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SEOPressor 5 ReviewWhat is SEOPressor Plugin ?

If you have been a serious blogger, then you would surely know what SEOPressor is ? Why SEOPressor is needed for your blog? What SEOPressor can do? If you don’t know about SEOPressor, then you are either new to blogging or you don’t deserve to be called as a blogger. SEOPressor is the best SEO plugin released till now. Moreover, it was chosen as the Mandatory SEO WordPress plugin of 2012 by SitePoint.

But now 2012 is over and we are now in the new year, 2013. So its time to take a step ahead in the SEO industry with the new and updated SEOPressor 5.

The all new SEOPressor 5 plugin promises more performance than the previous version. All the features of the best SEO plugin for WordPress are retained in the updated SEOPressor 5 with 5 new features that will make it again the Mandatory SEO Plugin for WordPress in 2013.

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SEOPressor 5 Review – What’s New in It ?

WordPress is the undisputed king among the different blogging platforms with the most dynamic features and the freedom that anyone can create the themes and plugins on their own. So almost all the bloggers prefer WordPress, for personal use or for company use; WordPress is the ultimate choice to create a blog.

Creating a blog with WordPress is quite easy but taking it to the top of search engines is a tough task. This is where SEOPressor plugin comes into action. Daniel Tan, the creator of SEOPressor Plugin, has put in great efforts and huge money in creating this revolutionary product to help internet marketers and bloggers to take their business to a whole new level.

Voted as the top SEO Plugin for WordPress by different sites and companies in 2012, the plugin is once again coming in the market with an upgrade to conquer the SEO world. Be prepared to get your hands on the new and the updated SEOPressor 5.

SEOPressor 5 plugin has all the features that its predecessor has but has gone a step forward by adding 5 new features in the plugin. There were some complaints that the previous version was a bit slow, but the SEOPressor 5 runs in the background of WordPress without slowing down the speed.

SEOPressor 5 New Features :

In this SEOPressor 5 review, I will show you the 5 new features of the plugin that makes it a must-have WordPress SEO plugin in 2013.

SEOPressor 5 Review

Over Optimization Check

This one is the best feature that the SEOPressor V5 has. The biggest worries of internet marketers and bloggers that they will get penalized by Google if there posts are over-optimized, is now past as this plugin alerts you whenever you have put in a lot of keywords and allows you to remove some keywords and font decorations to present an optimized post and not an over-optimized one.

Structured Data Support

Have you wondered whenever you search about a product or a recipe or anything of that sort and Google shows the results along with the stars and ratings in the search results. This is known as Rich Structured Data, and the new SEOPressor 5 supports it. This structured data tool would prove very useful in On-page optimization and will give you higher click-through rates.

Multiple LSI Keywords Analysis

We were wasting our time in calculating the keyword density, the best keywords for our post, formatting keywords for search engine optimization etc., but all these things are of the past. With SEOPRessor 5, we are now able to rank upto 3 keywords at a time for an article. The latest LSI Analysis feature provides users the list of suggested keywords so that we can easily boost the page relevancy and dominate the search rankings.

Social SEO Integration

Social Media is taking off and is now an important thing for SEO. Now SEOPressor has evolved and updated itself with Facebook Open Grah tags and Twitter Card integration that helps a lot in Social SEO. For better SEO, we should be putting these tags and Twitter microdata in our source coded but not all of us are that HTML savvy, so SEOPressor does this task for us and integrated these codes automatically.

Automatic Smart Linking

One of the most important aspect of On-page optimization is the internal links and the external links in the post, which is always a time-consuming task. But with SEOPressor 5, this is done pretty much automatically.

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What’s stopping you from buying the SEOPressor 5 plugin ? Still not convinced that this is the best SEO plugin for WordPress ? Do you want to know more about the SEOPressor 5 review ?  OK, here you go. See some statistics below that shows the power of SEOPressor plugin.

  • 3 years of Excellent Track Record.
  • 128,825 Websited managed with SEOPressor.
  • 15 Million+ pages powered by this revolutionary plugin.
  • 93% customers have experienced an increase in their traffic.
  • SEOPressor 5 is an all new, re-engineered and a better plugin.

I hope that I have given enough reasons why SEOPressor 5 is going to be the undisputed king in the SEO world. I have covered the complete and in-depth details of the plugin in my SEOPressor 5 review and I am pretty sure that you are now convinced to buy this revolutionary plugin.

So what are you waiting for ? Hit the ‘buy Now’ button below to get your SEOPressor 5 plugin and start seeing an increase in your blog’s traffic.

SEOPressor 5 Review

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