BlogEngage Guest Blogging Contest 2014 – Help Me Win It!

BlogEngage Guest Blogging Contest 2014I am really happy to see myself as a part of BlogEngage Guest Blogging Contest 2014, and this is the second time I am participating in the contest. BlogEngage hosts regular Guest Blogging Contest so that everyone gets a chance to take part and win the contest. I am participating in this contest after more than a year. Last time, I wasn’t able to win the contest but this time I hope, that with your help I can do it.

BlogEngage is one of the best communities for bloggers to share their posts and network with other bloggers in your niche. You can submit your latest posts and also publish a complete article as a guest blog. You can check also check out my post on why you should join BlogEngage community!

Joining BlogEngage not only comes with helping you get your blog in front of all the people, but it also helps you make money from it by showing your writing skills. This is one reason why you should think of joining BlogEngage platform.

There has been many guest blogging contests in the past that offers $500 in prizes and one final contest that is held at the year end with prizes worth $1000 to be won. So if you have not yet checked out the contest article, you should check it out now.

My Contest Entry:

I have seen that many bloggers struggle to make money online, I have passed through that phase. It’s normal and its a really good thing that you are struggling because that’s the phase that will teach you what things work and what doesn’t!

I have tried out many things to make money online in the past 2-3 years, but those all were short-term and I wanted something long-term, something that I can repeat over and over again and that can make me a passive income. And the thing I found out, I have shared in the posts. Here’s my contest entry:

Can you Really Make Money from Blogs in 2014?

I would be glad if you go through the article and drop in your views in the comments section. Also hit the share buttons to share the post on social networks.


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So if you are thinking of participating in the contest, better do it now as it will automatically make you a member of this incredible blogging community! And also make sure to vote up my contest entry as well! :)


  1. Glad to know that you are taking part in the contest – thanks to blogengage for hosting another excellent contest.

    hope you win,
    best of luck for the contest,

    Uttoran Sen,

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