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5 SEO Myths That You Need To Forget Now

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SEO is one of the hottest topic of the blogosphere. The bloggers never ever get tired of discussing about SEO even when they know there is nothing we could do in terms of SEO. If you think that you have become quite good in something, Google will wipe it out in some next animal update.

We all know that SEO is one thing that can’t be mastered, there are experts out there who can give you some great advice in this field, it’s because they all stay updated with the latest trends of SEO.

seo myths debunked
Still there are some bloggers who feel that SEO hasn’t changed much and they still follow some of the SEO rules which I refer as SEO myths. Here the the top 5 SEO myths that you must forget now and start doing some real SEO optimization for your blog or site.

5 SEO Myths Prevailing in the Blogosphere!

#1. Nofollow links are worthless

The first and one of the most prevailing SEO myths is that nofollow links are just worthless. If you think that a blog ranks only because of dofollow backlinks and you are building just dofollow backlinks, then you might be inviting a big Google penalty.

If you go on and on building dofollow backlinks to your site or blog, then Google might get suspicious of your activities. Though you are doing all this manually, say via guest posts, but Google might think that you are using some kind of automation tool to get dofollow backlinks.

So you must also give nofollow backlinks the same importance as dofollow. If they are not doing any good, they can balance your links in a proper dofollow-nofollow ratio and no one would get suspicious. In my opinion, now there’s nothing like dofollow and nofollow; it was there in the past but maybe not now.

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#2. EMDs are dead.

If you are one of the people who think that EMDs (Exact-Match Domains) can’t rank well after the EMD update by Google, then you won’t ever be able to rank well with niche sites.

The EMD update by Google was to wipe out those EMD sites that were ranking well in SERPs but contained low-quality content. The sites that offered solutions and had high-quality content still rule the search engine rankings. For example,

So reboot your brains and don’t think EMD won’t rank. Just provide high quality content and no update can harm  your EMD site.

#3. Backlinks are the only thing that can take you to #1

This is one of the biggest SEO myths that will take you no where. If you are just building links to your site or blog and not taking any other thing in to consideration, then you might get to #1 but that would be temporary.

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Now when Google had introduced so many algo-updates to keep the search results clean, it has also included some more factors to rank well in search engines. The most important factor is great content. If you site has some awesome content, then you can rank very well in Google even without building a single link.

Here is a great example, a site started by Matthew Woodward is getting most traffic from Google even without building a single link. Visit

#4. Ranking #1 = Profits 

When you have a site that ranking on #1 and still you are not making any profits out of it then there might be another site, standing below in SERPs but offering the solution to the problem that you are not capable of.

You might have heard that, when building niche sites, you must rank no. 1 in search results, but that can prove profitable only when you have proper content, for which the visitors are searching for. If you have just scraped some article from different sources and re-written on your site, then despite sitting on no. 1 spot, that site will be a failure.

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#5. Social Media and SEO aren’t related

They were two different things until recently when Google introduced some new factors for ranking a web page higher in search results.

Now social media influence also counts equally for a better SEO of a site. As backlinks, on-page SEO and content are important, the same way a proper social following is also important for a webpage. The blog post or a site should have some social shares so that Google can rank it properly.

So if you think that social media and SEO are not related at all, then you are believing in one of the SEO myths.

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Have Your Say About SEO Myths:

That were the 5 SEO myths that most of the people consider a truth. If you think there are some other notions related to SEO prevailing in the blogosphere, then I would be glad if you could share them with us via the comments below.

These are not the only SEO myths, there are more and you know it! Stay away from SEO myths and Happy Blogging!

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