do next?

Simple sit down and start thinking of new ideas to work on. Keep thinking. Read blogs in your niche, talk with bloggers and join some groups. These are some great ways to find awesome ideas for your blog. I would recommend always keep a smartphone handy and note down every idea, even the smallest one. You need to keep working on thoughts to work on your blog.

Having ideas is not enough, you need to implement them. But before that, have a look at the next point.

Tip #3 – Polish Your Ideas

You have proper ideas. So now you need to prepare a proper layout to implement them all. You have ideas but your ideas are not what people are looking for on your blog.

“A Diamond is Not a Diamond until it is polished”

You need a proper layout to implement your ideas. You have everything listed, so you need to sit and pick every idea and make a category out of them. Like this you will have many new blog posts and marketing techniques at your disposal.

Polish your ideas and turn them into beautiful and detailed posts that will appeal to your readers. You must write a superb article and must avoid the mistakes in your posts.

Tip #4 – Make a Resolution

This is very important. You have found out your strength, your have prepared a never-ending list of ideas, you have a proper layout; all that is enough for you to take your blog to next level. But you need to do it with a proper schedule.

Try to prepare a proper timetable and stick to it. You should post articles at proper scheduled time only so that your readers know when to pay a visit. Stick to that schedule. Make a resolution that you will never break your own set rules and work only according to the timetable.

Tip #5 – Repeat The Process

Don’t think after doing all the above things you have created a better blog. If you think that way, you will soon be out of all the resources. The best way to avoid the process is to repeat everything from the beginning. If you want, you can skip the first step as you already know your strength. I won’t recommend that.

Repeat every step and see the magic happen. You will have a much better blog filled with quality content that people will love to read.

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