increase pagerank

4 Tips on How to Get High Pagerank in the Next Update.

Pagerank update is just around the corner and all the bloggers and webmasters are waiting eagerly for it to happen. Though the update was expected to roll out in the first or second week of May, it didn’t and instead Google surprised us with a Penguin update.

The Pagerank algorithm update can happen anytime now and you should be prepared for it.  Have you worked hard to increase your blog’s Google Pagerank or not? If not, then you can try out some of the methods mentioned below to get high Pagerank.

increase pagerank

How to Get High Pagerank Easily?

Before I start, I want to say that website Pagerank is nothing but just another factor that brings in more advertisers. Normally advertisers see the blog’s Pagerank and Alexa rank before advertising, so I would say that Pagerank has nothing to do with a blog’s growth.

So how do you increase Page rank?

#1. Guest blogging

Guest posts are the best way to increase Pagerank. It’s the most legit way and if you have done guest posts in popular blogs then you can easily get high Pagerank.

I have personally experienced it and I would always give guest blogging a higher priority in my efforts to get high Pagerank. Guest blogging not only gives you solid backlinks but you can build strong relationships with the other bloggers in your niche.

In my opinion, guest blogging has no disadvantages and Google too loves it. So remember, when you are working hard to increase Pagerank, don’t ignore the power of guest blogging.

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#2. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs is also a great way to get high quality backlinks. If you think you get nofollow links through blog commenting and so you avoid it, then you might be at a risk of penalty.

There should be a proper balance of dofollow and nofollow backlinks so that Google sees it as natural, if you only have dofollow backlinks pointing at your blog, it might get of your activities and we don’t want that, right?

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If you want to get all the benefits of blog commenting then you should opt for commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs. With that you get 2 backlinks and one of them might be dofollow backlink which can help  you to get high Pagerank.

#3. Social Bookmarking Sites 

If you think that bookmarking is dead, then you might be missing out on some big advantages of such sites.

There are some great bookmarking sites out there that, if used correctly, can give you quality backlinks and high traffic. Some of the best bookmarking sites that you must use are Bizsugar, Digg, Pinterest and BlogEngage.

There are other sites as well but not all of them can give you the same results. I have written a post where I mentioned 15 social bookmarking sites with high Pagerank. You can give that sites a try and see what happens.

#4. Never forget the power of Quality content

I shouldn’t mention this point as you must be knowing that quality content has always ruled and will do the same for the coming years.

Providing quality content comes with its own benefits. Your readers will love your work and they will share it with their friends via social networks or some bloggers might give you a mention on their blog and thus a backlink for creating a superb article. Make sure you have social sharing plugins installed on your blog so that people can share your work.

So by focusing just on quality can also help you a lot as all other things will be taken care of. Don’t worry about quantity as long as you are providing quality articles.

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Your Views on How to Get High Pagerank:

Those were my 4 tips on how to get high Pagerank by minimal efforts. If you have any tactic that has helped you to increase Pagerank of your blog, then do share it with is via comments.

I have said everything that I have used and will use in the future to get high Pagerank and noe it’s your turn to tell you ways to increase Pagerank.

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10 thoughts on “4 Tips on How to Get High Pagerank in the Next Update.

  1. Gavin Reply

    Nice tips, but I think most of the novice and pro bloggers know about such tips, but any ways inspiring article.

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yeah most of us know about these tips, but still not everyone follows it.
      Knowing is one thing and actually implementing them is the other :)

  2. John Gibb Reply

    hi Arbaz,

    I look forward to this update, but I just don’t fret about it, like most bloggers and niche site builders.

    The first two methods are my favorite.

    I have a strict schedule where I along with my partner post

    1. 30 guest posts on relevant sites
    2. 200 blog comments on relevant blogs

    Care to out-rank me? :)

    As for another method to increase PR, I’d say, buy expired domain names with high PageRank, and redirect them to your “money” site, or build a private and potent “linking” network of sites…

    Hope it helps?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      Yeah the next PR update is coming soon.
      Most of the bloggers worry about it but I think it is just another figure that represents your blog’s growth.
      Your schedule is superb and this could easily give you a PR 4 or at least PR3.
      Buying expired domains and redirecting them is a thing that I heard for the first time. Thanks for adding that too :)

  3. M Nirmal Anandh Reply

    Hi Arbaz,

    You have given a quality tips to the readers. Getting pagerank is not a matter. If we follow blogging rules like, unique content, proper seo, we will get good page rank.

  4. Sarah Reply

    Do you think that the release of Google Penguin will push the release of the new Pagerank updates back?

    • Arbaz Khan Post authorReply

      I don’t think so because there is no scheduled time for the pagerank update to occur. It is updated in around 3-4 months so it might be near but no one can be sure about it.

  5. Lisa Reply

    Wow, I guess I must get moving on more guest blogging on high PR sites. Does that mean we blog less on our own sites though Arbaz? I love the CommentLuv premium plugin, I’ve had it a while now and it’s really made a difference. I’ve found using better images helps too and breaking up the posts too.

  6. Dave Reply

    I am not sure how much page rank effects anything these days. It is a good indicator of what google thinks of your site, but it doesn’t help with getting to page one on the google search which is what most people want i think. I have a few sites at PR3, the ones at PR1 are actually generally ranking higher. This is due to the topics being very specific and therefore there is very little competition. I just hope people don’t spend too much time trying to increase their page rank and forget what is actually important for their website.

  7. Rahul Reply

    Guest posting is a great way to build high backlink and thanks for this information.
    When the new update of PR is coming??

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